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The charm of dining at a Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine Dining Restaurant

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The charm of dining at a Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine Dining Restaurant

“Fine Dining” is one of the dining lifestyles where food is meticulously prepared and decorated with high-quality ingredients by expert chefs specialized in cuisine. It comes with service and an excellent atmosphere in line with the standards of a Fine Dining Restaurant. The experience of dining in a Fine Dining Restaurant is therefore valuable and reasonably priced.


In particular, dining at Royal OSHA, which has won numerous awards over the years, is highly esteemed. The restaurant received a Michelin Guide award in 2019 and has been ranked as one of the best Fine Dining Restaurants in Thailand. Each year, Royal OSHA maintains its renowned status, consistently ranking among the top Fine Dining Restaurants and being voted by customers as one of the best in Thailand.


Besides the awards and rankings as one of the best Fine Dining Restaurants, there are many other reasons and stories that make Royal OSHA charming, valuable, and culturally meaningful.

1. Understanding the Premium Pricing and Inherent Value of dining at Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurant meals are considered luxurious and expensive. However, the luxury and price of this style of food are deemed worthy for the entire dining experience that encompasses visual appeal, taste, aroma, sound, and the tactile sensation of art. Every step is meticulously planned and executed with finesse, starting from the moment the customer walks into the establishment. The service, ambiance, and table arrangements are all creatively designed to impress the customers. When compared to art, dining at a Fine Dining Restaurant is akin to admiring a masterpiece. Here are four reasons why Fine Dining Restaurants hold such high value:


1.1 The culture of dining in a Fine Dining Restaurant from 18th-century France

During the era of the French Revolution, many household chefs of nobles and the upper class were dismissed from their positions. The culture of preparing and serving full-course meals, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts for the upper class at a single table, was transformed to be accessible to the general public. This shift led to the emergence of Fine Dining Restaurants, which eventually became popular throughout Europe and evolved into the pairing of Fine Dining Restaurants with hotels, offering luxurious and convenient services where customers could both dine and stay, enjoying a special experience. The first hotel to offer this service was the Hôtel de Paris, Monte-Carlo (1864). The allure of Fine Dining Restaurants stems from the exceptional service and care that customers receive at every step of their experience.

1.2 A Fine Dining Restaurant emphasizes meticulousness in the sequence of serving each dish

One of the most interesting aspects of dining at a Fine Dining Restaurant is that customers get to savor the flavors of the menu courses arranged for them in sequence. Typically, the first course is the Starters, served in appropriate portions, tantalizing the palate and eagerly anticipating the next course. The second and third courses vary depending on the arrangement of the Fine Dining Restaurant but generally include salads and light soups before moving on to the main course, which is the highlight of the Fine Dining experience, followed by dessert.


At Royal OSHA, customers are given the opportunity to select their menu for each course beforehand, with a diverse range of options available for each. For instance, in the Starters category, customers might enjoy the exquisite taste of “Meung Kham Bua Lhuang: เมี่ยง คำบัวหลวง,” perfectly balancing flavors while admiring the intricate presentation of this dish, typical of Fine Dining Restaurants. Royal OSHA strives to deliver beauty and elegance in every dish, reminiscent of the Fine Dining Restaurant style.


Beverages also play a significant role in the Fine Dining experience. Customers can inquire and seek recommendations from the staff on which drinks pair best with their chosen menu, enhancing the overall taste of the meal. Furthermore, throughout the entire course, there are small details that the staff meticulously tend to, ensuring customers receive exceptional service and convenience.


1.3 The key rule of Fine Dining Restaurants is the strict adherence to service etiquette

The fundamental rules of a Fine Dining Restaurant encompass strict adherence to service etiquette, dress code, profound knowledge of the menu, and impeccable service in every aspect. Everything must be perfect, as it directly influences the mood and atmosphere of the

customers’ dining experience. Staff serving these customers must undergo thorough training, understanding the needs and desires of the customers quickly and effectively. They must possess both communication skills and a pleasant tone in providing detailed menu recommendations. Additionally, they must be adept at swiftly resolving any issues that may arise. Service in a Fine Dining Restaurant always leaves a lasting impression on customers because every staff member is trained to pay attention to every detail concerning the customers and to provide the best possible experience for them during each meal.


Therefore, in preparing to welcome customers, Fine Dining Restaurants often require customers to make reservations in advance so that the restaurant can adequately prepare to welcome them.

Moreover, Fine Dining Restaurants enhance the experience further by inviting Chef Tables to highlight the meal. For example, at Royal OSHA, Michelin-starred chefs or renowned chefs like Vichit Mukura craft special menus for customers.


1.4 When special occasions and moments arise, one must consider Fine Dining Restaurants

Customers typically choose Fine Dining Restaurants for special occasions, regardless of the occasion, because of the romantic ambiance and beautiful atmosphere the restaurant intends to provide. With architecture and decor designed to be aesthetically pleasing, special menus crafted to offer exceptional experiences, and a consistent focus on impressing customers, Fine Dining Restaurants often leave a lasting impression, ensuring customers return for more. Royal OSHA is another establishment ready to provide the best experience for every customer, whether it’s a special day, special person, or a special meal in the style of Thai Fine Dining Restaurant.


Experience the exquisite taste of the Thai fusion food with Thai Fine Dining Restaurant style by reserving your seat in advance with us.

Click here to access Royal OSHA’s reservation page.

2. Indulge in Authentic Thai Fine Dining at Fine Dining Restaurants, Where Each Bite Echoes the Essence of Thailand’s Rich Culinary Heritage

Fine Dining Restaurant is a luxurious style of dining characterized by its sophistication and relatively high prices. This is because fine dining involves meticulously crafted menus and the use of high- quality ingredients prepared by skilled chefs. At Royal Osha, Executive Chef Wichit Mukura leads the culinary team, bringing over 40 years of experience in Thai cuisine to the table.

Chef Wichit Mukura’s concept revolves around presenting dishes under the theme of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” which emphasizes the timeless beauty of traditional Thai flavors. This approach blends modern Thai cuisine with traditional culinary techniques, aiming to create meticulously crafted Thai dishes that excel in presentation, taste, aroma, and texture. With careful attention to detail at every stage of preparation, Chef Wichit intends to showcase various aspects of Thai identity, including culture, stories, lifestyles, and dining customs, within each dish. This culinary endeavor offers both Thai and international diners a unique and novel experience in Thai cuisine from a fresh perspective.

In addition, Royal Osha’s menu incorporates Thai herbs, vegetables, and spices known for their medicinal properties as cooking ingredients. Moreover, the restaurant rotates its set menus according to seasons such as the rainy, winter, and hot seasons, offering diners a diverse range of exquisite Thai dishes to indulge in while nourishing their bodies. This seasonal approach to dining, rooted in traditional Thai medicine, aims to strengthen the body’s immunity and overall health, as it is believed that consuming food according to the seasons enhances well-being from within. Furthermore, the premium experience at Royal Osha’s Fine Dining Restaurant goes beyond the chef’s expertise and ingredient selection. It also involves

meticulous planning and presentation of each dish, allowing diners to fully appreciate the intricacies of the cuisine and perceive fine dining as an art form. This enhances the overall dining experience, leaving a lasting impression of the charm, flavors, and uniqueness of Thai cuisine.

Click here to explore Our Chef at Royal Osha.

3. Exquisite Attention to Detail: From Starters to Finale, Every Dish Crafted with Care at Royal Osha’s Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine Dining Restaurant

For the Fine Dining Restaurant menu at Royal Osha, diners have various options to choose from, such as the A La Carte option where diners can order dishes according to their preferences, and the Set Menu option where the chef arranges a Full Option menu with seamlessly integrated dishes from the first to the last course. Diners can choose which type of dining experience they prefer. In case of any food allergies, there is no need to worry, as the chef will personally inquire about specific details to prepare the dishes impeccably. As for the renowned recommended dishes at Royal Osha that diners should not miss, they include the following:

  • “Khao Chae” (ข้าวแช่), is a recommended menu and a renowned dish that many diners have tried and would return for. This is because Royal Osha’s Khao Chae is exceptionally delicious, made with fragrant Jasmine rice soaked in Thai flower-scented water with a pH value of 8.88 overnight, allowing the rice to absorb the floral aroma. It is served with seven traditional accompaniments: shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with minced dried fish, stuffed chilies with minced pork and shrimp, salted egg yolks coated in fried flour, stir-fried fermented pork with sweet chili paste, sweet stir-fried Yeesoon fish, and stir-fried preserved radish with eggs. These accompaniments should be eaten in sequence from savory to sweet, accompanied by alternating bites of cucumber and scallion to cleanse the palate, enhancing the overall dining

experience and allowing the diners to fully appreciate the exquisite flavors of Khao Chae and its accompaniments.

  • “Southern Style Rice Berry and Thai Herbs Salad” (ข้าวยำ สมุนไพรน้ำบูดู) is a recommended dish at Royal Osha, representing the authentic cuisine of the southern region of Thailand. This dish is a flavorful combination of various ingredients, each offering unique benefits. Chef Witchit Mukura selects black sticky rice from Chiang Mai, sourced from a local farmer assistance project, along with a full range of herbs such as kaffir lime leaves, cha phlu leaves, lemongrass, sour mango, red beans, job’s tear, pomelo, long beans, Japanese rice fish, and dried shrimp pounded together with Budu sauce from the southern region. This blend results in a fragrant, delicious, well-rounded flavor profile, with all the components coming together harmoniously.
  • “Pan-fried scallop with steamed egg and spicy chilli-lime

  • sauce” (หอยเชลล์ทอดกับไข่ตุ๋น และน้ำจิ้มซีฟู้ด) is a recommended dish at Royal Osha, inspired by Chef Witchit Mukura’s journey to work in London, England. He was inspired to create this dish by incorporating high-quality fried scallops with the soft and smooth texture of truffled eggs. The dish is further enhanced with the rich flavors of the special seafood dip created by Chef Witchit. This combination results in a dish that is incredibly aromatic, delicious, and refreshing.
  • ” Clear, smoked dried soup with yellow tuna and green pea” (ต้มโคล้งทูน่ากับปลากรอบญี่ปุ่น) is a unique and innovative

dish recommended at Royal Osha. It stands out as a variation of the traditional Tom Klong soup, drawing inspiration from the Japanese-style Ramen broth. This dish involves grinding the Tom Klong ingredients with fish meat and simmering them in fish stock for over 6 hours. The result is a clear and aromatic Tom Klong broth. It is served with seasoned white radish and crispy fish to enhance the overall flavor profile, offering a delightful and well- rounded taste experience.

  • “Nut Paep, Khanom Krok Mango Sticky Rice, and Stuffed Snacks” (ถั่วแปบ ขนมครกข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง ขนมสอดไส้)

recommended dessert trio at Royal Osha, served together for a delightful sweet experience. Thua Paep is made from black glutinous rice coated with palm sugar. The stuffed snacks are a traditional delicacy wrapped in banana leaves. Lastly, the Mango Sticky Rice, a recipe by Chef Witchit, features crispy outer shells made from Khanom Krok batter, filled with sticky rice, ripe mango slices, and coconut cream. These desserts are meant to be enjoyed in one bite, combining the aroma, crispy exterior, soft interior, and smoothness for the ultimate indulgence.


