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Royal Osha: Fine Dining Thai Restaurant with a Michelin Star in the Heart of Bangkok

“Royal Osha” is one of the Thai Fine Dining restaurants with Michelin Star status located on Wireless Road in the heart of Bangkok. Conveniently accessible, it offers meticulously curated Thai cuisine using seasonal ingredients that are clean, fresh, and safe. Every dish is crafted by skilled chefs with over 40 years of experience in the Thai culinary scene, such as Chef Wijit Mukura, dedicated to showcasing Thai identity through food. Diners can truly experience Thai authenticity in every bite amidst a tastefully decorated dining room adorned with Thai-inspired decor, furnishings, and furniture. Dining at Royal Osha ensures an authentic Thai experience, guaranteed by its Michelin Star and numerous other awards, instilling confidence in diners that choosing Royal Osha for Thai Fine Dining will undoubtedly exceed expectations.

1. Royal Osha: Six Consecutive Years of Michelin Star Excellence!

Michelin Star

The Michelin Star or Michelin Guide is an award that Royal Osha has received continuously for up to 6 years. This award serves as a testament to the excellent taste, quality, and service of each restaurant. Michelin’s assessment criteria evaluate the quality of ingredients, authenticity of the cuisine, and the integrity of the service. Assessors, who are knowledgeable and ethical, evaluate everything from the cleanliness, freshness, and safety of ingredients to the culinary techniques and uniqueness of each dish. They also consider the appropriateness of prices in relation to the quality of ingredients, taste of the food, and the service received. Moreover, restaurants must maintain their quality and standards consistently over time.

Michelin Star evaluations are conducted by inspectors from the Michelin Group, experts with extensive experience in the food industry, including restaurants, hotels, or related fields. These evaluations are based on strict criteria and ethical considerations, and inspectors have no affiliations with other organizations. They pay for their meals in full and evaluate restaurants anonymously to prevent preferential treatment. Each evaluation is a collective decision made by multiple inspectors who dine at the restaurant or use its services. Therefore, Royal Osha’s achievement of receiving the Michelin Star award continuously for up to 6 years is a guarantee of the quality and standards in food and services that diners can expect when experiencing Thai dining at a Michelin Star restaurant like Royal Osha.

2. Michelin Starred Royal Osha: Crafting Thai Cuisine with Over 40 Years of Culinary Expertise

The menu at Royal Osha, a Thai Michelin Star Fine Dining restaurant, is curated by chefs with over 40 years of experience in the Thai culinary industry, such as Chef Wichit Mukura, a leading Thai culinary expert and Executive Chef at Royal Osha. Chef Wichit is committed to showcasing Thai identity through cuisine, believing that “Thai food is not inferior to any other cuisine.” He aims to provide Thai and international diners with a complete, flavorful, and beautifully presented Thai dining experience that stays true to traditional Thai recipes while incorporating local herbs for both taste and health benefits.

Chef Wichit’s journey began at the age of 24 when he managed a team of up to 32 members at the renowned “Rim Nam” Thai restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for 27 years, establishing its reputation as a top Thai restaurant in Thailand. He later became an instructor at the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), where he developed the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC), grooming many new chefs for the culinary industry.

Collaborating with Supapich Pitayanukul and Kewalin Pitayanukul, Chef Wichit is dedicated to infusing Thai identity into every dish at Royal Osha. Their commitment to providing delicious, clean, fresh, innovative, and affordable Thai cuisine has made Royal Osha a top choice for Thai Fine Dining, offering new Thai dining experiences to both Thai and international diners alike.


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3. Embrace the Authenticity of Thai Cuisine: Michelin Star Quality Selections at Royal Osha

Michelin Star

The preparation and presentation of Thai Michelin Star cuisine at Royal Osha involves meticulous selection and curation of ingredients based on the authentic Thai recipes of Royal Osha. This ensures that diners can fully experience the Thai identity of Thai cuisine.

Ingredients for each dish are carefully chosen according to the season, emphasizing quality, freshness, cleanliness, and safety. This emphasis on seasonal ingredients is derived from Chef Wichit Mukura’s concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” which aims to convey Thai culture, stories, and way of life through food.

