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Royal Osha – Michelin Restaurant Bangkok

“Royal Osha” is a Thai fine dining restaurant that is listed as a Michelin Restaurant in Bangkok. It is a popular destination for both Thai and international food enthusiasts who come to savor authentic Thai cuisine whenever they get the chance. The unique flavors of the dishes are crafted by skilled chefs using fresh, clean, and seasonal ingredients.

Along with attentive service and a restaurant atmosphere rich in Thai essence, Royal Osha has become one of the Michelin Restaurants in Bangkok that has received the Michelin Guide award for six consecutive years. Additionally, it is recommended by the Michelin Guide and reservations can be made directly through their website.

Therefore, for any food lovers looking for a Michelin Restaurant in Bangkok that can meet their dining needs for any occasion—whether it be celebrating special events, welcoming guests, or any other occasion “Royal Osha” is ready to welcome and serve all diners, ensuring an impressive experience that will make them think of us whenever they want to enjoy Thai cuisine.

1. Why do Thai and foreign food enthusiasts prefer to dine at Michelin Restaurant Bangkok?

Michelin Restaurant Bangkok

When it comes to “Michelin Restaurants in Bangkok,” it is a highly popular choice among food enthusiasts. This is because Michelin Restaurants in Bangkok have received the Michelin award, which guarantees the quality of taste, ingredients, creativity from chefs, presentation of dishes, service, and reasonable prices. This assurance gives diners confidence that every time they choose a Michelin Restaurant in Bangkok, they will have a great dining experience, making it easier for them to decide to dine at a Michelin Restaurant in Bangkok.

Among these restaurants, Royal Osha stands out as one of the Michelin Restaurants in Bangkok that is favored by both Thai and international food enthusiasts. Royal Osha offers authentic Thai dishes crafted by Thai chefs who have been in the industry for over 40 years, using seasonal ingredients that ensure delicious and healthy meals. The presentation by the chefs and the attentive service, along with reasonable and worthwhile prices for each menu and course, add to the overall dining experience. This combination of factors makes many Michelin Restaurants in Bangkok, including Royal Osha, a top choice for food lovers of all nationalities looking to enjoy Thai cuisine.

2. “Royal Osha,” a Thai restaurant at the Michelin Restaurant Bangkok level recommended by the Michelin Guide

“Royal Osha” is a Thai restaurant in Bangkok that has been awarded the Michelin Guide for six consecutive years and is directly recommended on the Michelin Guide website. Royal Osha is highly reviewed by both Thai and international food enthusiasts as a Michelin Restaurant in Bangkok with delicious menus, premium quality ingredients, meticulous presentation, and excellent service. These qualities meet the evaluation criteria of the Michelin Guide, and the restaurant has maintained its quality and standards according to these criteria, earning the award consistently for many years. As a result, it has gained the trust of diners who, whenever they think of Thai cuisine, always return to savor the offerings at Royal Osha.

Each menu item at Royal Osha is crafted from carefully selected ingredients, using fresh, seasonal, clean, and safe produce. This meticulous ingredient selection is a hallmark of Royal Osha, inspired by Chef Vichit Mukura’s concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented.” Chef Mukura aims to convey Thai culture, stories, lifestyle, and culinary traditions by redefining seasonal Thai ingredients into a modern style that integrates the aesthetics of Thai food’s appearance, flavor, and aroma.

The result is a complete Thai culinary experience, featuring a variety of components, vibrant colors, and a harmonious blend of flavors.

Following traditional Thai culinary principles, each bite encompasses all seven flavors: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, rich, and astringent.

Additionally, adhering to the philosophy that “food is medicine,” Royal Osha incorporates locally-sourced plants, vegetables, and herbs with medicinal properties into their dishes. This approach aligns with traditional Thai medicine, enhancing the body’s strength and immunity.

By combining seasonal ingredients, medicinal plants, and herbs, Royal Osha presents dishes representing all four regions of Thailand: the North, South, Central, and Northeast. Each dish is meticulously crafted by Executive Chef Vichit Mukura, a master chef with over 40 years of experience. Chef Mukura has earned recognition as a top-tier chef, starting his illustrious career at 24 as the head chef of the renowned “Sala Rim Naam” at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where he led a team of 32 members. His leadership helped the restaurant gain prominence for 27 years. Chef Mukura also taught at the Oriental Hotel’s School of the  Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), creating the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC), which has trained numerous chefs who have enriched the culinary field.

