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“Khao Chae” – A must try refreshing dish for the hot season For true food enthusiasts.


Even though the hot season coincides with the Songkran festival, a time when many people return home to visit family or travel comfortably, it’s also a period characterized by extremely hot weather. Everyone seeks ways to cool down and refresh themselves, whether through water activities, drinking cold water, or choosing foods that provide internal and external freshness. One such option is “Khao Chae,” a popular dish during the hot season because of its fragrance, coolness, and deliciousness. Eating Khao Chae offers a delightful experience of aroma, coolness, and satisfaction simultaneously. In this article, Royal Osha introduces the “Khao Chae Original by Royal Osha,” a hot season cooling dish from Royal Osha, explaining what it is, its accompanying side dishes, how to eat it, and recommending Fine Dining set menu options for the hot season. These dishes help diners fully enjoy relief from the hot weather.

1. What is ‘Khao Chae’? Why is it a must-eat dish during the hot season?

Khao Chae

“Khao Chae” is a dish that involves soaking cooked rice in jasmine- scented water, typically served with side dishes and condiments to create a well-rounded and refreshing flavor. When eaten, it offers a delightful aroma and coolness, effectively combating the heat. The tradition of Khao Chae dates back to the third reign of the Ayutthaya period in Thailand, known in the Mon language as “Peng Dajak,” where “Peng” means rice and “Dajak” means water used in religious ceremonies to pay homage to deities during the Songkran festival. In the fourth reign, Khao Chae gained popularity as a palace dish when Princess Sorn Kaew, the consort of King Rama IV, presented it as a royal offering. Later, it was introduced to the public, and during King Chulalongkorn’s reign, it became widely known when Princess Nilrat, who managed the royal kitchen, shared the dish with the people of Phetchaburi Province. Over time, Khao Chae transitioned from a palace dish to a popular delicacy enjoyed by the general public, particularly during the hot months from March to May. Its association with the Songkran festival and its ability to provide a refreshing and aromatic dining experience have made Khao Chae a beloved dish during the hot season.

2. What are the side dishes of Khao Chae? And why is it necessary to eat Khao Chae with side dishes?

The side dishes accompanying Khao Chae are essential to enhance its flavor, aroma, coolness, and overall enjoyment, following the traditional style of ancient Khao Chae. Typically, there is a variety of side dishes available to accompany Khao Chae, including:

  • “Luk Ka-Pi” (Shrimp Paste Balls): These are made from snakehead murrel or grilled catfish mixed with lemongrass, finger root, shallots, shrimp paste, and coconut cream. They are formed into small balls, coated with a mixture of flour and egg, then deep-fried until golden yellow.
  • “Moo Foi” ( Fried Shredded Pork): This side dish is made by boiling pork until tender, then shredding it into small pieces and frying it with sugar until it becomes sweet and caramelized.
  • “Hom Daeng Sod Sai” (Stuffed Shallots): Made from snakehead murrel or grilled catfish mixed with herbs until sticky, then formed into small balls and stuffed into shallots. They are coated with a mixture of flour and egg, then deep- fried until golden yellow.
  • “Prik Yuak Sod Sai” (Stuffed Bell Peppers): This dish is made from shrimp or pork mixed with fat minced finely until smooth, then seasoned and steamed until cooked. Afterward, they are wrapped with bell peppers and fried eggs.
  • “Chai-Poew Pad Kai” (Stir-fried Preserved Radish with Eggs): Preserved radish is stir-fried with palm sugar or brown sugar until it’s sweet and salty, creating a harmonious flavor.
  • “Luk Kai Kem” (Salted Egg yolk): These are salted duck eggs that are formed into small balls, coated with a mixture of flour and egg, then deep-fried until golden yellow.

Apart from the side dishes mentioned earlier, there may be additional side dishes as well, depending on each person’s recipe. These may also come with complementary vegetables and carved fruits such as sour mango, cucumber, goat peppers, spring onions, finger root flowers, or jicama. When served alongside Khao Chae, they create a harmonious taste, fresh aroma, and rounded flavor that allows tasters to experience the authentic ancient Thai taste in every bite.