Chef Wichit selects ingredients commonly used in Thai cuisine during each season, reinterpreting them into modern styles that harmonize with the essence of Thai flavors, aromas, and aesthetics. The use of traditional Thai herbs and spices in cooking reflects the belief that “food is medicine,” contributing to the overall health benefits of the dishes. The selection of seasonal ingredients and the incorporation of medicinal herbs align with the principles of traditional Thai medicine, which promote bodily strength and immunity.

Furthermore, the dishes at Royal Osha encompass all seven flavors of Thai cuisine – sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent. By blending seasonal ingredients, vegetables, and medicinal herbs, the menu at Royal Osha offers a diverse and ever- changing array of dishes, allowing diners to experience new flavors throughout the year. Each dish is thoughtfully crafted to provide a complete Thai culinary experience, ensuring that every visit to Royal Osha leaves a lasting impression.


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4. Royal Osha’s Signature Dishes: Tempting Creations That Earned Michelin Star Thai Restaurant Repeat Customers

For the Michelin Star menu at Royal Osha, diners have a variety of options to choose from because Royal Osha selects ingredients according to the seasons, resulting in menu changes throughout each season. They can be divided into three seasons: Hot Season, Rainy Season, and Cold Season, each offering different appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Here are the Michelin Star recommended dishes from Royal Osha that make diners fall in love and want to come back for more.

  • Khao Chae Original by Royal Osha, a signature dish of Royal Osha and a Michelin Star favorite, is highly popular. It’s crafted from jasmine rice soaked in Thai flower-scented mineral water with a pH value of 8.88 overnight, extracting the fragrant aroma of jasmine and pandan leaves. Served with a traditional palace- style assortment of seven accompaniments, including shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with dried fish, stuffed bell peppers with minced pork and shrimp, fried salted egg yolks, stir-fried shredded pork with tamarind chili sauce, sweet stir-fried black stingray, and sweet stir-fried sweet preserved radish. It’s accompanied by various carved vegetables such as carved finger root, rolled spring onion, sour green mango, and carved cucumber, enhancing its rounded flavors.
  • Southern Style Rice Berry and Thai Herbs Salad is a Michelin Star fusion of Southern Thai cuisine’s iconic dish with premium ingredients like organic rice from Chiang Rai province. It combines with herbs and other exquisite ingredients such as Korean perilla, anchovy, job’s tear, pomelo, mango, carrot, black- eyed peas, long green beans, shallots, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves. Tossed in Royal Osha’s special recipe dressing and enhanced with a squeeze of lime, this dish boasts a fragrant and well-rounded flavor.
  • Blue Crab Meat with Lemongrass Coconut Relish Served with Mixed Vegetables is a popular Michelin Star dish of dipping sauce type that harks back to ancient times. It features large chunks of premium horse crab meat, cooked in fragrant and rich coconut milk infused with various herbs, resulting in a sweet, creamy flavor from the coconut milk and a hint of saltiness and tanginess from the herbs. Served alongside crispy bamboo shoots, white turmeric, and eggplant, these crunchy side ingredients complement the dish perfectly and have been favored since ancient times. This authentic Thai dipping dish is a must-try for any diner visiting Royal Osha.
  • Crispy Thai Herbs Salad with Duck Confit, Foie Gras, Caviar and Pomegranate is a meticulously crafted Michelin Star dishthat involves slow-cooking duck meat in low-temperature oil until it reaches a tender, fragrant, and non-greasy texture. It is served with a crispy herbal salad that boasts rich and well-balanced flavors, enhanced with the addition of foie gras, caviar, and pomegranate, which blend harmoniously together.
  • Seared Red Grouper with Thick & Creamy Red Curry ‘Chu Che’ Sauce and Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef Striploin with Spicy ‘Nam Tok’ Sauce served with Grilled Vegetables is a Michelin Star dish presented in the style of Surf & Turf, combining seafood and red meat in the same plate. The red grouper is prepared by searing it in hot oil until crispy, resulting in crispy skin and tender, juicy flesh with just the right amount of sweetness. It is served with a rich and flavorful Chu Che sauce and accompanied by Australian Wagyu beef, which is grilled and served with a savory Nam Tok sauce. The combination of these elements, along with the grilled vegetables, creates a harmonious and well-balanced dish.

