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Introducing the Royal Osha Menu that Thai food enthusiasts must not miss!

For food connoisseurs who enjoy Thai cuisine and want to experience the deliciousness of Thai food with its authentic flavors and ingredients, the “Royal Osha Menu” is a must-try. Offering a diverse selection of dishes and rotating menus according to the seasons, which are divided into 3 seasons, along with the incorporation of herbs, which are considered the unique identity of Royal Osha, this menu allows food enthusiasts to indulge in new and exciting Thai dishes without getting bored. Additionally, it provides both satisfaction and health benefits simultaneously. Therefore, this article will introduce the Royal Osha Menu from the 3 seasons that Thai food connoisseurs must not miss. Let’s explore what dishes are available together!

1. Discover the Essence of Royal Osha Menu: Seasonal Ingredients Crafted into Exquisite Thai Cuisine!

Royal Osha Menu

The Royal Osha Menu is a meticulously curated Thai cuisine that is prepared using seasonal ingredients, which is considered a unique characteristic in ingredient selection and culinary preparation

according to authentic Thai recipes. The selection of seasonal ingredients is based on the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented” by Chef Vichit Mukura, aiming to convey culture, stories, lifestyles, and dining habits of Thai people. Thus, ingredients for each season are chosen based on what is traditionally used in Thai cuisine to redefine them into modern style, blending seamlessly with the aesthetics of Thai flavors, aromas, and medicinal herbs.

These herbs, vegetables, and local Thai medicinal herbs incorporated into the dishes align with the principles of Thai traditional medicine, which contribute to strengthening the body and boosting immunity.

Hence, the ingredients used in each dish of the Royal Osha Menu are fresh, new, clean, and safe, ensuring that the dishes maintain the seven essential tastes of ancient Thai cuisine: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent.


As a result, the Royal Osha Menu adapts with the seasons, offering novelty while retaining deliciousness and health benefits according to the original Thai recipe. This allows food enthusiasts to explore new dishes at Royal Osha throughout the year without repetition. It provides everyone the opportunity to savor the taste of new Thai cuisine each season, each region, which is rich in ingredients, vibrant in colors, and complete in flavor. This is considered an experience of Fine Dining Thai cuisine that impresses both Thai and international food connoisseurs every time they visit. Therefore, any food enthusiast who is a true fan of Thai cuisine must not miss the chance to try out the Royal Osha Menu in all three seasons.


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2. Experience the Royal Osha Menu crafted by the hands of authentic Thai chefs in an authentically Thai atmosphere.

The Royal Osha Menu, which food enthusiasts will have the pleasure to savor and experience the deliciousness of authentic Thai cuisine, is meticulously crafted by renowned Thai Chef, Chef Vichit Mukura, an Executive Chef at Royal Osha. With over 40 years of expertise in

the Thai culinary scene, Chef Vichit is widely acclaimed as a master chef in Thailand. Every dish on the Royal Osha Menu is a testament to Chef Vichit’s dedication to elevating Thai cuisine to global recognition.

Chef Vichit began his culinary journey at the age of 24 as an executive chef, overseeing a team of up to 32 members at the renowned Thai restaurant, “Sala Rim Naam” at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where he spent 27 years shaping its reputation as one of the finest Thai dining establishments in Thailand.

Furthermore, he has shared his culinary knowledge and skills as a teacher at the School of Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), specifically in the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC), nurturing many new chefs in the industry.

Together with Khun Supapitch Pitayanukul and Khun Kavelin Pitayanukul, Chef Vichit has established Royal Osha with the mission to showcase the richness of Thai cuisine under the concept “Thai cuisine is not inferior to any other cuisine.” The restaurant aims to offer Thai and international food enthusiasts alike the opportunity to savor complete, flavorful, and beautifully presented Thai dishes, accompanied by traditional Thai herbs that not only enhance taste but also contribute to overall health.