Click here to access the menu of Royal Osha’s food.

4. Experience the authentic atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant at Royal Osha

Apart from the Thai menu, at Royal Osha’s Fine Dining Restaurant, we meticulously select top-quality ingredients and prepare them with great care, ensuring the flavors and components are authentically Thai. Each dish is presented with precision, allowing diners to savor the intricate flavors. At Royal Osha, attention is also paid to the ambiance within the dining room. Every aspect, from the entrance, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, to the dining utensils, is designed to exude the utmost Thai essence.

Inside Royal Osha’s dining room, the design reflects Thai culture in a contemporary manner, incorporating dark tones contrasted with genuine gold accents. The Thai essence is embedded in every detail, from the large chandelier-shaped lotus lamps adorned with gemstones to the mural paintings on the floating wall, narrating stories from Thai literature such as the Ramakien. Furthermore, there are depictions of mural paintings from the Ramakien, specifically the story of Hanuman holding the pavilion during the Battle of Mayara, projected at the entrance, giving diners a sense of visiting the palace of Rama. This ambiance, charm, and fragrance reminiscent of the ancient royal palace create a distinctive and luxurious atmosphere, enhanced by the furnishings, decorations,

and equipment that harmonize with the interior design, making the fine dining experience at Royal Osha a true taste of authentic Thai cuisine.

With its clear Thai identity in every aspect, Royal Osha has become a popular choice among both Thai food enthusiasts and international tourists.

Click here to access the Our Story page of Royal Osha.

5. Tourist Reviews Confirm Royal Osha’s Status as Premier Fine Dining Restaurant for International Visitors

Fine Dining Restaurant

Royal Osha has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards year after year, including accolades from the Michelin Guide, Thai Select Premium, Use’s Choice Wongnai, and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant. These awards are highly selective and serve as a guarantee that Royal Osha is one of the leading Fine Dining Restaurants in Thailand. In addition to these accolades, Royal Osha has received reviews from countless diners who have experienced authentic Thai cuisine firsthand. These include reviews from local food critics, Wongnai users, as well as international diners who have been impressed by the exquisite and flavorful dishes served at Royal Osha.

Paul Nesteby (Oslo, Norway)

“A wonderful Thai food gem in Bangkok. We had a wonderful 8 course tasting menu which was truly an amazing journey into several typical thai flavors/dishes that had been perfectioned and made delicately as part of this delicious set menu. The staff was very service minded. The venue is elegant. We brought our kid and he just loved the attentiveness of the staff as we did. Can highly recommend this gem in Bangkok.”

Itinerant Bari (Des Moines, Iowa)

“Great Thai cuisine and a refined atmosphere to unwind with friends. Expectations when choosing a Michelin Star restaurant are always high, and Royal Osha lives up to the denomination. You will find here many of

the traditional Thai dishes, and they are elevated to the culinary, service and fine dining experience standards coming with One Michelin Star.

Honestly, not much more to say, you come here with high expectations, and they are met in every single bite, sip and detail. You can be certain you will enjoy your dining experience with all your senses.”

DickZe (Bangkok, Thailand)

“Very nice Thai food, nice atmosphere. The restaurant has a nice interior with a very high ceiling. The general atmosphere is distinguished and classy. During an earlier visit I was annoyed by disco music, but now nothing of such kind – fortunately. Service is very efficient and friendly, the kind you hardly notice. The menu has Thai dishes. We had an appetizer of tuna salad and beef rolls, a main course of lobster and beef curry. All very well made and tasty. And a pleasure not only to the tongue but also to the eye. All this comes not cheap of course, but we found the prices in keeping with the presented quality.”

luxuryhotelsonly (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

“We had an amazing dinner at Royal Osha in Bangkok. From the moment we entered the restaurant to the minute we left again, it was a superbe experience and could not have been any better! The service was outstanding, the waiter even organized a car for us and accompanied us till we got savely inside.

The food was just outstanding and the best we had in Thailand, probably even in any Thai food place ever. Each dish was beautifully arranged, tasted perfect and was more than a generous serving. The restaurant itself is beautifully designed and extremely tasteful. We enjoyed every minute, it could not have been any better! Full 5 star score – see you next time in BKK!”

ThorLieu (Hong Kong, China)

“The best Thai restaurant during my visit!

In terms of location, it is not very convenient, but if you are going to the Asiatique night market, I would say this Thai restaurant is outstanding among other outlets there. I believe it is because my visit was on Monday, 2 April, so there were not many people although I did make an advance booking. The Staff and hostess are very nice and very very attentive and proactive. In terms of food, I ordered deep fried shrimp, yellow curry with

chicken leg, Tom Yum and mango sticky rice. All the food is very tasty and presentable. I especially love the mango sticky rice as from the sliced mango presentation, you can see how good the skill of their chef!. I will visit it again on my next visit. I hope they can keep a good job.”


Click here to access the Royal Osha Guaranteed Rewards page.

6. The luxurious Thai cuisine at Royal Osha Fine Dining Restaurant offers a variety of styles, catering to every palate

Fine Dining Restaurant

The Thai Fine Dining Restaurant at Royal Osha offers a menu that combines locally sourced ingredients from Thailand with imports from around the world. These ingredients are transformed into uniquely Thai dishes, with distinct Thai flavors and aromas. Each dish is carefully crafted to be full-flavored, well-balanced, and representative of the rich culinary heritage of Thailand. With a diverse range of styles available, our menu caters to both Thai locals and international visitors, suitable for any occasion – whether it’s welcoming important guests, celebrating with family, gathering with friends, or dining with loved ones. Located in a convenient location, many food enthusiasts choose to indulge in our premium Thai cuisine at Royal Osha. If you’re interested in experiencing the ultimate in premium deliciousness, you can contact us or make a reservation through the following channels:


Line Official: @royalosha

Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571

Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok



Click here to access the Reservation page of Royal Osha.

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Chef Table with Royal Osha

Chef Table

Chef Table with Royal Osha

Chef Table

In the present, Chef Table is another popular fine dining experience and a new trend in the concept of eating freshly prepared food from the chef’s hands. The menu by the skillful chefs who will showcase their culinary artistry and creative intuition is difficult to guess. Each chef of Chef Table will have their own uniqueness in thinking and crafting menus for customers to taste and experience together. At Royal OSHA, we have invited award-winning Chef Table to create happiness, enjoyment, and deliciousness at the dining table for our customers.

1. The difference between “Chef Table” and “Fine Dining”

Chef Table

The most noticeable difference between Chef Table and Fine Dining lies in the ‘food service.’ In terms of the sequence of serving each menu to customers and the serving staff, Fine Dining is well-known for serving dishes in a specific order, starting from Starters, Salads, Soups, Main Course, and desserts. This is to allow diners to gradually enjoy and appreciate the flavors, starting with lighter dishes and progressing through the levels of deliciousness until the final dessert, concluding the course. The arrangement of the menu items in Fine Dining is different from the serving style of Chef Table.

While the highlight of Chef Table relies on the freshness of the food observed by customers, the chef showcases their culinary skills directly in front of the open kitchen. The visual, aromatic, and auditory aspects of the food being prepared become appetizing, allowing diners to experience the anticipation. From another perspective, diners get to feel the positive vibes as Chef’s Table serves dishes directly to the table, creating an atmosphere akin to waiting for a loving parent to prepare and serve a meal at home with joy.


Click here to go to the main page of Royal OSHA

The dining experience at Chef’s Table differs significantly from Fine Dining. In Chef’s Table, the chef personally selects and prepares the menu for the customers, also known as a chef’s choice menu. The uniqueness in dining experiences sets Chef’s Table apart, offering a premium and luxurious feel comparable to Fine Dining. Royal OSHA aims to provide a delightful and inspiring experience, allowing customers to savor and reserve their spot at the restaurant.

Customers can encounter and relish the culinary experience of Chef’s Table or “Chef Wicchit Mukura,” who will create dishes in the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented.”

2. Let’s get to know Chef Table’s “Chef Vichit Mukura”

Chef Wichit Mukura, who is both a Chef Table presenter and the owner of Michelin Star awards, presents a fusion Thai cuisine concept that is rich in flavor, luxurious, and has a modern twist. Believing that delicious Thai food must encompass a balanced taste profile, including sour, salty, spicy, sweet, and well-blended flavors, Chef Wichit incorporates various vegetables and herbs, both small and large, as essential components. These elements are carefully combined in the Chef Table menu to ensure that each dish delivers a delicious and well-rounded taste. Chef Wichit is ready to serve exquisite dishes to customers who come to experience the Chef Table service at Royal OSHA restaurant.

Chef Wichit’s expertise in Thai cuisine for both Fine Dining and Chef Table recipes stems entirely from his 30 years of experience working as a chef. His culinary journey began with inspiration from watching his mother cook in the kitchen, and he started as her assistant before delving into the culinary profession in various renowned hotels and restaurants. It’s worth noting that back then, around 40 years ago, Thailand did not have specialized culinary schools like those available today.

Chef Wichit underwent training and worked his way up through various kitchen positions, starting from small tasks such as dishwashing and cleaning until he eventually became the Head Chef. Royal OSHA restaurant invited Chef Wichit, who is rich in skills and inspiration in beautifully crafting Thai cuisine, to create Chef Table menus for customers to savor and cherish memorable experiences with Thai dishes. The concept, “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” showcases Chef Wichit’s Thai recipes. What exactly is included in the Chef Table menu that customers will receive from the chef? Well, you’ll have to try it yourself to find out.

Click here to go to “Our Story” page of Royal OSHA

3. Thai Cuisine Menu for 3 Seasons at the High-Class Chef Table at Royal Osha

Chef Table

Every dish at Royal Osha is meticulously crafted by Chef Wichit Mukura, an experienced and masterful chef. Each step of the preparation is done with great care and attention to detail. Every menu has its own story and intricate details that Chef Wichit intentionally incorporates to allow diners to truly experience the various components of Thai cuisine. Additionally, the menus and ingredients are changed according to each season, ensuring that everyone can savor the flavors without getting bored. These menus also come with medicinal benefits to ensure that diners not only enjoy delicious food but also take care of their health.