3. How to properly enjoy “Khao Chae” to truly taste the deliciousness in the ancient Thai style?

Although “Khao Chae” is a dish renowned for its fragrant, fresh, and rounded flavor, typically enjoyed during hot weather and seemingly adaptable to various eating styles, there are indeed specific steps to properly enjoy it in order to experience the authentic ancient Thai taste. The steps for consuming “Khao Chae” are as follows:

  • Start with savory side dishes: Begin by consuming the savory side dishes first, such as shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots, stuffed bell peppers, or salted egg yolk.


  • Enjoy the “Khao Chae”: After finishing the savory side dishes, proceed to enjoy the “Khao Chae” itself. This step enhances the freshness, and when combined with the flavors of the savory side dishes, it elevates the overall taste.


  • Indulge in sweet side dishes: Once you’ve finished with the “Khao Chae,” you can then move on to enjoy the sweet side dishes such as sweet shredded pork and stir-fried preserved radish with eggs. Afterward, you can continue enjoying the “Khao Chae.”


  • Accompany with additional refreshments: Finally, after consuming the savory, sweet side dishes, and “Khao Chae,” you can complement the meal with refreshing accompaniments such as sour mango, cucumber, chilli peppers, or spring onions. This helps to further enhance the rounded flavor.


It’s important not to mix the side dishes directly into the “Khao Chae” as it may diminish the aroma of the dish and result in a mingling of flavors, hindering the ability to fully appreciate the distinct tastes of both the “Khao Chae” and the side dishes.

4. ‘Khao Chae by Royal Osha’ comes with 7 meticulously crafted side dishes from the top chefs in Thailand.

The “Khao Chae by Royal Osha” menu is a signature dish for the hot season or summer of Royal Osha, crafted by top chefs of Thailand.

The dish features the use of premium quality jasmine rice soaked in Thai flower water, selected mineral water with a pH value of 8.8 for soaking overnight to extract the fragrance of Thai jasmine flowers excellently and impart the scent of Thai flower water similar to jasmine and pandan leaves. It comes with 7 side dishes in the style of palace Khao Chae that have been seasoned and crafted according to the Royal Osha recipe to create side dishes with delicious and rounded flavors, following the ancient Thai Khao Chae style but with the unique aroma of Royal Osha in every bite. The 7 side dishes of the “Royal Osha Khao Chae” are:

  • Shrimp paste balls
  • Stuffed shallots with dried fish
  • Stuffed bell peppers with minced pork and shrimp
  • Fried salted egg yolk
  • Stir-fried minced pork with tamarind chili sauce
  • Stir-fried sweet fish
  • Stir-fried sweet preserved radish

Each side dish is meticulously crafted from premium ingredients, accompanied by carved vegetables and fruits to enhance the rounded flavor of the Khao Chae. For example, carved finger root, rolled spring onions, sour mango, and carved cucumber.

5. Explore Seasonal Fine Dining Menus Beyond Khao Chae by Royal Osha!

Khao Chae

The Fine Dining menu is meticulously curated by Chef Witchit Mukura to provide dishes that not only relieve heat but also satisfy the palate and promote health. Each dish is crafted using seasonal ingredients combined with local herbs to create refreshing, flavorful, and health-conscious options. The Fine Dining Set Menu for Kimhan season includes:

  • Thong Muan with Prawn Spicy Soup and Caviar: This dish combines savory and sweet elements by stuffing golden rolls with tender shrimp and Tom Yum mousse, enhancing the flavors with mango sauce, crispy kaffir lime leaves, and edible flowers. is a dish created by blending savory and sweet elements. This allows diners to experience the crispiness of the crepe, which pairs well with the shrimp and Tom Yum mousse, while also enjoying the fragrant herbal notes.


  • Watermelon Conch with Beetroot and Dried Fish: Watermelon is cut into diamond shapes and decorated with conch shell, lightly seasoned with Himalayan salt, and then grilled. Served with seafood beetroot dipping sauce and dried fish, the dish offers a rich and rounded flavor.