With a dedication to conveying the essence of Thai cuisine in every dish, Royal Osha offers a dining experience that is delicious, clean, fresh, and reasonably priced. With a variety of menu options to choose from, guests can immerse themselves in authentic Thai flavors while enjoying the traditional Thai atmosphere. The restaurant’s interior is adorned with Thai cultural elements, from the entrance to the ceiling and walls, reflecting the rich heritage through intricate design. The use of dark tones juxtaposed with genuine gold reflects the essence of Thailand in every detail. The walls are adorned with murals telling stories from Thai literature, such as the epic Ramayana, and external entrances feature depictions of Thai

mythological figures. Inside, large chandelier lamps adorned with jewels shimmer, and the furniture and decor reflect the Thai aesthetic impeccably. This attention to detail creates an ambiance that transports diners to the splendor of ancient Thai palaces.

Combined with the exquisite taste, service, and reasonable prices, Royal Osha has been awarded the Michelin Guide accolade for six consecutive years, attracting both local and international diners alike.

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3. Introducing the Royal Osha Menu for the hot season.

Royal Osha Menu

For the Royal Osha Menu of the hot season, a period characterized by scorching heat, the menu is carefully curated with ingredients and preparations that effectively alleviate or mitigate the heat for diners. Here are the recommended dishes that real Thai food enthusiasts must not miss:


  • Khao Chae Original by Royal Osha” is Royal Osha’s Signature dish and is a must-have during the midsummer season for true Royal Osha Menu aficionados who return year after year. This dish stands out for its ability to cool down during the hot season. Made from premium jasmine rice soaked in Thai flower-scented water, using mineral water with a pH of 8.8 for overnight soaking, which extracts the fragrance of Thai flowers excellently. The resulting aroma resembles that of jasmine and pandan leaves. It comes with seven traditional condiments: shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with dried fish, stuffed bell pepper with minced pork and shrimp, fried salted egg yolk, stir-fried shredded pork with tamarind sauce, sweet stir-fried black stingray, and sweet stir-fried preserved radish. These are accompanied by intricately carved vegetables and fruits for garnish.


  • “Ma Hor” is a Royal Osha Menu crafted from minced chicken seasoned with a blend of flavors including palm sugar, shallots, and roasted peanuts. This mixture is then molded and placed on pineapple slices, which impart a fragrant, sweet, juicy, slightly tangy, and crispy texture. When enjoyed after Khao Chae, it enhances the overall aroma and flavor experience.


  • “Watermelon Conch with Beetroot and Dried Fish” is a Royal Osha Menu meticulously crafted from juicy sweet watermelon paired with thinly sliced Hokkaido scallops from Japan, sprinkled with fragrant Himalayan salt. It is served alongside sweet and salty dried fish and a seafood dipping sauce infused with beetroot, creating a harmonious combination of flavors. This dish offers a refreshing, well-balanced, and vibrant taste experience in every bite.


Additionally, the Royal Osha Menu for the hot season may undergo changes. Therefore, for those interested in experiencing the authentic and delectable flavors of Thai cuisine during each season, you can inquire about further details or follow updates on Facebook: Royal Osha.


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4. Introducing the Royal Osha Menu for the cold season.

Royal Osha Menu for the winter season, or the cold season, is a selection of ingredients and preparations tailored to provide warmth and alleviate symptoms of colds that are more likely to occur during this chilly period when the weather is colder than usual. The menu features dishes that real Thai food connoisseurs shouldn’t miss, as they offer both comfort and relief during the winter season.