Thus, every dish at Royal Osha carries a unique signature, delivering an authentic Thai experience that truly embodies Thai culture. This makes Royal Osha one of the Michelin Restaurants in Bangkok that diners frequently recommend.


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3. Introducing the No.1 popular menu from Michelin Restaurant Bangkok at Royal Osha

Michelin Restaurant Bangkok

For food enthusiasts who want to experience authentic Thai cuisine from Royal Osha, a Michelin Restaurant in Bangkok, but are unsure which menu to choose, you must not miss the “Khao Chao Original by Royal Osha.” This dish is considered the No.1 popular menu item, eagerly awaited by diners during the summer season each year. Khao Chae is available only in the summer and can be enjoyed both dine-in and take- away, catering to various dining preferences.

The “Khao Chae Original by Royal Osha” is a menu item crafted from premium-quality fragrant Jasmine rice from Sao Hai, floating in Thai flower-scented water. The rice is soaked overnight in mineral water with a pH of 8.8 to perfectly extract the fragrance of the chamanad flower. As a result, the traditional Royal Osha Khao Chae has a floral scent reminiscent of jasmine and pandan leaves. It is served with seven side dishes, meticulously prepared according to the Royal Osha recipe, offering a delicious and harmonious flavor typical of traditional Thai Khao Chae but with a unique touch from Royal Osha.

The seven traditional side dishes that accompany the Royal Osha Khao Chae are:

  • Shrimp paste balls
  • Stuffed shallots with dried fish
  • Stuffed chili with minced pork and shrimp
  • Fried salted egg yolk dipped in flour
  • Stir-fried shredded pork with tamarind chili sauce
  • Sweet stir-fried black stingray
  • Stir-fried sweet preserved radish

All seven side dishes are crafted from premium ingredients that have been carefully selected and meticulously prepared to ensure they are clean, fresh, and safe. They are served with accompaniments of carved vegetables and fruits, such as fingerroot carved into white champaka flowers, rolled green onions, sour mango, and carved cucumber. These accompaniments enhance the overall experience, allowing diners to fully appreciate the harmonious and authentic flavors of traditional Thai Khao Chae.

The unique “Khao Chae Original by Royal Osha” from this Michelin Restaurant in Bangkok is known for its fragrant, delicious, refreshing, and balanced taste. This makes it a highly anticipated seasonal dish for both Thai and international food enthusiasts each year. It is a must-try menu item for true connoisseurs of Thai cuisine.

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4. Introducing the savory menu from Michelin Restaurant Bangkok at Royal Osha

For food enthusiasts who want to experience Thai cuisine that has been authentically passed down, Royal Osha offers a variety of dishes to choose from. Whether it’s set menus or à la carte, there are only signature dishes with unique flavors and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of Thai cuisine. The must-try savory dishes from Michelin Restaurant Bangkok at Royal Osha include:

  • “Tuna and Herbs Salad with Yuzu Mayo” is a dish crafted from high- quality tuna, prepared with intense and fragrant herb seasoning. It blends perfectly with the yuzu mayo sauce, which adds a fragrant, tangy, and refreshing touch, aiding in enhancing the overall flavor. Topped with caviar and various accompaniments, each bite offers a well-rounded and satisfying experience for the palate.
  • “Hokkaido Scallops with Chilli and Herbs Salad” is a dish created from premium Hokkaido scallops, known for their large size, freshness, and tender sweetness. The scallops are lightly grilled over low heat to enhance their aroma and sweetness. Topped with a rich and flavorful chili dressing, each bite offers a satisfying and authentic taste of traditional Thai flavors, providing a complete and well- balanced culinary experience.
  • “Deep Fried Giant Octopus Tentacle with Salted Egg Yolk and Pickled Chillies” is a meticulously crafted dish made from premium giant octopus tentacles, renowned for their large size and tender texture. The tentacles are deep-fried to perfection, resulting in a crispy exterior while maintaining a juicy and succulent interior. They are

then coated with a rich and intense salted egg yolk sauce and served alongside pickled chillies, enhancing the dish with a fragrant, robust flavor profile. Together, these components create a harmonious blend of flavors that offers a complete and satisfying culinary experience.