The Thai Chef Table menus at Royal Osha are divided into three

seasons as follows:

3.1 Summer set

The hot season is the period when the weather in the country is hotter than usual. The Thai Chef Table menus at Royal Osha, curated for this season, include components suitable for consumption in hot weather. This allows diners to fully experience and savor Thai cuisine while simultaneously enjoying the heat emanating from the dishes. The recommended dishes for the hot season include:

  • Khao Chae Royal Osha: Royal Osha’s renowned Thai dish, Khao Chae (Soaked Rice), is unanimously praised by food connoisseurs who agree that it’s a must-try. The dish features fragrant jasmine rice soaked in Thai flower water with a pH value of 8.88, extracting the aromatic essence of night-blooming jasmine. It is served alongside exquisite condiments following the royal recipe, including shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with dried fish, stuffed pepper with minced pork and shrimp, fried salted duck egg, stir-fried shredded pork with tamarind chili, sweet stir-fried spotted eagle ray, and stir-fried sweet pickled radish. Additionally, various carved vegetables complement the dish.
  • Sweet leaf Spicy Salad with Hokkaido Scallop: A part of the summer set menu, this Thai dish offers a rich flavor. It involves tossing wild vegetables with coconut milk and crispy elements, served with Hokkaido scallops seasoned through grilling and sprinkled with Himalayan salt. The result is a harmonious combination of sweetness, freshness, and tenderness, creating a well-balanced and memorable taste.
  • Tom Along Crispy Fish Clear Soup with Sweet Chilli Lotus Salad and Spanish Red Shrimp: Another addition to summer set menu is the Clear Crispy Fish Ball Soup. It includes transparent crispy fish balls accompanied by Spanish shrimp grilled and seasoned with Himalayan salt. The dish also incorporates a Tempura-style deep-fried sea bass head, served alongside a sweet pepper and water mimosa salad with a rich and flavorful dipping sauce.

3.2 Rainy Set

The rainy season is a period characterized by regular rainfall, creating a humid and slightly warm climate. To cater to these atmospheric conditions, Royal Osha’s Chef Table meticulously crafts a Thai menu that is suitable for consumption during this season. The dishes incorporate ingredients that complement the moist weather and include herbs known for enhancing immune strength, promoting good health. The chef, Vishit, pays careful attention to detail in conveying the richness of Thai cuisine. The recommended dishes for the rainy season include:

  • Crab and Tree Basil Curry is a Thai dish featured in the seasonal

Set Menu. This menu comprises full-bodied crab meat, cooked in a rich and spicy curry infused with the heat of various curry spices and blended with fresh coconut milk for richness. It is served with betel leaves immersed in the curry and crispy fried betel leaves on top. When enjoyed with hot steamed rice, it delivers a harmonious flavor profile.

  • Grilled New Zealand lamb chop with Thai Spicy “Pad Cha” Sauce is a Thai dish featured in the seasonal Set Menu. It primarily consists of New Zealand lamb that has been grilled to

perfection, offering a fragrant and tender texture. It is served with a flavorful, spicy, and rich red curry sauce, paired perfectly with a mixed rice blend that includes sesame seeds and coriander, creating a harmonious blend of flavors

  • Canadian Lobster ‘Tom Kha’ is a Thai dish featured in the seasonal Set Menu. It consists of lobster cooked in a Tom Kha soup base and accompanied by banana blossom, another herb known for its medicinal properties. This allows tasters to experience the deliciousness of Thai cuisine, promoting good health and cleansing the palate before indulging in the next dish..

3.3 Winter Set

The winter season is a period when the weather in the country becomes cold, accompanied by passing winds. During this time, Royal Osha’s Chef Table crafts Thai dishes that are curated to suit the cold weather conditions. These dishes incorporate elements that are appropriate for consumption in the cold, with herbal components known for their ability to alleviate cold symptoms. The goal is to offer flavorful Thai cuisine that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also promotes good health. Here are some recommended dishes from the Season’s Harmony menu:

  • Watermelon Conch with Beetroot and Dried Fish: This Thai dish

from the Winter Set Menu features sliced watermelon arranged in a rectangular shape, topped with conch shells and a sprinkle of a small amount of Himalayan salt. The dish is then grilled to enhance the aroma and served with a side of seafood dip, beetroot, and dried fish. The combination creates a rich and well- rounded flavor profile.

  • Boiled French chicken Foie Gras and Crispy Chicken Skin: A Thai dish in the Set Menu that involves simmering chicken in clear broth for more than 12 hours to extract the natural sweetness from the chicken bones. It is served with foie gras-infused chicken balls, which are oven-baked to a crispy texture. The dish is accompanied by a small amount of hot consommé to enhance its well- roundedness.
  • Stir-Fried Lobster and Grilled Lamb Jaew Dipping Sauce with Red Jasmine Rice: This Thai dish is another must-try on the set menu because it’s a Surf & Turf dish that combines seafood and meat in one plate. The lobster comes with a spicy chili paste sauce, giving it a rich flavor. It’s paired with grilled lamb cooked to a medium rare level, which enhances the taste with a robust jaew dipping sauce. When enjoyed with red jasmine rice, it creates a delicious and perfectly balanced flavor profile.


Please note that the mentioned dishes above are just one part of the Set Menu for each season. There may be changes or additions to the menu. For further inquiries or updates, you can contact us on Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok.

Click here to visit Royal Osha’s food menu page.

4. Dessert menu from the Chef’s Table at Royal Osha that elevates your dining experience to a whole new level of perfection

In addition to the savory Thai dishes, Royal Osha offers a diverse selection of Chef Table desserts for diners to savor and enjoy. These desserts are curated to elevate and perfect your special dining moments. Some popular and recommended items from the Chef Table dessert menu at Royal Osha include:

  • Kanom Ko (ขนมโค) Sticky Rice Ball Stuffed with Caramelized Coconut Topped with Aromatic Coconut Milk Served with Jasmine Meringue and Mangosteen: This dessert has captured the hearts of many Royal Osha visitors. Its soft and chewy texture, combined with rich and creamy coconut milk, creates a delightful experience. The sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds enhances the aroma, resulting in a well- rounded and enticing flavor.
  • Young Coconut Creme Brûlée (แครมบรูว์เลมะพร้าวอ่อน): This is a dessert that harmoniously blends caramelized bread with

its rich and sweet custard aroma, and burnt caramel for a crispy texture, complementing the tender coconut’s gentle sweetness and fragrance. When combined, it creates a flavor profile that is aromatic, sweet, and satisfyingly indulgent.

  • Milk pudding with Thai Tea Ice Cream and Berries (พุดดิ้งนม สดกับไอศกรีมชาไทยและเบอร์รี): This is a dessert that combines the aromatic, sweet, and creamy milk pudding with the distinct flavor of Thai tea ice cream. It is complemented by a variety of tart berries, adding a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. This dessert serves as a delightful conclusion to a satisfying meal.

Please note that these desserts are just a part of the set menu, and there may be variations or changes in the dessert offerings with each season. For more information or updates, you can check Royal Osha’s Facebook page: Royal Osha Bangkok.

Click here to access Royal Osha’s food menu page.

5. Experience the charm of Thai cuisine at Chef Table, meticulously crafted by skilled chefs, amidst the luxurious ambiance of the Royal Osha dining room

Chef Table

For the indulgence of Thai cuisine at Chef Table in Royal Osha, beyond the completeness of flavors and the meticulous crafting by Chef Vichit Mukura, the restaurant’s interior is adorned with the essence and uniqueness of Thai identity. The architectural design, influenced by the grandeur of ancient Thai palaces, resonates with the elegance of dark tones complemented by golden hues. The entire atmosphere is permeated with the spirit of Thai culture, blending seamlessly with excerpts from the Thai epic “Ramakien.” From the entrance gates to floating walls and interior wall panels, large chandelier-like sculptures, adorned with sparkling gemstones, stand out as the distinctive symbol of Royal Osha.

The furnishings and various decorative elements further enhance the experience, creating an ambiance reminiscent of exploring the splendor of royal palaces. Coupled with savoring meticulously crafted Thai cuisine from the finest ingredients, this setting aims to leave a lasting impression, surpassing expectations.


Click here to visit the main page of Royal Osha.

6. Review of Chef Table at Royal Osha from Wongnai, genuine opinions from real users

The experience of dining at the Chef Table or Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha goes beyond just receiving various prestigious awards such as Michelin Guide, Thai Select Premium, Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, or Wongnai’s User’s Choice. It has also received reviews from food critics on the Wongnai website who have actually dined and experienced the services at Royal Osha. Their voices are real, expressing unanimously that they must come back to savor Thai cuisine here once again. The reviews of the Chef Table at Royal Osha from Wongnai food critics are as follows:

K. Chaneehiw, January 2023:

“Fine dining Thai restaurant at the Michelin-rated Royal Osha has now introduced the Chef’s table experience, with Chef Wichit Mukura personally preparing a delightful 5-course menu that changes with the seasons. Each dish is meticulously crafted, both visually stunning and delicious. The ambiance is luxurious and perfect for a romantic date.”

K. Milkkpp, October 2019:

“Excellent presentation, amazing taste, and impeccable service. Opted for the course menu, and each dish tells a story about the ingredients’ origins and So Thai’s preparation. The presentation of each dish is outstanding, surpassing expectations in both taste and appearance. Received top-notch service, truly deserving of the

numerous awards the restaurant has earned.”

K. Yee FullandFun, July 2019:

“Royal Osha, a well-known fine dining Thai restaurant among foreigners. The contemporary style in both menu and restaurant decor is luxurious yet casually inviting. The service and presentation of each dish are award-winning, artistic, and authentically Thai. The flavors are rich and truly Thai, thanks to carefully selected premium ingredients. A memorable and worthwhile experience, especially during the Wongnai Bangkok restaurant week.”

K. Miscellaneous Me, September 2016:

“This restaurant offers a unique Thai dining experience. Each dish is made with carefully selected ingredients and beautifully presented. The creativity and thought put into each menu item, showcasing the traditional Thai culinary wisdom alongside modern molecular gastronomy, are impressive. The great atmosphere and attentive service make it a truly memorable dining experience.”

K. Jeab Ja, February 2016:

“A modern Thai restaurant with a touch of luxury. Royal Osha, known for its reputation and numerous awards, including the Wongnai Best of 2016. Despite the relatively high prices, the experience of trying modern Thai cuisine is well worth it. The menu is not only aesthetically pleasing and delicious but also effectively incorporates Thai elements in both food and setting. The service is top-notch, creating an impressive overall experience.”

Click here to access the award guarantee page of Royal Osha.

7. Flavorful to the palate, reasonably priced, loved by both Thai and international customers, with the Chef’s Table at Royal Osha

Chef Table

The Thai Chef Table menu at Royal Osha is meticulously crafted from premium ingredients selected from both Thailand and abroad.

These ingredients undergo precise preparation techniques to achieve a rich and well-rounded taste that represents the essence of Thai cuisine. The overall presentation of Royal Osha’s Chef Table Thai cuisine is easily accessible, making it a favorite among both Thai and international diners. The affordable pricing allows it to cater to a diverse clientele, suitable for important occasions and casual dining alike. If any food critics wish to experience premium Thai cuisine at Royal Osha, they can inquire or reserve a table through various channels as follows:


  • Line Official: @royalosha
  • Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571
  • Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok
  • Website:


Click here to access the Reservation page of Royal Osha.