  • “Boiled French chicken Foie Gras and Crispy Chicken Skin” This Royal Osha Menu is meticulously crafted from chicken that has been simmered in clear water and cooked for over 12 hours to ensure that the soup has a natural sweetness from the chicken bones. It is served with foie gras and paired with chicken meat and crispy chicken skin. It is served with hot soup to enhance its richness and includes herbs that are known to alleviate cold symptoms effectively.
  • Lemongrass Herbal Salad with Ma-Kwaen Pomelo and Taraba Crab Legs: This dish is meticulously crafted from Taraba crab legs roasted until fragrant, sweet, and tender, paired with ma-kwaen pomelo that blends harmoniously with the herbal salad. The salad includes ingredients such as spring onions, shallots, lemongrass, coriander, and sawtooth coriander, along with pomelo wedges to balance the flavors. When enjoyed together, they create a bold, intense, and comforting taste profile.
  • Thong muan with Prawn Spicy Soup and Caviar: It combines a variety of ingredients into one, creating a tantalizing culinary experience. Thin and crispy golden rolls are filled with shrimp and coated with a fragrant tom yum mousse infused with galangal, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves, creating a perfect balance of flavors. It’s topped with caviar, enhancing the dish with its rich aroma and intense taste. With each bite, you’ll experience the robustness, intensity, and exquisite combination of ingredients clearly.

Furthermore, the Royal Osha Menu for that particular season may undergo changes. Therefore, anyone interested in experiencing the delicious and comforting taste of authentic Thai cuisine during the season can inquire for more details or follow updates on Facebook: Royal Osha.

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5. Introducing the Royal Osha Menu for the rainy season.

Royal Osha Menu

The Royal Osha Menu for the rainy season, a period characterized by regular rainfall and relatively humid and cool weather, is curated to alleviate or fend off cold symptoms that may arise during this season effectively. The recommended dishes for the rainy season, which no true Thai food connoisseur should miss, include:


  1. Crab and Tree Basil Curry: A dish from the Royal Osha Menu, crafted from fresh and sweet crab meat, blended with aromatic herbs and a rich, spicy curry sauce. The combination of creamy coconut milk and fragrant tree basil creates a harmonious balance of flavors, complemented by crispy fried tree basil leaves and steaming hot jasmine rice.
  2. Canadian Lobster ‘Tom Kha’: This Royal Osha Menu is crafted from premium lobster, simmered with galangal and banana blossom, ingredients known for their ability to alleviate or fend off cold symptoms effectively. It’s a dish that also cleanses the palate well, preparing it for the next course.
  3. Grilled Lamb with Thai Spicy “Pad Cha” Sauce: This Royal Osha Menu features tender New Zealand lamb ribs, marinated and grilled until fragrant, served with a spicy Pad Cha sauce infused with aromatic herbs and spices. It’s served with a side of sticky rice mixed with Korean perilla and grilled vegetables, balancing the deliciousness, richness, and intensity of the dish perfectly.


Please note that the Royal Osha Menu for the rainy season may undergo changes. Therefore, anyone interested in experiencing the delicious and comforting taste of authentic Thai cuisine during the rainy season can inquire for more details or follow updates on Facebook: Royal Osha.

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6. Authentic Thai Cuisine with Royal Osha Menu: Real Reviews from Thai and International Foodies

In addition to various prestigious awards that Royal Osha has received, including Michelin Guide awards for six consecutive years, which guarantee the taste, quality, and standards of Royal Osha’s food and service, there are also genuine reviews from Thai and international food critics who have experienced the Royal Osha Menu, providing another assurance that a visit to Royal Osha will undoubtedly be satisfying.

  • Mim Likes This:

“The vibe at the restaurant is just fantastic, with modern Thai decorations all around. And let me tell you about their emblem—it’s this massive Thai crown, like straight out of a fancy theater, and it’s showcased beautifully. And the staff? They’re top-notch, seriously. I’d give them a 10-star rating if I could. They really make the whole experience even better. So yeah, if you’re looking for a spot where you can chow down on amazing food and get treated like royalty, this is it.