In addition to the mentioned dishes, Royal Osha offers a variety of other Michelin Star dishes for diners to choose from. These dishes may be available in set menus for each season, with occasional changes or limited-time offerings. Therefore, diners interested in experiencing various Thai dishes at Royal Osha can inquire for more details or follow updates on their Facebook page: Royal Osha Bangkok.


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5. Acclaimed Excellence: Royal Osha’s Diverse Michelin Star Accolades!

Michelin Star

Apart from the Michelin Star or Michelin Guide awards that Royal Osha has received consistently for 6 consecutive years, there are many other accolades that certify Royal Osha as a high-quality, standard-compliant, and popular Thai Fine Dining restaurant among both Thai and international diners. Some of the other awards received by Royal Osha include:

  • 2024 Certification Award: Michelin Guide
  • 2023 Certification Award: Michelin Guide
  • 2022 Certification Award: Michelin Guide and Thai Select Premium
  • 2021 Certification Award: Michelin Guide and User’s Choice Wongnai
  • 2020 Certification Award: Michelin Guide, User’s Choice Wongnai, HELLO! Taste Awards, and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
  • 2019 Certification Award: Michelin Guide and Thai Select Premium
  • 2018 Certification Award: User’s Choice Wongnai and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
  • 2017 Certification Award: Wongnai, Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, and Winner Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards
  • 2016 Certification Award: Wongnai

Each award has its own selection criteria, ranging from the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, consistent quality maintenance, meeting the lifestyle food needs of Thais, interior decoration, service, to reviews from diners with genuine experiences. Therefore, each award received by Royal Osha guarantees that the Thai Michelin Star restaurant has been selected based on quality, standards, service, and genuine experiences. This ensures that diners can confidently expect an impressive experience when indulging in Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha.


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6. Instagram Raves: Reviews of Royal Osha’s Michelin Star Cuisine!

“Royal Osha” isn’t just a Thai Michelin-starred restaurant that receives Michelin Stars and other certification awards, ensuring quality and standards. It has also been reviewed by real foodies and extensively across social media platforms. Instagram, in particular, has been a channel through which Royal Osha has garnered abundant reviews accompanied by food photos and interior ambiance shots. Each review confirms that every diner experiences authentic Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha, the Thai Michelin Star restaurant, for sure.


K. Foodie.Muchies:

Royal Osha, hands down the best Thai spot in town! Their palace-style Khao Chae is a game-changer—so fragrant and refreshing, especially when the weather’s scorching like during Songkran. And let me tell you about the place itself—it’s like stepping into a dream, with these golden stairs and a chandelier that’s just wow. Oh, and they’ve bagged that Michelin Guide award five times in a row, so you know it’s gonna be good! Now, let’s talk about the star of the show—their Royal Osha Khao Chae Recipe. Chef Wichit Mukura’s masterpiece, let me tell ya. They serve up jasmine rice soaked in flower-scented water, decked out with all sorts of goodies like shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots, you name it—all expertly crafted and beautifully presented.

And the taste? Oh man, it’s like a party in your mouth. Soft rice, cool water, and those sweet-salty sides? Talk about a refreshing combo. And don’t even get me started on their desserts—ice cream and sweet Marian plum? Yes, please! But wait, there’s more. Their other Thai dishes? Absolutely killer. The Tom Yum Goong? Rich and flavorful. The Green Curry? Aromatic and tender. And those Lotus leaf Wraps with Foie gras? Sweet, salty, sour, with a hint of spice—pure perfection. Trust me, you’re gonna love it all!

K. Hungrymoju:

“The Khao Chae festival is here, and this year I visited this restaurant for the first time. It’s still as grand and beautiful as ever. My mom requests it every year. The finale comes with a refreshing sweet Marian plum with refreshing and sour skin, very delicious. The granita is like a softly frozen ice, flavored and enjoyable. It’s available until the end of May.

We ordered the Stir fried Wagyu with Holy Basil, special A la carte, where they stir-fried the whole piece of beef. It was excellent, with good quality meat, not too fatty or tough. Pomelo Salad with Shredded Chicken and Fried Shrimp, I enjoyed them all alone. The portion sizes aren’t large, but the presentation is beautiful. It’s a luxurious restaurant with good flavors. I think it would appeal to foreigners too. It’s also Michelin Guide recommended.”