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The beauty of Thai cuisine in Thai Fine Dining

Thai Fine Dining

The beauty of Thai cuisine in Thai Fine Dining

Thai Fine Dining

The taste of Thai cuisine is widely recognized and accepted globally for its rich and well-rounded flavors, captivating the hearts of people from various cultures. Many Thai dishes and the ingredients used in Thai cooking are highly popular, earning a place in the bucket lists of those who want to experience the diverse and flavorful world of Thai food. Some menus and ingredients have become iconic and are often sought after by food enthusiasts, whether it’s to taste them locally or in their country of origin, Thailand.


One of the restaurants that provides a special culinary experience through Thai Fine Dining is the Thai Fine Dining at Royal OSHA. Royal OSHA’s Thai Fine Dining involves the use of premium ingredients from various Thai cuisines, enhancing the flavors in a fusion style. The original taste of each dish is preserved, with the perfect balance of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and spiciness characteristic of Thai cuisine. The dining experience at Royal OSHA goes beyond just taste; it encompasses the visual appeal of beautifully and elegantly decorated Thai-style presentations.

Therefore, dining at Royal OSHA is a Thai Fine Dining experience

that engages all five senses – sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch – leaving a lasting impression.

For the Royal OSHA restaurant, apart from the exceptional flavors in food and the beauty of Thai Fine Dining, there are many other interesting aspects that make this establishment worth visiting.

1. The Thai Fine Dining menu and its flavors that are unparalleled and cannot be found anywhere else

Thai Fine Dining

Royal OSHA has brought together a team of highly skilled chefs who creatively craft Thai Fine Dining menus that are not only delicious but also exciting. Only premium Thai ingredients are meticulously selected as crucial components of the dishes. Whether it’s herbs, spices, or various seasonings, each step of the cooking process involves careful thought, experimentation, and refinement to achieve the best possible taste. This dedication results in perfectly crafted menus that are ready to be served.

The preparation of Thai Fine Dining dishes requires meticulous attention and expertise from the chefs to innovate and create a fusion of Thai flavors. This process is evident in the Thai Fine Dining menu at Royal OSHA, starting from the small components of each dish, such as the dipping sauces for the Starter courses. Each dipping sauce is carefully crafted to enhance the taste, paying attention to every detail. This dedication aims to deliver perfect and visually appealing flavors to the customers.

With intricacies in flavors that stand out and a new dimension in the fusion-style culinary preparation of Thai Fine Dining at Royal OSHA, the dining experience at this Thai Fine Dining establishment is truly a rare and valuable one. For those seeking to indulge in the well- rounded and distinctive taste of this style, it is advisable to book a seat in advance to savor the Thai Fine Dining menu.

>>>Click here to visit the main page of Royal OSHA.

2. Thai Culture and Thai Fine Dining Customer Service

The second highlight of dining at Royal OSHA’s Thai Fine Dining is, the beauty of the interior atmosphere meticulously decorated with a distinct Thai essence. The luxurious and elegant ambiance, along with the gentle and welcoming atmosphere, is prepared to provide the best service to customers. The exquisite ambiance extends beyond the decor to encompass the entire service, starting from the warm greetings of the staff to the excellent customer care throughout the course.

The beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant, combined with the well- crafted and graceful cultural manners of the Thai people, seamlessly integrates with the Thai Fine Dining style. Additionally, the Thai- inspired attire enhances the overall appeal, perfectly aligning with the essence of Thai Fine Dining.

Customers can expect to experience the beauty of Thai design specifically conceptualized for Thai Fine Dining during their time at Royal OSHA. The restaurant aims to create lasting memories for customers, ensuring that their visit is a delightful experience.

>>>Click here to visit the main page of Royal OSHA.

3. The ingredients from all regions of Thailand gathered in a single Thai Fine Dining experience

Thai Fine Dining

Royal OSHA presents Thai Fine Dining that combines ingredients from all regions across Thailand, featuring renowned ingredients and dishes from the Northern to Southern regions. The menu is a fusion of exquisite Thai flavors, incorporating dishes from each region into a unique Thai Fine Dining experience. Customers can enjoy a culinary journey that captures the diverse tastes from all over Thailand in one Thai Fine Dining establishment.

Moreover, as the seasons change, customers dining at different times of the year can savor seasonal menus crafted with ingredients representing the distinct seasons of Thailand. Royal OSHA pays special attention to this aspect, constantly adapting and changing each menu to create a Thai Fine Dining experience that is truly one- of-a-kind.

The inspiration behind sourcing ingredients from various regions for Thai Fine Dining adds an impressive touch. Thai cuisine has been creatively adapted to align with modern dining lifestyles, gaining recognition and popularity among both Thai and international customers.

Recognizing the value of Thai ingredients and the beauty embedded in Thai culture that has globally impressed, Royal OSHA has curated every flavor to craft a delightful experience in this Thai Fine Dining establishment.

>>>Click here to visit the main page of Royal OSHA.

4. The Thai Fine Dining menu crafted with premium ingredients by highly experienced chefs

For the Thai Fine Dining menu at Royal OSHA, we meticulously select premium ingredients that are fresh, clean, and carefully curated. These ingredients undergo expert preparation and refinement by Executive Chef Vichit Mukura, a leading chef in Thailand with exceptional expertise, creativity, and extensive experience in Thai culinary arts. Chef Vichit, the Executive Chef of Royal OSHA, has been a prominent figure in the Thai culinary scene for over 27 years, holding the position of Executive Thai Chef at the renowned Sala Rim Naam restaurant of the Oriental Hotel. He has also served as an instructor in the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), teaching the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC) and contributing to the training of new chefs.

In addition, Chef Vichit Mukura believes that “Thai food is not inferior to any other cuisine” and aims to craft Thai menus under the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented.” This is to ensure that both Thai nationals and foreigners can experience the complete intricacies, essential components, and the fullest flavors of Thai cuisine. This approach has led to the creation of various Thai Fine Dining menus that are meticulously crafted in every detail. The goal is to convey diverse Thai identities and allow connoisseurs to fully appreciate the authentic Thai culinary experience. For example,

  • Thong muan with Prawn Spicy Soup and Caviar: A dish that reinvents the traditional Thai snack, “Thong Muan” (Crispy  Coconut Rolls), by incorporating shrimp filling and serving it with a perfectly sized portion of Tom Yum mousse. The dish comes with Caviar mango sauce, crispy kaffir lime leaves, and is beautifully garnished with edible flowers. This creates a Thai dining experience that combines the essence of traditional flavors, the aroma of the broth, and the fragrance of herbs.
  • Lemongrass Herbal Salad with Ma-Kwaen Pomelo and Taraba

Crab Legs: This menu features spices from the Northern region, such as Indian Ivy-rue or ma-kwaen, which adds a fragrant and slightly spicy flavor. These spices are blended with a variety of Thai herbs like lemongrass, shallots, coriander stems, and various wild herbs. The salad is completed with slices of pomelo and served alongside grilled Taraba crab claws from Japan.

  • Hirame Fish Yellow Curry Young Coconut Shoots and Green

Taro with Khanom Jeen: Prepared with stems of a green taro which is a plant in the same family as the lotus root. These stems are sliced and cooked until tender in the yellow curry, imparting a sweet and tender flavor. Served with rice vermicelli and pickled vegetables as accompaniments, the dish is complemented by Hiramasa fish from Japan, cooked to perfection using traditional Japanese techniques. This enhances the aroma and tenderness of the fish, creating a unique and delightful dining experience.

Please note that the mentioned dishes are just a part of the Thai Fine Dining course at Royal OSHA. There is a diverse range of menus available for diners to choose from, including both Fine Dining and A La Carte options. If you are someone who wishes to experience unique and authentically Thai cuisine, you are welcome to explore the full menu at Royal OSHA.

>>>Click here to visit the Royal OSHA menu page.

5. Reviews of Royal Osha from Local Guide food critics who have come to savor Thai Fine Dining cuisine

Thai Fine Dining

If any food enthusiast is interested in trying Thai Fine Dining but has not experienced it before, or is still unsure if it suits their dining style, reading or listening to reviews from Local Guide critics who have stopped by to taste the Thai Fine Dining cuisine and received service from Royal Osha can help make the decision easier. Real experiences and genuine opinions from Local Guides who have experienced the real taste of Thai cuisine at Royal Osha are as follows:

Mr. Kris, January 2024

“The taste of the food is very delicious. The chef has successfully maintained the authentic Thai flavors completely. Even though the presentation of the food may be slightly adjusted, the Thai taste remains 100% intact. A very good experience and an enjoyable meal!”

Mr. Chess Pisit, January 2024

“Chef Visith has truly excelled. Every dish is outstanding, and each menu requires thought, experimentation, and repetition. The effort put into each dish, including the technique of extracting the flavors of the ingredients and the combination of tastes that stand out in every dimension, is commendable. There is nothing to compare; the distinctive taste of each ingredient gradually unfolds, allowing us to truly experience the excellence of dining.”

1.GL, December 2023

“Excellent service & ambiance. Vegetarian food was good as well but the mango sticky rice dessert was exceptional! They prepared a special dessert platter for our very special celebration. Do order a cocktail – it arrives on a unique, insta worthy platter. Would highly recommend adding this place to your restaurant list when in Bangkok.”

2.Kanutsanan Thadee, August 2023

“This is a very good restaurant. The most impressive thing about this place is the service. Every staff member is well-trained and provides excellent service. They explain and give recommendations to customers about the various menus, suggesting what to eat first and what to eat later. This helps enhance the flavor of the food. As for the food menu, I highly recommend the ‘Kao Chae’ (rice soaked in iced jasmine-scented water) as the number one dish. Even though we may only have it once a year, I encourage everyone to try and experience the delightful taste of Kao Chae, which is truly impressive.”

3. Nok Thanakit, May 2023

“I am impressed with the service atmosphere. The food is meticulously crafted and beautifully presented. The taste is delicious, and foreigners can also enjoy it.”

4. Napharat Tangkitthaworn, 2020

“Authentic Thai food. This is the real taste of Thai cuisine presented in a modern way. Every dish is thoughtfully designed with the right combination, and each dish comes with its own story. The staff here is awesome, providing the best service. The prices are relatively high for local standards, but it’s worth it. The authentic taste of Thai food is truly delicious, with a well-thought-out combination of ingredients. The flavor profiles are well-rounded and sophisticated. The staff provides excellent service, and every detail is taken care of, including amenities like mouthwash and dental floss even in the restroom, prepared in case we need them for our next destination. They pay attention to every detail.”

5. Numage, 2019

“Great tasting food with great presentation, I have to say it exceeded my expectations. There for an 8 course set menu “The Delight Thai Twist ” when

there was a 4 for 3 promotion. The restaurant was decorated in a mix of modern and traditional Thai style and is very elegant. The Staff were friendly and took their time to explain the delicacy of each dish as well as giving us a second floor tour. A recommended place for people who love fine dining.”

>>>Click here to visit the main page of Royal OSHA.

