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"The greatness of Thai cuisine guaranteed by world-class awards"

Visit the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok. Royal OSHA is a must-try Thai restaurant in central Bangkok that is recognised by Michelin Guide and guaranteed by numerous international awards for its great tastes and extraordinary dining experience.

Spend lunchtime or evening at Royal Osha to immerse yourself in a purely Thai experience of cuisine and culture.

Royal Osha offers a carefully curated fine dining experience that has quickly earned us the reputation of offering the best Thai food in Bangkok.

An evening at Royal Osha is the perfect way to honour distinguished guests and business colleagues. It provides an atmosphere of elite elegance and charming sophistication. It tells your guests that you consider them to be special and worthy of a lunch or dinner at the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok.

It’s also the perfect dining experience amid elegant and stylish surroundings in which to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or wedding engagement. An evening at Royal Osha represents a lasting memory that each honoured guest will appreciate for many years to come.

At Royal Osha, you’ll discover a celebration of Thai culture that centres around the flavours, textures, and aromas of modern and creative Thai cuisine. Our talented chefs have put together tasting and ala carte menus that represent a delicious journey around the provinces of Thailand. These menus offer all the traditional and modern flavours of the country in a holistic dining experience that envelops our guests in a truly Thai dining adventure.

Beautiful artwork of the saga of Ramayana adorns the walls of Royal Osha. But these murals have a meaning behind them as well that applies to the dining experience you'll encounter on a visit to this truly unique, Thai food restaurant in Bangkok.

We’ve adopted Ramakien, from the saga of Ramayana as the ancient symbol that represents the quality and purity of the cuisine we’ve carefully curated at Royal Osha. In taking the path of Rama, our chefs strive for perfection in their selection of ingredients, preparation and presentation of the cuisine of Royal Osha.

Ramakien was depicted as the ‘perfect King’ in the discipline and values he exhibited throughout the story of Ramayana. In developing our dishes, the lessons we’ve learned from the story of Ramakien are never far from the minds of our talented chefs. Discover how we’ve translated the ideals inherent in the story Ramakien into the cuisine of Royal Osha.


Dining Concept

"Sense the Thainess through Thai tastes." We believe that the distinct delicacy, refinement, and elegance is the charm and uniqueness of the Thai culture echoed in Thai food. At Royal OSHA, only the best quality of seasonal ingredients are selected to create our distinctive Thai dishes that capture the essence of the traditional charm, so that each dish reflects authentic Thai culture.


Authentic tastes for everyone

The cuisine at this modern Thai restaurant in Bangkok is a celebration of the rich variety and abundance offered by the seas, mountains, valleys and central plains of Thailand. This wondrous bounty of fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, flowers and spices have been meticulously utilised to create the 'traditionally modern' cuisine of Royal Osha.

At Royal Osha, authentic, traditional Thai dishes are prepared by our experienced chef using only excellent ingredients, making every dish from our kitchen full of the true flavours of original thai food.

We offer seasonal tasting menus that offer a journey throughout the different regions of the country, as well as our chef’s creative versions of traditional favourite dishes.

The seasonal menus feature the freshest and most flavourful offerings of the spring, summer, fall, and winter times of the year. The crops these changing seasons produce vary due to the temperatures and rainfall of the country. Royal Osha celebrates all the wonderful foods from all the regions of the country that Thailand offers.

If you are looking for an exquisite Thai restaurant to welcome your friends from overseas, Royal Osha is the best choice to impress your friends with Traditional Thai Dishes.


Miang Kham Bua Luang

Miang Kham is a traditional Thai snack. Here at Royal OSHA, we serve Miang Kham Bua Luang as an appetiser. We use the lotus petal leaves of Pathum Lotus, which helps improve your heart conditions, together with white shrimp and traditional Miang Kham sauce consisting of various herbs to freshen you up before the main dish.


Dancing King Prawns

Loved by Thais, liked by foreigners. Fresh, plump Tiger shrimp is dipped in the best fish sauce from Trat that provides perfect fragrance and taste. Served iced with delicate and thinly sliced Japanese cucumber and red radish topped with our special seafood sauce, this Kung Chae Nampla is a renowned Thai spicy salad from our restaurant.


Tom Yum Kung Mae Nam
(Spicy and Sour Soup with River Prawn)

The best-known Tom Yum Kung is not to be missed here. At Royal Osha, we grill large river prawns from Ayutthaya for a perfect amount of time to enhance the fragrance of the Tom Yum soup. The soup is served with mixed mushrooms and shrimp paste to add a special taste to our special Tom Yum. The presentation of the soup will enthrall you as well. The broth is slowly dripped over the herbs and spices in a special device created to emphasise the infusion process that gives the dish its characteristic and world-famous flavour.


Kheaw Wan Kae
(Green Lamb Curry)

One of the oldest Thai curry paste, green curry has been used in the country for generations because of its delicate taste with a hint of coconut milk. We import fresh lamb racks from New Zealand and grill them just right to maintain the mellow taste of the meat. The lamb comes with the special Royal OSHA’s green curry sauce that blends smoothly together. It’s served with Thai eggplants and other seasonal vegetables.


Khanom Kho
(Sweet Coconut Dumplings)

The best way to finish your meal is with our Khanom Kho, a simple but rare traditional sweet. At Royal OSHA, Khanom Kho balls are made with sticky rice flour smoked with scented candles. The filling is a mixture of medium soft coconut meat and palm sugar. Topped with mellow puffed riceberry, and served with coconut milk smoked with scented candles, you will be refreshed with our Khanom Kho.


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