  • Sweet Leaf Spicy Salad with Hokkaido Scallop: This dish features a salad of wild vegetables dressed in coconut milk and various crunchy ingredients, accompanied by Hokkaido scallops seasoned with Himalayan salt. The combination results in a refreshing, fresh, and tender flavor profile.


  • Tom Klong Crispy Fish Clear Soup with Sweet Chilli Lotus Salad and Spanish Red Shrimp: This is a dish consisting of clear crispy fish head soup served with seasoned Spanish prawns sprinkled with Himalayan salt flakes, accompanied by Tempura-fried fish heads. It is served alongside a lotus stem salad with bell peppers served with a richly flavored dipping sauce, providing diners with a rich and satisfying taste experience


  • Stir-Fried Lobster and Grilled Lamb Jaew Dipping Sauce with Red Jasmine Rice: This is a Surf & Turf dish that combines seafood and meat in the same plate. It features lobster accompanied by a richly flavored stir-fry sauce, complemented by medium rare grilled lamb. It is served with a spicy dipping sauce and red jasmine rice, enhancing the delicious and well-balanced flavors.


  • Pungent Orange Jelly with Fruit and Candied Kaffir Lime: is a dish crafted in a floating glass style. It features Seville oranges turned into jelly, combined with a mix of Thai and seasonal Japanese fruits. It is served alongside transparent candied kaffir lime, topped with smoked crispy shallots and shredded ginger, which enhance the freshness and cleanse the palate effectively


  • Pudding with Fresh Milk and Thai Tea Ice Cream with Berries: This is a dish crafted by blending fresh milk pudding, which is aromatic, sweet, and creamy, with Thai tea ice cream, which is distinctive with its Thai tea aroma. It is accompanied by assorted berries that have a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, providing a delightful conclusion to the meal.


Please note that the Set Menu for the hot season and other seasons may be subject to change due to the selection of seasonal ingredients. Diners interested in experiencing the Fine Dining menu at Royal Osha can follow the seasonal menus on Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok or click here.

Click here to access the Royal Osha menu page.

6. Khao Chae by Royal Osha is available for both Dine-in and Takeaway, offering complete relief from the heat

For those who wish to experience the refreshing taste of hot season, Royal Osha offers two options for you to enjoy our palace-style Khao Chae. You can either Dine in at the restaurant or opt for the Take Away set to enjoy at home or as a gift. Here are the details of each option:

  • Dine in: The Royal Osha Khao Chae set is priced at 1,250 baht per person. It includes a set of Khao Chae and condiments, two appetizers, and Toddy Palm Compote to satisfy your palate and cool you down completely.
  • Take Away: The Take Away set of Royal Osha Khao Chae is priced at 2,250 baht per set. It includes a set of Khao Chae and condiments suitable for two people, elegantly packed in a luxurious red box and premium packaging. It also comes with a voucher for enjoying daily desserts at the restaurant, making it a perfect gift for various occasions.

Please note that prices for Dine in may vary, and reservations for the Take Away set must be made at least 2 days in advance. The vouchers included in the box are subject to company terms and conditions.

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7. Beat the heat with ‘Khao Chae’ in the Royal Osha style! Order or reserve your seats today!

Khao Chae

During the hot summer season in Thailand, temperatures can rise considerably, sometimes exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, making the air hot and stifling. This heat affects our bodies as well. Therefore, cooling down with “Khao Chae” is considered another way to alleviate the heat from within and outside, providing both satisfaction and relief from the heat. For those interested in cooling down with Royal Osha’s Khao Chae in our traditional style, you can order the Khao Chae Set for Take Away or reserve your seat in advance to experience our Dine-in option. If you want to cool down with a Full Course meal, carefully crafted to provide satisfaction, relief from the heat, and health benefits simultaneously, you can

choose from our Fine Dining Set Menu for the summer season. For more information, ordering, or seat reservations, you can contact us through various channels:


Line Official: @royalosha

Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571

Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok



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