6. The award for Royal Osha, guaranteed to be one of the top Thai Fine Dining establishments in the country

Apart from the reviews received by Royal Osha from real Local Guide food critics who have visited and experienced Thai Fine Dining, Royal Osha has also been honored with various awards, confirming its status as one of the top Thai Fine Dining establishments in Thailand. For those who appreciate Thai cuisine, both locals and foreigners are encouraged to visit and experience it at least once to explore the intricate details of Thai cuisine, complete with flavors and all the components that define Thai gastronomy.

Royal Osha has received the following awards:

  • Michelin Guide Guarantee Award: Received in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. This award is based on the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, and consistency. It attests to the quality and taste of Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha for six consecutive years.
  • User’s Choice Wongnai Award and Wongnai Award: Received in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. These awards are based on reviews from those who have dined and experienced the restaurant. They are given to establishments that effectively cater to the Thai lifestyle in terms of food.
  • Thai Select Premium Guarantee Award: Received in 2019 and 2022. This award is granted to restaurants with outstanding quality, beautiful decoration, and excellent service, scoring above 90 points. It also requires that the restaurant exclusively serves authentic Thai cuisine.
  • Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award: is a recognition that Royal Osha has received in the years 2017, 2018, and 2020. This prestigious award is presented by the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants guidebook, which curates top-tier dining establishments with exceptional 5-star rated flavors. These restaurants have the ability to impress important guests and tourists with their outstanding Thai cuisine. Royal Osha, being a Thai Fine Dining establishment, has successfully conveyed the identity of Thai cuisine, contributing to its widespread recognition and earning this award for three consecutive years.
  • HELLO! Taste Award Guarantee: Received in 2022. This award is chosen by food critics and celebrities, reflecting the quality, taste, and premium appearance of the food. This recognition reaffirms that Royal Osha, as a Thai Fine Dining establishment, is highly esteemed in Thailand, gaining significant popularity for its excellence in various aspects.

>>>Click here to view Royal Osha’s guaranteed awards.

7. Experience the Thai fine dining at Royal Osha in the heart of Bangkok

Thai fine dining

Royal Osha is a Thai Fine Dining restaurant located on Wireless Road, Ruamrudee Alley, Lumphini Subdistrict, Pathum Wan District, which is considered a prime location in the heart of Bangkok.

Situated close to important landmarks such as embassies, shopping centers, educational institutions, hospitals, private companies, and significant business establishments in Thailand, it offers easy accessibility. However, the popularity of Royal Osha is not only due

to its location but also because of its diverse Thai cuisine menu. It offers a variety of options for diners, including Set Menu where the chef meticulously prepares each course to ensure harmony in flavors. The Full Course is meticulously crafted to offer a complete Thai Fine Dining experience, including starters, main courses, and desserts, each meticulously prepared to showcase the uniqueness of Thai cuisine. Additionally, there’s an A La Carte option for those who prefer to choose individual dishes, catering to diners who may want to sample specific items or prefer single-dish meals.


Each of these styles offers a different number of dishes and menus designed to cater to the diverse dining lifestyles of diners, ensuring that Royal Osha’s Thai Fine Dining experience meets the highest standards. Additionally, Royal Osha’s Thai Fine Dining incorporates ingredients from both local and international sources, blending them together to create dishes that cater to the varied palates and preferences of diners from different nationalities and cultures. As a result, visitors to Royal Osha seeking a unique and premium Thai Fine Dining experience in the heart of Bangkok include both Thai locals and foreigners eager to explore the distinctive flavors and premium dining experience it offers.


Therefore, for anyone seeking a Thai Fine Dining restaurant for business discussions or special celebrations conveniently located in the heart of the city, with a diverse menu that caters to both Thai and international dining styles, accompanied by attentive service that leaves a lasting impression, Royal Osha is the ideal choice. You can make a reservation at Royal Osha by visiting their website or contacting them at 02-256-6551.


>>>Click here to access the reservation page of Royal Osha.

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Fine Dining Bangkok with its perfectly balanced flavors offers a delightful and fulfilling experience at Royal Osha.

Fine Dining Bangkok

Select the topic you want to read:


Fine Dining Bangkok with its perfectly balanced flavors offers a delightful and fulfilling experience at Royal Osha.


As Royal Osha, the Thai Fine Dining restaurant, opens up a new culinary experience for those who love and appreciate Thai cuisine, they can now savor the exquisite taste of Thai cuisine right in the heart of Bangkok, a city that serves as a hub for economy and convenient travel. Tourists can easily make reservations to indulge in the restaurant’s offerings, confident that every visitor will receive the finest service and a complete, delightful culinary experience – encompassing presentation, taste, aroma, and texture of the food.

1. Fine Dining Bangkok and Royal Osha:

Fine Dining Bangkok

Royal Osha stands as one of the most exquisite and luxurious dining establishments in the heart of Bangkok. Ready to serve Fine Dining set menus, full-course meals, and a la carte options twice a day – for both lunch and dinner – Royal Osha caters to various occasions, whether it’s a relaxing meal, a date, a business meeting, or any important appointment. The restaurant is always ready to welcome guests without disappointment. All it takes is an advance reservation to allow the restaurant to prepare fully and provide customers with the best possible experience during their visit. Located at the beginning of Ruamrude

Alley in the vibrant area of Ploenchit-Witthayu, Royal Osha is situated in the central part of a bustling business district, hosting embassies, large corporations, hotels, hospitals, universities, and schools. This area is renowned for its colorful and lifestyle-rich atmosphere. Importantly, it is a central and convenient district with high security from nearby government offices. Undoubtedly, this area boasts a high quality of life, and Royal Osha, nestled in the heart of the city, holds a prestigious position in one of Thailand’s most valuable and elite locations.


>>Click here to visit Royal Osha’s main page.


2. The Fusion of Cuisines from Every Region in One Fine Dining Bangkok Meal

Carefully selected menus, ingredients, and seasonings from every region are sent to the central kitchen of Royal Osha. Here, they are used to craft each Fine Dining dish with completeness and distinctiveness. The kitchen incorporates flavors and elements from diverse regions, ensuring that each dish in the Fine Dining menu is rich in taste and possesses a unique identity. This is notably evident in the restaurant’s full-course set menu, such as the ‘Ramayana Set.

  • It will be a course menu derived from new menus that undergo changes to offer variety according to seasons and ingredients. The menus are designed, seasoned, and use ingredients based on dishes from different regions in Thailand.”


  • “There is a concept of courses that allows customers to choose specific dishes prepared in various formats, such as grilling, steaming, frying, baking, stewing, and the classic Thai-style salad.”


  • “The highlight of selecting the Ramanaya course lies in the diversity of flavors from every region, starting from the course’s starter menu all the way to the dessert.”


  • “The charm of indulging in this course menu set lies in the vibrant decoration and meticulous presentation of each dish, along with paired beverage recipes that complement the course.

The careful arrangement of courses and the flavors that customers will experience in this course make it especially precious. However, if customers prefer to enjoy a small meal a la carte, they can choose and delight in the dishes from each region, one plate at a time.


>Click here to view Royal Osha’s menu

3. The Fine Dining Eating Style Designed for the Ultimate Experience

Fine Dining Bangkok


Royal Osha’s Fine Dining experience in Bangkok is considered a luxurious dining experience that impresses every visitor. It combines the traditional Thai dining culture with a modern touch, adapting it to the present era.

Following the structure of Fine Dining, the Thai cuisine at Royal Osha is crafted with interesting and admirable details, showcasing the chef’s skill in preparing Thai flavors. The dishes are designed to offer the perfect balance of taste, presenting Thai flavors in a quantity that satisfies without compromising the fullness of taste. The course menu starts with starters served in the right portion, stimulating the appetite gradually for the subsequent courses. The excellence in taste and attention to creative details has earned Royal Osha recognition as one of Thailand’s top Fine Dining restaurants, standing out as a pioneer in the country. It is also one of the restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide, making it a confident recommendation for friends, family, and anyone seeking a special meal in a truly Thai atmosphere.


>>Click here to visit Royal Osha’s homepage.


4. Royal Osha designs Thai cuisine in a vegan style for everyone

Thai food is delicious and nutritionally rich, rivaling any cuisine in the world. Currently, there is a wide variety of popular Thai dishes that have gained international market attention. Many of these dishes are widely accepted and praised as the best-tasting food globally. Numerous foreigners are drawn to Thai cuisine for its full range of flavors and ingredients. However, simultaneously, there is a group of foreign consumers with food allergies, particularly to essential Thai seasonings such as oyster sauce, peanuts, or those following a vegan lifestyle who avoid animal products. This group may range from strict vegans to those with less stringent preferences, including vegetarians and omnivores.

Recognizing this diversity in dietary preferences, Royal Osha has designed a menu to cater to the needs of consumers of all types. The menu includes vegan options without any ingredients or sauces derived from animal products. The dishes still maintain an exquisite and luxurious taste, true to the style of Fine Dining. Additionally, if customers have specific requests, such as reducing the spiciness of a particular dish, they can communicate with the staff, and the restaurant is ready to adjust and prepare the best possible menu for all guests.


>Click here to view the menu at Royal Osha.

5. Fine Dining Bangkok Opens an Exquisite Dining Experience, the Value You Deserve

Fine Dining Bangkok

Dining in luxury in the heart of the city, which is a central hub of tourism in Bangkok, is another strategy of Royal Osha. As people are bustling around, rushing to travel and exploring the city, they often have to compete for seats or wait in queues to dine or visit various places.

However, with the restaurant’s advanced reservation system, the queueing process at the front of the restaurant is eliminated. Once customers step inside the restaurant, the atmosphere at Royal Osha transforms from the outside bustle to a serene and luxurious dining experience. The ambiance exudes tranquility, creating a perfect setting for customers to relax and enjoy their meals in opulence. Customers receive top-notch service, and during the serving of each dish, the staff provides concise explanations of the origin and preparation of the menu.

There’s also occasional greeting from the chef in the kitchen, adding a warm touch to the dining experience. This warm and valuable dining atmosphere stems from the meticulous attention to detail by the restaurant, starting from the moment customers enter until the end of their course. The restaurant’s location is convenient and easily accessible, with ample parking available.

A special dining experience with Fine Dining Bangkok at Royal Osha is a worthwhile and deserving occasion. Regardless of the occasion, the restaurant is ready to be a part of enhancing the uniqueness of your meal. Reserve your seat in advance to come and experience the service at Royal Osha.

>>>Click here to visit the Reservation page at Royal Osha.


6. Fine Dining Bangkok meticulously crafted at every step of the cooking process by Thailand’s leading chef at Royal Osha

The menu at Royal Osha is prepared with utmost care and sophistication, curated by Chef Vichit Mukura, a master chef and prominent figure in Thai culinary arts. With expertise, creativity, and a commitment to infusing a distinct Thai essence into each dish, Chef Vichit Mukura has spent 27 years as the head chef at the renowned Thai restaurant “Sala Rim Naam” at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. At the age of 24, he led a team of 32 members and also established the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), offering the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC), where Chef Vichit Mukura serves as a dedicated instructor, shaping new generations of chefs.