Aside from the aforementioned dishes, there are many other savory dishes available in both set menus and à la carte options for diners to choose from according to their preferences. You can also reserve your seats to experience authentic Thai cuisine at Royal Osha, the Michelin Restaurant Bangkok, through various channels such as the Line Official: @royalosha or other convenient methods.


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5. Introducing the dessert menu from Michelin Restaurant Bangkok at Royal Osha

Michelin Restaurant Bangkok

After enjoying savory dishes, it is customary in Thai dining to follow with desserts. The dessert menu at Royal Osha includes both traditional and fusion options, offering a variety of choices for diners while maintaining a touch of Thai essence in every dish. The must-try dessert menu items at the Michelin Restaurant Bangkok from Royal Osha are as follows:

  • Sticky Rice Ball Stuffed with Caramelized Coconut Topped with Aromatic Coconut Milk Served with Jasmine Meringue and Mangosteen: This dessert features soft and chewy sticky rice balls filled with sweet, aromatic young coconut. They float in rich, fragrant coconut milk with a perfectly balanced sweetness, enhanced by a delicate scent of candle smoke. This traditional Thai dessert allows diners to experience the quintessential flavors of sweetness and richness, characteristic of classic Thai sweets.


  • Young Coconut Crème Brûlée: This dessert is a fusion of crème brûlée, infused with the fragrance of vanilla and possessing a smooth, custard-like texture, combined with soft, aromatic young coconut. The delicate texture of the young coconut complements the crème brûlée perfectly, offering a harmonious blend of flavors and textures in line with the essence of Thai young coconut.


  • “Nam Doc Mai” Mango with Coconut Infused Sticky Rice Served with Coconut Ice Cream: This dessert is well-known among both Thai and international diners. It features fragrant, sweet, and soft coconut- infused sticky rice paired with beautifully golden and juicy Nam Doc  Mai mango. Served alongside the sticky rice and coconut milk, which has a perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess, this dish offers the quintessential flavors of traditional Thai mango sticky rice.

In addition to the mentioned desserts, there are many other dessert options available in the course menu and à la carte for diners to choose from according to their preferences. Reservations can be made to experience authentic Thai dining at Royal Osha, a Michelin Restaurant in Bangkok, through the Line Official: @royalosha or other convenient channels.

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6. Review of Royal Osha, one of the popular Michelin Restaurant Bangkok establishments, by Food Bloggers

Aside from being a Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok with numerous awards, Royal Osha has received a wide range of reviews from both Thai and international diners who have experienced their services through various channels. This includes reviews from food bloggers who specialize in food critiques. The reviews from these food bloggers who have come to savor the authentic Thai flavors at Royal Osha are as  follows:


Royal Osha is a fancy fine-dining restaurant on Witthayu Road, near Sarasin Junction. The place is stunningly decorated, making it perfect for special dinners or hosting guests. It’s an excellent spot to bring foreign visitors. The walls are covered with wallpaper depicting scenes from the Ramakien, which looks absolutely impressive. There’s a huge, beautiful chandelier shaped like a traditional Thai headdress, which is a unique feature of the restaurant. The decor is elegant and subtly incorporates Thai charm, catching your eye wherever you look.

Their traditional royal Khao Chae (rice soaked in cool jasmine-scented water) is fantastic, both in taste and experience, living up to its reputation. The Tiger Prawn Ceviche with cucumber and green chili lime granita is made from fresh, springy prawns without any fishy smell. The sauce is spicy and well-balanced, with moderate heat, though it might be quite spicy for foreign tastes.

To finish, you have to try the Riceberry Balls stuffed with caramelized coconut in aromatic coconut milk. This dessert features traditional Khanom Ko in coconut milk, topped with crispy riceberry puffs. The bottom layer is soft dough with salty-sweet grated coconut inside, offering a fragrant aroma and a sweet taste from coconut sugar. When you eat it all together, it’s delicious and very fragrant.