K. Food_by_ms

“The richness and variety of Thai seasoning, preparation and presentation! Mouth watering and dishes that burst into flavor. A great award winning Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. #bangkokrestaurant #michelinstar #thaicuisine #spiceworld #foodporn #foodie #travelingfoodie #atasteforthefoodlife”

K. drsuwadee

“One of the best Thai fine dining 💜 me love and recommend #michelinguide #bangkokmichelin @royaloshabangkok Delicious from the first dish to the last! The King Crab Leaf Wrapped, Tuna with Tartare Sauce and Yuzu Sauce, and Croquette Truffle are divine! 😍 😍 Spicy Abalone with Herb Salad, usually I don’t eat herbs in dishes, but this one was irresistible! Thai Lobster Coconut Soup is incredibly tasty, and the Stir fried Wagyu Sirloin with Thai spicy “Pad Cha” Sauce is outstanding. As for the desserts, they’re not overly sweet, which is perfect! 😍 The Black Sticky Rice Mousse, accompanied by a cloud-like rain cloud, is visually stunning and incredibly delicious. Chef Wichit’s skill is truly unmatched! 💕 💕 💕 This course is called “Rainy Season,” reasonably priced and perfectly satisfying. But it’s so delicious, I’ll be thinking about it for days to come. #royaloshabangkok #finediningbangkok #thaifinedining”

K. parattakorn_

“First time having fine dining Thai cuisine. In total of five dishes, which they all gorgeous! Surprisingly good with a delicate plating style that enhances the dish with a great combination of variance taste notes.

Here at Royal Osha 😽 🇹🇭 🍽 ✨ #royaloshabangkok #findinningbkk #thaifinedining”

K. sabxeats

“A must-try Thai restaurant in Bangkok 🇹🇭 ❤🔥 At Royal Osha, the skilled chef prepares authentic, traditional Thai food using only the finest ingredients, infusing each dish with the true flavors of real Thai cuisine.

You should not miss out on this place’s most popular Tom Yum Kung. Large river prawns from Ayutthaya are grilled at Royal Osha for the ideal length of time to improve the flavor of the Tom Yum soup. To give the soup a unique flavor, it is served with mixed mushrooms and shrimp paste. You’ll be fascinated by the soup’s appearance as well. In a unique apparatus designed to emphasize the infusion process that gives the dish its distinctive and well-known flavor, the broth is slowly drizzled over the herbs and spices.”

K. duangposh

“I would say “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented” is the food concept at @royaloshabangkok ,a traditional Thai fine dining restaurant recommended by the Michelin Guide with Chef Vichit Mukura (presenting a special “Winter’s Set Menu”. All dishes were meticulously created from the finest ingredients of the season combined with special Thai herbs like Koon from the south. My fav dishes are fancy River prawn and flavorful but not too spicy yellow curry Garoupa fish soup with many Thai aromatic herbs and Koon

K. livetoeat_nicha

“Exquisite fine dining with premium ingredients and good taste. Lots of thoughts are put into each dish, making dining experience memorable. Food are nicely presented and service is top notch.

I highly reccomend this dining room for a valuable experience, especially for Thai food. Royal Osha”

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7. Book Your Michelin Star Thai Dining Experience at Royal Osha Today!

Michelin Star

For those seeking a Thai Michelin-starred restaurant to experience Fine Dining Thai cuisine, “Royal Osha” is undoubtedly an excellent choice. With meticulously crafted Thai dishes that exude authenticity in every bite, carefully selected from the finest ingredients following traditional Thai recipes, and expertly prepared by Thai culinary chefs, combined with an interior ambiance full of Thai essence, it’s perfect for dining on any occasion. Whether it’s a special celebration, family gathering, entertaining guests, or simply enjoying a meal, diners will surely be delighted by the unique Thai experience at Royal Osha. Therefore, for those interested in exploring exceptional Thai cuisine at Royal Osha, you can reserve a table or inquire for more details through various channels:

Line Official: @royalosha

Contact number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571

Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok



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