Despite Chef Vichit’s significant professional success, he continues to evolve and seek new challenges. His vision includes making Thai cuisine globally recognized, believing that Thai food is on par with or even surpasses other cuisines. He appreciates the complexity of Thai cuisine, with its diverse components, flavors, and the use of herbs, making it unique and distinct from other international cuisines. Chef Vichit aims to showcase Thai cuisine under the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” blending modern style with traditional Thai artistry in form, taste, and aroma.

Collaborating with Khun Supapitchaya Phithayanothai and Khun Kavelin Phithayanothai, Chef Vichit Mukura has brought to life Royal Osha, a Fine Dining Bangkok experience. This collaboration aims to pass on the uniqueness of Thai cuisine, culinary techniques, and traditional Thai flavors to a new generation, while maintaining the timeless charm of Thai food. The goal is to introduce Thai cuisine to the world stage and redefine its elegance, allowing everyone to experience the modern yet authentic charm of Thai culture through food.

The menu at Royal Osha reflects a meticulous and attentive approach at every stage of preparation, from selecting fresh, clean, and high-quality ingredients to the actual cooking process. Chef Vichit Mukura has infused the cultural stories, lifestyles, eating habits, and residences of Thai people into each dish, presenting a blend of modern style with traditional Thai artistry in form, taste, and aroma. This approach aims to allow everyone to fully experience the uniqueness of Thai identity in every mouthful, following the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented.”


Additionally, Royal Osha incorporates the concept that “food is medicine.” Recognizing the Thai people’s ability to use plants, vegetables, and herbs extensively, the menu includes ingredients known for their medicinal properties. This not only ensures deliciousness but also nourishes the body from within. The culinary team emphasizes the traditional Thai philosophy of achieving a balance of the seven flavors in each dish: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent, adding to the charm and distinctiveness of Thai cuisine.


Moreover, Royal Osha adapts its menu and ingredient selection according to seasons, incorporating the four regional cuisines of Thailand— Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern. This allows everyone to savor the tastes of new and diverse Thai dishes throughout the seasons and regions. The menu includes both À La Carte and Set Menu options,  comprising Starters, Salad, Soup, Main Courses, and Desserts, all meticulously crafted to offer a comprehensive Thai dining experience.


>Click here to visit Royal Osha’s main page.

7. The award for Royal Osha, guaranteed to be a must-not-miss Fine Dining experience in Bangkok

Fine Dining Bangkok


“Royal Osha” is a fine dining establishment in Bangkok where every dish is carefully crafted and prepared with meticulous attention by the master chef, Chef Vichit Mukura. This results in each menu item at Royal Osha having a distinct appearance, taste, texture, and aroma that effectively conveys the uniqueness of Thai cuisine. The restaurant has gained widespread recognition and left a lasting impression on both local and international diners.

Chef Vichit Mukura’s expertise and dedication have contributed to the restaurant’s popularity, making Royal Osha one of the highly acclaimed fine dining venues in Bangkok. The restaurant has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Michelin Guide for six consecutive years. Other accolades come from experienced food critics and discerning diners, further solidifying Royal Osha’s reputation as an outstanding dining destination.


The awards received by Royal Osha include:


  • 2024: Michelin Guide
  • 2023: Michelin Guide
  • 2022: Michelin Guide and Thai Select Premium
  • 2021: Michelin Guide and User’s Choice Wongnai
  • 2020: Michelin Guide, User’s Choice Wongnai, HELLO! Taste Awards, and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
  • 2019: Michelin Guide and Thai Select Premium
  • 2018: User’s Choice Wongnai and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
  • 2017: Wongnai, Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, and Winner Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards
  • 2016: Wongnai

Each award received by Royal Osha holds significant meaning, providing insights into the restaurant’s qualities:


  • Michelin Guide Award: This accolade is a testament to the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, and consistency at Royal Osha. Winning this award for six consecutive years

signifies the restaurant’s commitment to delivering high-quality and flavorful fine dining experiences in Bangkok.


  • User’s Choice Wongnai Award and Wongnai Award: These awards are based on reviews from individuals who have actually dined at the restaurant, reflecting their real-life experiences. These accolades are given to restaurants that excel in meeting the culinary preferences and lifestyles of Thai people.


  • Thai Select Premium Award: This award recognizes outstanding quality, beautiful decoration, excellent service, and a score of over 90 points. The restaurant must exclusively serve authentic Thai cuisine to receive this award. It serves as a guarantee that Royal Osha is an authentic Fine Dining Bangkok establishment with a truly Thai essence.


  • HELLO! Taste Awards: This award is a recognition from HELLO! magazine, showcasing the restaurant’s appeal to food enthusiasts and celebrities. It underlines the quality, taste, and visual appeal of the food that captivates diners and reinforces the restaurant’s reputation as a fine dining destination.


  • The Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award is an accolade presented by the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants publication. This award is given to outstanding restaurants that excel in both quality and taste, achieving a 5-star rating. These recognized establishments have the ability to leave a lasting impression on important guests or tourists who have a high regard for Thai cuisine. Royal Osha, being acknowledged as a Fine Dining Bangkok restaurant, has successfully conveyed the essence of Thai cuisine, contributing to its increased recognition and the honor of receiving the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award.


>>>Click here to view the certified awards of Royal Osha

For those who appreciate Thai cuisine, whether they are food enthusiasts, critics, or international visitors seeking an authentic and memorable experience of Thai flavors, Royal Osha is recommended. The restaurant meticulously crafts each dish, infusing Thai culture, lifestyle, and identity into its offerings to provide a genuine and unforgettable taste of Thailand. 

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Bangkok best restaurant in Thai fine dining style

Bangkok best restaurant

Choose the topic you want to read:



Bangkok best restaurant in Thai fine dining style

There are countless restaurants in Bangkok, but which one is a Thai Fine Dining restaurant acknowledged as one of the best in the city? It’s not only Thais who appreciate it; many foreigners who travel and visit Bangkok also participate in determining the best quality of food in the city. Certainly, Royal Osha is considered one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. In terms of quality, Royal Osha excels in every aspect— presentation, taste, aroma, sound, and the exceptional experience that customers receive when dining at the restaurant.

However, entering the category of the best restaurants in Bangkok involves various factors, and there are competitors of various nationalities who come to compete with Thai cuisine.

1. Bangkok’s best restaurant and its extremely high competition

Bangkok best restaurant

In Bangkok, there is a vast variety of food, not just in terms of quantity but also in the diversity of food types. Whether it’s international cuisine, Fine Dining, fast food, homemade dishes, or ready-made meals, these options allow consumers to choose according to their preferences and tastes. However, in the end, the most preferred cuisine by the majority of

Thais, who make up the largest population, is Thai food. This is because of the familiar taste and completeness, including the familiar flavors of sour, sweet, spicy, and salty. Thai food is something that Thais can enjoy continuously compared to other cuisines.

The competition in this regard involves many markets that still need to compete in their respective market sections. For example, the made-to- order food market has seen a decrease in prices due to the use of slightly lower-quality ingredients. However, for premium food where ingredients are more expensive, the cost is higher accordingly.

Royal Osha is one of the premium Thai restaurants, a Thai Fine Dining establishment that faces high competition. This is different from the competition in other food markets because Thai Fine Dining is suitable for special occasions and important appointments. This means that consumers do not dine at these establishments every day. With exceptional taste and excellent service, a reservation system in place, and higher food costs, Royal Osha stands out. These factors result from meticulous food preparation, careful operations, and the quality of food that has been acknowledged and awarded by the Michelin Guide.

Click here to visit the main page of Royal Osha.

2. What it takes to be one of Bangkok’s best restaurants

In the high-stakes competition to be among the best restaurants in Bangkok, there are several factors that establishments must have and implement. Consideration of these factors is essential due to the vast array of dining options available to consumers, made even more accessible through various delivery services. Nevertheless, the key to delivering the best taste experience lies in serving freshly prepared, hot

dishes. This implies that a restaurant must have seating available for customers to enjoy their meals freshly cooked and hot on the spot.

Several other crucial factors that a top-tier restaurant must possess include:

  • High-quality food.
  • Excellent taste.
  • Prime location with convenient accessibility.
  • Pricing that justifies the taste.
  • A superior dining experience.


Every mentioned aspect aligns with the qualities of Royal Osha. The restaurant not only meets but consistently maintains high standards in each criterion. The restaurant ensures a complete experience by continually enhancing recipes and introducing new menus to meet customer preferences and needs.


Click here to visit the main page of Royal Osha.

3. The Fine Dining restaurant that has been recognized as one of “Bangkok’s best restaurants

Bangkok best restaurants


The concept of Fine Dining originated from premium French establishments, ready to serve luxurious menu courses in the classic French style, including steaks, salads, and traditional-style dishes. The Fine Dining market is considered a vast and reasonably priced market, despite its high costs. In today’s interconnected world with fusion happening in every industry, Fine Dining recipes do not need to remain rigidly within traditional frameworks. Thus, there has been a fusion of Thai cuisine into Fine Dining, gaining global recognition. Thai Fine Dining brings out the intricate flavors of Thai ingredients, using Thai vegetables, herbs, fruits, and the fresh and vibrant Thai spices. These play a crucial role in elevating various flavors. While we are familiar with

the taste of Thai food, Thai Fine Dining unveils deeper and more refined aspects of Thai flavors. The herbal aromas and spice flavors in Fine Dining become more distinct. With Thai Fine Dining becoming part of the competition in Bangkok’s best restaurant market, high-quality Thai food with unique flavors and meticulous customer service that delivers the best dining experience is essential.

Click here to see the history of Royal Osha.


4. Royal Osha, a Thai Fine Dining restaurant, stands as one of “Bangkok’s best restaurants.

One of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok, like Royal Osha, is located in the heart of the city in the Ploenchit area, Wireless Road, Soi Ruamrudee. The central location is easily accessible by public transport or by car with parking available at the restaurant. To receive the best service, the restaurant operates on a reservation-only basis. This is because the establishment aims to provide the utmost welcoming experience, from the moment customers step through the door until they leave. While the reservation process may seem ceremonial, it is a system widely adopted in the global Fine Dining scene, ensuring excellent and impressive customer service.

The ingredients for crafting each menu item at the restaurant are sourced directly from various regions of Thailand, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other spices. These ingredients find their way to the central kitchen in Bangkok to prepare Thai Fine Dining dishes with rich and intense Thai flavors. Royal Osha serves as a medium to deliver exceptional Thai flavors to consumers, sharing the taste of one region of Thailand with people from another region. The restaurant introduces Thai flavors and unique, not-so-common dishes to international customers, such as Meuang Kham Bua Lhuang, Lemongrass And Blue River Prawn Salad, Khao Chae: Rice in chilled jasmine water with assorted condiments, Southern Style Rice and Fresh Herbs Salad with Fried Fish, and desserts like Khanom Kho (Sweet Coconut Dumplings).