“Eat Chill Wander”

Last year was a golden year for fine dining Thai food! Thai restaurants have gained more recognition, thanks in part to the Michelin Guide, which made us realize that Thai cuisine is second to none. Royal Osha is one of those upscale Thai fine dining spots that’s worth checking out. This restaurant has won numerous awards both domestically and internationally. Originally, it was a branch of the famous Osha Thai restaurant chain in San Francisco, which has over nine branches.

They offer a wide variety of dishes, both à la carte and set menus. There are three set menus to choose from: the Royal Set, which is the classic set of the restaurant, and the Ramayana Set, which includes the latest dishes for you to try. Dining at Royal Osha is truly an impressive experience.

What I love most about this place are three things: the stunning presentation of the dishes, the authentic Thai flavors presented beautifully, and the chance to taste dishes from all regions of Thailand, prepared using ten different cooking methods in a single meal. It’s an incredible dining experience!


Royal Osha, a Thai fusion restaurant, is a world-renowned spot on social media. This place has gained a reputation for elevating Thai cuisine to extraordinary levels, receiving high praise and top ratings from various media outlets. Moreover, it has brought back traditional Thai cuisine to life by giving it a modern twist with flavors that are beyond words.

As you step inside, you’ll notice a grand entrance with large doors. The interior is adorned with luxurious gold-themed decorations, giving it an extravagant feel. The predominant color scheme here is black and gold, with mirrored accents to make the space feel more spacious and airy. When you enter the dining area, you’ll experience a wide and open atmosphere.

Looking upstairs, you’ll find private zones beautifully decorated with intricate carvings. On the second floor, there’s a modern-style bar counter and a staircase spiraling upwards, with the ceiling adorned with golden chandeliers and crystals, creating a dazzling and beautiful sight.

The walls on the second floor are adorned with mural paintings depicting scenes from the epic Ramayana, particularly focusing on the character of Hanuman, depicted in large-scale paintings. Additionally, there are private rooms available for those seeking more privacy.

This time, I feel extremely honored to have received an invitation from the restaurant to attend the Hot Season Experience event, featuring this summer’s cuisine. Under the supervision of Chef “Wichit Mukura,” a renowned Thai chef and owner of a Michelin 1-star restaurant, they have prepared two special dishes for us: Southern Style Rice Berry and Thai Herbs Salad and Kao Chae. For foreign bloggers like us, this is our first time experiencing Thai cuisine like this. The presentation of the dishes was exquisite and beautiful, showing the chef’s attention to detail, making us instinctively reach for our phones to capture the moment. The Southern Style Rice Berry and Thai Herbs Salad had a harmonious blend of flavors, with a hint of sourness and spiciness. Mixing it together made the dish even more enticing, a perfect dish to stimulate the appetite. Another dish, Kao Chae Original by Royal Osha, was presented even more beautifully, making  it irresistible at first sight. Along with fried items, fresh vegetables, and fragrant jasmine rice soaked in floral water, when eaten, the subtle fragrance of flowers adds to the experience. This was truly a first-time experience that shouldn’t be missed! For those interested in experiencing this special atmosphere, I recommend making reservations in advance. However, I highly recommend seizing the opportunity to taste it. Don’t miss out!


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7. Reserve your seat at Royal Osha, an authentic Thai restaurant at the Michelin Restaurant Bangkok level, today!”

Michelin Restaurant Bangkok

If any food enthusiasts are eager to experience Fine Dining Thai cuisine at a Michelin Restaurant Bangkok level, they can come and taste the deliciousness of Thai cuisine at “Royal Osha.” Every dish is meticulously crafted by experienced chefs, particularly Chef Wichit Mukura, who carefully selects ingredients and infuses Thai authenticity into every dish. It’s backed by six consecutive Michelin awards and many other accolades, as well as being recommended by the Michelin Guide. Located in the heart of the city on Wireless Road, it’s easily accessible with plenty of parking. It caters to every dining occasion, impressing both Thai food connoisseurs and international visitors. Therefore, for food enthusiasts looking to visit one of the Michelin Restaurant Bangkok, Royal Osha is a must-visit.

You can book a table in advance or inquire for more details through various channels:

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