  • Nickktwf:

Thai fine dining joint is all decked out in this swanky, modern style. You can’t miss the massive black door at the front—it’s like the gateway to luxury. Once you step inside, the staff whisk you to your table with all the grace in the world. And let me tell you, their service? It’s flawless. They start you off right with a welcome drink, and then, the chef sends out these little appetizers that just blow your mind. And that’s just the beginning—the taste, the service, the whole vibe of the place? A+ across the board.

  • Pookeats:

“This is another restaurant I pass by often, but I never thought to stop and try because I assumed the taste would be modern Thai fusion like many other restaurants. However, I was mistaken. The chef still maintains the original Thai flavors but elevates ordinary Thai dishes to be more interesting and sophisticated. The menu items are meticulously presented, and the staff takes care to inquire about each customer’s food allergies, demonstrating their attention to customer safety. They explain each dish thoroughly, leaving no gaps. The recommended sequence for tasting the appetizers ensures that the flavors complement each other perfectly. Overall, it’s a deal that’s really worth it. It has all the components—beauty, traditional flavors with a modern touch, the aromatic scent of incense, and interesting food textures. Moreover, the staff provides excellent service without being intrusive.”

  • Mr. Stew:

“Royal Osha (Ruangrudi) is a luxurious Thai restaurant with a contemporary Thai decor that looks up-to-date, and the presentation of the food is impressive. They offer Thai ingredients, beautifully and deliciously presented in each dish. The ambiance and service are excellent. They take care of customers from a distance, replacing any worn-out dishes promptly. This type of service is appropriate for the service charge. It’s unlike many other places where they charge a service fee but you still have to call for service. I recommend it to anyone with friends or foreign guests. Royal Osha is suitable for everything.”

  • K. Coryne Z Suzuki

“Celebrated a very special birthday here Food was outstanding! Both, delicious and beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and for making this evening so memorable!”

  • K. Nui Nui Nui

“If you’re in Bangkok and craving some next-level eats, let me put you on to Royal Osha Thai Fine Dining. It’s like finding a secret treasure chest right in the heart of the city.”

  • K. Wilber suen

“When we talk about Thai fine dining, only a few names come to mind. I must admit that I pass by Royal Osha quite often but haven’t heard or thought of dining here. Having tried the food and visited Royal Osha myself, I am convinced that it is one of the strongest players in the category of Thai fine dining in Bangkok. and Royal Osha completes the whole package in terms of food and decor. If you are looking to bring your guests/clients somewhere with good food and atmosphere, this is an option that will not disappoint.”

  • K. Chuckdickens

“This is a first-class, fine dining, and wonderfully decorated restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. This is our second visit this month. The staff are efficient, know the menu well, and are always happy to make recommendations. They do have a notable wine list with a wide variety of options. We found the food to be extremely delicious, very well presented, and it is clear that the chef takes great pride in preparing each dish!

If you’re looking for Thai food on a whole new level, we highly recommend you make a visit to Royal Osha. Food is delicious and the atmosphere is fantastic! We look forward to our return!”

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7. Reserve your seat in advance to taste authentic Thai cuisine with the Royal Osha Menu right here!

Royal Osha Menu

For Thai and international food enthusiasts who enjoy dining on authentic Thai cuisine and are seeking a fine dining Thai restaurant with a comprehensive and authentic Thai menu, “Royal Osha” is the perfect choice. Every dish on the Royal Osha Menu is meticulously crafted by master Thai chefs, who are at the forefront of Thai culinary artistry. The menu is curated according to the seasons, with

great attention to detail in every step, aiming to encapsulate the essence of Thai cuisine in every bite.

The restaurant’s interior ambiance is filled with the rich aroma of Thailand, offering both à la carte and set menu options to cater to the dining preferences of both Thai and international guests.

Whether it’s a casual meal or a special occasion, Royal Osha is the ideal dining destination. Food enthusiasts interested in experiencing the flavors of Thai cuisine from the Royal Osha Menu can book a table in advance or inquire for more details through various channels:


Line Official: @royalosha

Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571

Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok



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