For those interested in experiencing Bangkok’s best restaurant and savoring a perfect meal from a Thai Fine Dining establishment, Royal

Osha accepts reservations. The restaurant primarily offers lunch and dinner services.


Click here to access the Reservation page of Royal Osha

5. Royal Osha – Bangkok’s Best Restaurant with Expertly Crafted Menus by an Experienced Chef

Bangkok Best Restaurant

Every dish at Royal Osha undergoes meticulous preparation by the skilled and highly experienced Executive Chef, Vichit Mukura. Chef Vichit has over 40 years of culinary expertise, earning him the title of a master chef. His culinary journey began as an apprentice in his mother’s kitchen, discovering his passion for cooking. Determined to become a leading chef in Thailand, he started working as the head chef at the renowned Thai restaurant, ‘Sala Rim Naam,’ gaining significant recognition. For 27 years, he held the position of Executive Chef, leading a team of up to 32 members at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at the age of 24 only. He also opened the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), offering the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC). He served as an instructor, nurturing and creating a new generation of chefs, significantly contributing to the Thai culinary scene.

After his long tenure, Chef Vichit temporarily left the culinary world to manage his family’s restaurant business. However, he soon returned to the hotel industry, teaching in Japan and eventually deciding to explore new challenges. This led to the creation of Royal Osha, a Thai Fine Dining restaurant, in collaboration with Khun Supapitch Pithayanukul and Khun Kewalin Pithayanukul.

Chef Vishiti Mukura emphasizes, ‘Thai food is a cuisine that stands out and does not yield to any other. This is because it embraces a myriad of ingredients, combining various colors and flavors. It has a perfect balance of sourness, saltiness, sweetness, and spiciness, creating a unique harmony. The use of local ingredients, such as wild lime, adds a distinct touch to Thai cuisine. This results in Thai food having a sophisticated and diverse taste, setting it apart from the cuisines of other countries.”


Chef Vichit’s intention was to elevate Thai cuisine, making it more widely recognized and passing on traditional Thai cooking techniques to the younger generation. With determination and dedication, Chef Vichit’s more than 40 years of experience played a crucial role in transforming

Royal Osha into a Fine Dining restaurant, earning the title of Bangkok’s Best Restaurant and receiving the Michelin Guide award for six consecutive years.

Dining enthusiasts who appreciate the experience of Thai cuisine can visit Royal Osha to enjoy a menu that represents the four regions of Thailand. The restaurant is dedicated to preserving the authenticity and charm of Thai cuisine, incorporating traditional and contemporary elements. Royal Osha aims to elevate the Thai dining experience and introduce it to a new perspective, captivating both Thai and international diners.

Click here to learn more about Chef Vichit Mukura of Royal Osha.


6. Awards and Accolades Cementing Royal Osha as One of Bangkok’s Best Restaurants

“Royal Osha” stands out as a Thai Fine Dining restaurant, where each dish is meticulously crafted by skilled and highly experienced chefs. This attention to detail ensures that the flavors, textures, and aromas of the food convey the uniqueness, culture, and lifestyle of the Thai people. The restaurant has successfully elevated Thai cuisine, making it distinctive and charming, contributing to its widespread recognition as one of Bangkok’s Best Restaurants. Royal Osha has received numerous prestigious awards and accolades, such as the Michelin Guide for six consecutive years, highlighting its commitment to quality and the distinctive taste of Bangkok’s best restaurant.

The awards received by Royal Osha include:

    • 2024 Michelin Guide Award
    • 2023 Michelin Guide Award
    • 2022 Michelin Guide Award and Thai Select Premium
    • 2021 Michelin Guide Award and User’s Choice Wongnai
    • 2020 Michelin Guide, User’s Choice Wongnai, HELLO! Taste Awards, and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
    • 2019 Michelin Guide and Thai Select Premium
    • 2018 User’s Choice Wongnai and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
    • 2017 Wongnai, Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, and Winner Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards
    • 2016 Wongnai


Each award signifies specific aspects that contribute to the restaurant’s excellence:

  • The Michelin Guide Award recognizes quality ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, and consistency, testifying to the quality and taste of Bangkok’s best restaurant.
  • The User’s Choice Wongnai Award acknowledges restaurants that cater well to the Thai lifestyle, based on real dining experiences and reviews.
  • The Thai Select Premium Award is granted exclusively to restaurants selling authentic Thai cuisine, ensuring exceptional quality, beautiful decor, and excellent service.
  • The HELLO! Taste Awards reflect the preferences of food enthusiasts and celebrities in HELLO! magazine, emphasizing the quality, taste, and presentation of the food.
  • The Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award is given by the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants book, showcasing top-notch restaurants with a 5-star rating that impresses important guests or tourists, making a positive impression on Thai restaurants.


Explore the recognition and awards that Royal Osha has achieved by clicking here.

7. Royal Osha’s Renowned Menu recognized as one of Bangkok’s best restaurants

Bangkok's best restaurants


Royal Osha’s menu is divided into four regions representing different parts of Thailand: Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern. Diners can choose from both À La Carte and Set Menu options, which are regularly updated to offer new and seasonal Thai culinary experiences.

The winter set menu, in particular, showcases popular dishes:

Starter: The Starter is a digestive or small dish that helps enhance the specialness of everyone’s dining experience. The Stater menu offers a choice of two dishes: “Deep-Fried Carabineros and Wild Betel Leaves Fritters with Royal Osha Mayonnaise and Mustard Sauce, and Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Spicy Thai Herb Salad.” Both of these dishes are well-rounded and flavorful, designed to stimulate the appetite and prepare the stomach for the next course.

Salad: Salad is a dish that blends Thai and international ingredients. One such example is the “Crispy Thai Herbs Salad with Duck Confit, Foie Gras, Caviar and Pomegranate.” This dish showcases Chef Wijit Mukura’s ability to modify Thai herbs for accessibility while using premium ingredients.

Soup: Soup is a dish that serves to cleanse and refresh the palate before moving on to the main course. The “Thai style Spicy and Sour Soup with Octopus Tentacle,” a fusion of savory and fruity flavors. The fresh aroma of the soup cleanses the palate, preparing everyone for the main course.

Main Course: The Main Course is the highly anticipated centerpiece of the meal. The dish called “Seared Red Grouper with Thick & Creaming Red Curry ‘Chu Che’ Sauce and Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef Striplion with Spicy ‘Nam Tok’ Sauce served with pickled and grilled vegetables. The menu is crafted with premium ingredients and Thai flavors, presenting a dish that embodies Thai authenticity and excellence.

Whether for Thai locals or international diners, this course promises to leave a lasting impression.

Dessert: Dessert is the sweet conclusion to the meal that ensures a complete dining experience. The dessert named “Milk Pudding with Thai Tea Ice Cream and Berries” combines the popular Thai tea with coconut

blancmange and berries, creating an easily enjoyed and aromatic treat. This dessert adds a perfect finishing touch to every diner’s experience, leaving an unforgettable impression.


Click here to visit the main page of Royal Osha.

For food enthusiasts or those who appreciate Thai cuisine, both Thai locals and foreigners, you can visit Royal Osha, which is recognized as one of Bangkok’s best restaurants. It offers an opportunity to experience Thai cuisine with a distinctive and clear Thai identity. With Chef Visshith Mukura’s masterful touch, the restaurant provides a unique and premium dining experience. Royal Osha aims to create an unforgettable impression for everyone who indulges in their Thai dishes.

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Royal Osha and Its Position as a Top Restaurant in Bangkok

Top Restaurant in Bangkok

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Royal Osha and Its Position as a Top Restaurant in Bangkok

As part of the OSHA Thai Restaurant & Bar chain, which is renowned in the United States, Royal Osha has transformed the structure of Fine Dining by blending Thai ingredients with Molecular Gastronomy. This innovative approach has resulted in exquisite Thai Fine Dining dishes that preserve the authentic flavors of Thai cuisine. Recognized with numerous awards and widespread acclaim, Royal Osha stands as one of the most deserving and exceptional dining establishments in the heart of Bangkok, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an unparalleled culinary experience.

1. Top Restaurant in Bangkok renowned as the best in the capital, a hub for the country’s economic elite

Top Restaurant in Bangkok


Royal Osha takes pride in providing an abundantly high-quality dining experience in every aspect for all its customers. This includes exceptional service, outstanding flavors, and dishes prepared with the finest ingredients sourced from various regions across Thailand. The establishment adheres to top-tier customer care standards, ensuring

impeccable operations and management. Moreover, its central location offers easy accessibility, making it a prime choice for those seeking perfection in the heart of the city.


>>>Click here to visit the main page of Royal Osha.


2. Royal Osha ranks among the Top Restaurants in Bangkok.


Royal Osha has been honored with the Michelin Guide award for its commendable cuisine, encompassing exquisite taste, presentation, aroma, and a captivating atmosphere since its opening. The restaurant has maintained its renowned reputation by consistently delivering high- quality standards. In addition to being recognized as an excellent dining establishment, Royal Osha has also been acknowledged for supporting local communities by using top-notch Thai produce in their dishes. This commitment to utilizing premium local ingredients showcases pride in Thai culinary resources and has increased global recognition for regional Thai dishes.


Awards Received Since Opening:


  • Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Award 2014 Editor’s Choice by Best Dining & Entertainment Magazine.
  • Bangkok’s Top 20 Best Restaurants by Thailand Restaurant News Magazine.
  • Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Award 2015-2018 by Best Dining & Entertainment Magazine.
  • Top Tables Bangkok 2015-2016 by BK Magazine for Best Restaurants.
  • User’s Choice Wongnai in Thai Restaurant Category 2016 – 2019 for Thai Restaurants with Best Reviews by Wongnai.
  • Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant Award 2019 by Tatler magazine.
  • LINE MAN Wongnai Users’ Choice 2022 in Thai Restaurant Category for Thai Restaurants with Best Reviews by Wongnai.
  • Honors Award 2022 from Top 25 Restaurants Bangkok.
  • Thai Select Premium 2019 and 2022 from the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Michelin Guide 2019-2024 for six consecutive years.
  • HELLO! Taste Awards 2020 from HELLO! magazine.


Significance of Each Award:


  • Michelin Guide Award: Recognizes Royal Osha for six consecutive years based on the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, and overall consistency. This award is a testament to the quality and taste of Bangkok’s best restaurant.


  • User’s Choice Wongnai Award and Wongnai Award: Given to restaurants that excel in meeting the dining preferences of Thai people and are chosen based on reviews and real experiences of diners.


  • Thai Select Premium Award: Exclusive to restaurants specializing in authentic Thai cuisine, achieving excellent quality, beautiful  decor, and outstanding service, with a requirement of scoring above 90 points. This award guarantees that Royal Osha is a definitive Thai restaurant in Bangkok.


  • HELLO! Taste Awards: Recognizes restaurants favored by food enthusiasts and celebrities, reflecting the quality, taste, and presentation that captures the hearts of diners. This award signifies the restaurant’s reputable name in the industry.


  • Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award: Conferred by Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, this award gathers top-tier dining establishments with outstanding taste, achieving a 5-star rating, leaving a lasting impression on important guests and tourists alike.


  • Bangkok Best Restaurant Award: Presented by Best Dining & Entertainment Magazine, this award is given to restaurants with high-quality food and excellent service, based on real experiences of patrons.


  • Top Tables Bangkok Award: Awarded by BK Magazine for Best Restaurants, it signifies the restaurant’s excellence in terms of

quality, taste, and exceptional service, acknowledged by votes from food critics and renowned bloggers.


> Click here to view the certified awards of Royal Osha.


3. Top Restaurant in Thailand, According to Michelin Star Chef’s Menu Design

Top Restaurant in Thailand


With experience working as a chef in hotels and restaurants, Chef Vichit Mukura has earned a Michelin Star for his role as the Executive Chef. He oversees the central kitchen and menu design, creating exceptional Thai cuisine in the style of Fine Dining. The delicacy of flavors in the dishes comes from carefully selected ingredients, blending traditional Thai  tastes with a touch of modernity. Royal Osha, a unique creation in Thai culinary art, distinguishes itself with a menu that combines the finesse of French cuisine while maintaining the authentic flavors of Thai ingredients. Royal Osha is a must-try for those who appreciate Thai and international cuisines alike, offering a fresh perspective on Thai food with a touch of innovation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Fine Dining Thai cuisine at its best.


>>> Click here to view the history of Royal Osha


4. What makes dining at the Top Restaurants in Bangkok different?


When dining at a top-level restaurant in Bangkok, the experience goes beyond just the delicious taste of the food. It includes a pleasant ambiance, excellent customer service, and well-designed decor.

Moreover, it encompasses maintaining all these standards at a high level without any compromise or reduction in quality. Therefore, the meticulous management ensures that the establishment maintains a high standard, making it a valuable investment.

Royal Osha, in particular, continues to choose and trust in this process to ensure that these standards are consistently upheld. This creates an impressive, enjoyable dining experience for every visitor. Top-level

establishments often adopt a customer-centric approach in their operations, aiming to establish long-term relationships with all customers. The positive experiences each customer receives encourage them to return for further services and share their experiences with their friends.


> Click here to visit the main page of Royal Osha.


5. Feedback from the Fine Dining Thai Restaurant at the Top Restaurant in Bangkok

Top Restaurant in Bangkok

Royal Osha holds its position as a top restaurant in Bangkok, and rightfully so. Beyond the restaurant’s confidence in both the quality of its cuisine and service, the positive response to these qualities speaks volumes. The return of patrons is an unanimous agreement that the food’s taste is exceptional and well worth experiencing. Various comments further attest to this, highlighting the diverse and commendable aspects of the dining experience. Below are some of the comments listed:

‘Great Thai cuisine. Some of the best food I have ever eaten in Thailand.’ ‘Lovely stylish restaurant with great fusion food & good service.’

‘Honestly, not much more to say: you come here with high expectations, and they are met in every single bite, sip, and detail. You can be certain you will enjoy your dining experience with all your senses.’

‘A la carte is good enough in comparison to the 8- or 10- course menu. Good food and service. Reasonable price.’

‘On our first night in Bangkok, we went to Osha and had the best meal during all our vacations in Asia. From the setting to the courses presentation, including the service, all was fantastic and exciting. It was a great surprise that exceeded our expectations.’

Based on the reviews that Royal Osha has received, there is both impressiveness and admiration that lead those who have never experienced Fine Dining Thai cuisine to explore and savor the exquisite flavors offered by this establishment. For customers who have already tasted this style of Thai cuisine, the desire to return for another delightful

experience is evident. They may also look forward to trying new dishes that the restaurant has recently introduced in that particular year.


In summary, the three aspects that customers consistently highlight and discuss the most are as follows:


  • The taste of every dish is delicious and matches the beautiful presentation.
  • The customer service is outstanding, described as ‘Out of the World.’
  • The interior decoration of the restaurant is beautifully done, encompassing both architecture and the ambient lighting.


As a Top Restaurant in Bangkok, Royal Osha aims to showcase high- quality Thai cuisine to the world. Although the journey of Thai cuisine in the Fine Dining realm is considered a long one, the restaurant assures that its standards will remain the same, if not improve, providing the best dining experience for all customers.


>>> Click here to visit the Reservation page of Royal Osha.


6. Royal Osha, one of the Top Restaurants in Bangkok, acclaimed by both locals and foreigners alike


The flavors of the dishes at Royal Osha are meticulously crafted to reflect the charm and distinctiveness of Thai cuisine. Guided by the expertise of the renowned chef in the forefront of Thailand’s culinary scene, Chef Vichit Mukura, who has extensive experience in Thai culinary artistry, having served as an executive chef at the iconic ‘Sala Rim Naam’ restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at the age of 24 for an impressive 27 years. During this time, Chef Vichit also established the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), offering the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC), where he took on the role of an instructor and nurtured many new chefs, contributing significantly to the culinary industry.

As Chef Vichit embraced more challenges and sought to create something new and different, he collaborated with Khun Supapitch Pitayanukul and Khun Kewalin Pitayanukul, who shared the belief that “Thai cuisine is no less than any other in the world.” They highlighted the completeness, variety of components, and the diverse flavors of Thai food, including  sour, spicy, salty, and sweet, as well as the use of herbs in cooking. This complexity and distinctiveness make Thai cuisine stand out globally. Chef Vichit was determined to make Thai cuisine more widely recognized and passed on the traditional Thai culinary techniques to the younger generation.


With dedication and determination, this led to the birth of Royal Osha, another Top Restaurant in Bangkok. Chef Vichit’s commitment and hard work resulted in Royal Osha receiving the prestigious Michelin Guide award for six consecutive years. The restaurant is well-known among both Thai and international food enthusiasts, contributing to the global recognition and preservation of Thai culinary culture.

> Click here to visit the main page of Royal Osha.


7. Royal Osha’s menu is curated with high-quality ingredients by the masterful chef of the Top Restaurant in Bangkok

Top Restaurant in Bangkok

The menu of this Top Restaurant in Bangkok, such as Royal Osha, pays attention to every step of the cooking process, starting from selecting fresh, clean, and excellent-quality ingredients to presenting each dish that has been carefully curated by master chefs like Chef Vichit Mukura. He is a renowned chef leading the forefront of Thai cuisine, transmitting culture, stories, lifestyles, and dining habits. Residing within the concept of ‘Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,’ the aim is to redefine Thai style by blending modern aesthetics with traditional Thai wisdom in terms of appearance, taste, and aroma. This is to allow everyone to experience the charm of contemporary Thai identity while preserving the richness of  Thai cuisine

Furthermore, at Royal Osha, there is a focus on creating a menu under the concept of ‘Food as Medicine.’ This involves selecting vegetables and herbs known for their medicinal properties to be key ingredients in the dishes. The aim is to offer not only a delicious dining experience but also to provide nourishment for the body from within. The menu is carefully designed to include the seven essential flavors of traditional Thai cuisine in each dish – sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent – capturing the charm and uniqueness of Thai taste.


For instance, dishes like ‘Gaeng Kati Bai Liang’ (Green Leaf Soup with Coconut Milk) incorporate the beneficial properties of the bai liang leaf, known for supporting eye health and cancer prevention. ‘Mieng Kham Bua Luang’ (Sacred Lotus Petal Miang) features lotus petals known for supporting heart health. Various Tom Yum dishes include ingredients like galangal, lemongrass, or kaffir lime leaves, contributing not only to the rich flavor but also aiding digestion and providing additional health benefits.


Royal Osha also pays attention to seasonal ingredients and regularly updates the menu to align with the seasons. This approach is rooted in traditional Thai medical practices, which suggest that consuming foods according to the seasons enhances the body’s strength and immune system. For example, during winter, dishes like ‘Gaeng Kradaang’ or fruit- based salads with a sour taste are favored to combat digestive issues and lack of appetite. In summer, ‘Khao Chae’ (Chilled Rice in Jasmine-Scented Water) helps cool the body and is believed to be beneficial for digestion. During the rainy season, dishes like ‘Pla Tod Phuket’ (Phuket-style Fried Fish) or ‘Gaeng Bpoo Ta Lay Bai Yer Ra’ (Seafood Curry with Pandanus Leaf) with a spicy kick help prevent or alleviate cold symptoms.


By adhering to the philosophy of ‘Food as Medicine’ and aligning with the seasons, Royal Osha not only delivers a delightful and authentic Thai dining experience but also offers health benefits to those who indulge in their carefully crafted dishes. This unique approach is a source of pride for Royal Osha, contributing to its distinct identity.


The menu at Royal Osha includes both À La Carte and Set Menu options, with a rotation of new dishes according to the seasons. The cuisine is rich

in the charm of the four regions: Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern Thailand. This allows everyone to savor the flavors of new Thai dishes based on each season and region. The menu is designed to provide a complete taste experience, enhancing the dining experience for everyone.


The Winter Set Menu at Royal Osha, being one of the top restaurants in Bangkok, comprises popular dishes from each category, including Starters, Salads, Soups, Main Courses, and Desserts.

  • Starter is a menu with 2 options: “Deep-Fried Carabineros and Wild Betel Leaves Fritters with Royal Osha Mayonnaise and Mustard Sauce, and Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Spicy Thai Herb Salad.” These are designed to stimulate the appetite and prepare the palate for the upcoming courses.
  • Salad features “Crispy Thai Herbs Salad with Duck Confit, Foie Gras, Caviar and Pomegranate.” Chef Vishit combines Thai and international ingredients, making Thai herbs easily accessible and enjoyable, perfectly blending premium ingredients with every bite.
  • Soup is the “Thai style Spicy and Sour Soup with Octopus Tentacle,” a fusion of savory and fruity flavors. The fresh aroma of the soup cleanses the palate, preparing everyone for the main course.
  • Main Course offers the “Seared Red Grouper with Thick & Creamy Red Curry ‘Chu Che’ Sauce and Grilled Australian AWagyu Beef Striploin with Spicy ‘Nam Tok’ Sauce served with Pickled and Grilled Vegetables.” This dish showcases premium ingredients, rich Thai flavors, and a clear reflection of Thai cuisine.
  • Dessert, named “Milk Pudding with Thai Tea Ice Cream and Berries,” concludes the meal with a sweet touch. The Thai tea, known for its unique aroma and popularity in Thai culture, is transformed into ice

cream, complementing the rich and creamy pudding and the sweetness of the berries.

>>> Click here to view the menu of Royal Osha.


For those who love Thai cuisine, whether Thai locals or international food enthusiasts, and wish to experience the distinct Thai flavors through meticulously crafted dishes, you can make a reservation at Royal Osha. It is recognized as one of the top restaurants in Bangkok, known for creating unique Thai menus through careful preparation by Chef Vichit Mukura, a master chef specializing in Thai cuisine. He is dedicated to  every step of the cooking process, ensuring that everyone can fully savor the authentic and delicious Thai flavors.