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Chef Table with Royal Osha

Chef Table

In the present, Chef Table is another popular fine dining experience and a new trend in the concept of eating freshly prepared food from the chef’s hands. The menu by the skillful chefs who will showcase their culinary artistry and creative intuition is difficult to guess. Each chef of Chef Table will have their own uniqueness in thinking and crafting menus for customers to taste and experience together. At Royal OSHA, we have invited award-winning Chef Table to create happiness, enjoyment, and deliciousness at the dining table for our customers.

1. The difference between “Chef Table” and “Fine Dining”

Chef Table

The most noticeable difference between Chef Table and Fine Dining lies in the ‘food service.’ In terms of the sequence of serving each menu to customers and the serving staff, Fine Dining is well-known for serving dishes in a specific order, starting from Starters, Salads, Soups, Main Course, and desserts. This is to allow diners to gradually enjoy and appreciate the flavors, starting with lighter dishes and progressing through the levels of deliciousness until the final dessert, concluding the course. The arrangement of the menu items in Fine Dining is different from the serving style of Chef Table.

While the highlight of Chef Table relies on the freshness of the food observed by customers, the chef showcases their culinary skills directly in front of the open kitchen. The visual, aromatic, and auditory aspects of the food being prepared become appetizing, allowing diners to experience the anticipation. From another perspective, diners get to feel the positive vibes as Chef’s Table serves dishes directly to the table, creating an atmosphere akin to waiting for a loving parent to prepare and serve a meal at home with joy.


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The dining experience at Chef’s Table differs significantly from Fine Dining. In Chef’s Table, the chef personally selects and prepares the menu for the customers, also known as a chef’s choice menu. The uniqueness in dining experiences sets Chef’s Table apart, offering a premium and luxurious feel comparable to Fine Dining. Royal OSHA aims to provide a delightful and inspiring experience, allowing customers to savor and reserve their spot at the restaurant.

Customers can encounter and relish the culinary experience of Chef’s Table or “Chef Wicchit Mukura,” who will create dishes in the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented.”

2. Let’s get to know Chef Table’s “Chef Vichit Mukura”

Chef Wichit Mukura, who is both a Chef Table presenter and the owner of Michelin Star awards, presents a fusion Thai cuisine concept that is rich in flavor, luxurious, and has a modern twist. Believing that delicious Thai food must encompass a balanced taste profile, including sour, salty, spicy, sweet, and well-blended flavors, Chef Wichit incorporates various vegetables and herbs, both small and large, as essential components. These elements are carefully combined in the Chef Table menu to ensure that each dish delivers a delicious and well-rounded taste. Chef Wichit is ready to serve exquisite dishes to customers who come to experience the Chef Table service at Royal OSHA restaurant.

Chef Wichit’s expertise in Thai cuisine for both Fine Dining and Chef Table recipes stems entirely from his 30 years of experience working as a chef. His culinary journey began with inspiration from watching his mother cook in the kitchen, and he started as her assistant before delving into the culinary profession in various renowned hotels and restaurants. It’s worth noting that back then, around 40 years ago, Thailand did not have specialized culinary schools like those available today.

Chef Wichit underwent training and worked his way up through various kitchen positions, starting from small tasks such as dishwashing and cleaning until he eventually became the Head Chef. Royal OSHA restaurant invited Chef Wichit, who is rich in skills and inspiration in beautifully crafting Thai cuisine, to create Chef Table menus for customers to savor and cherish memorable experiences with Thai dishes. The concept, “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” showcases Chef Wichit’s Thai recipes. What exactly is included in the Chef Table menu that customers will receive from the chef? Well, you’ll have to try it yourself to find out.

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3. Thai Cuisine Menu for 3 Seasons at the High-Class Chef Table at Royal Osha

Chef Table

Every dish at Royal Osha is meticulously crafted by Chef Wichit Mukura, an experienced and masterful chef. Each step of the preparation is done with great care and attention to detail. Every menu has its own story and intricate details that Chef Wichit intentionally incorporates to allow diners to truly experience the various components of Thai cuisine. Additionally, the menus and ingredients are changed according to each season, ensuring that everyone can savor the flavors without getting bored. These menus also come with medicinal benefits to ensure that diners not only enjoy delicious food but also take care of their health.

The Thai Chef Table menus at Royal Osha are divided into three

seasons as follows:

3.1 Summer set

The hot season is the period when the weather in the country is hotter than usual. The Thai Chef Table menus at Royal Osha, curated for this season, include components suitable for consumption in hot weather. This allows diners to fully experience and savor Thai cuisine while simultaneously enjoying the heat emanating from the dishes. The recommended dishes for the hot season include:

  • Khao Chae Royal Osha: Royal Osha’s renowned Thai dish, Khao Chae (Soaked Rice), is unanimously praised by food connoisseurs who agree that it’s a must-try. The dish features fragrant jasmine rice soaked in Thai flower water with a pH value of 8.88, extracting the aromatic essence of night-blooming jasmine. It is served alongside exquisite condiments following the royal recipe, including shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with dried fish, stuffed pepper with minced pork and shrimp, fried salted duck egg, stir-fried shredded pork with tamarind chili, sweet stir-fried spotted eagle ray, and stir-fried sweet pickled radish. Additionally, various carved vegetables complement the dish.
  • Sweet leaf Spicy Salad with Hokkaido Scallop: A part of the summer set menu, this Thai dish offers a rich flavor. It involves tossing wild vegetables with coconut milk and crispy elements, served with Hokkaido scallops seasoned through grilling and sprinkled with Himalayan salt. The result is a harmonious combination of sweetness, freshness, and tenderness, creating a well-balanced and memorable taste.
  • Tom Along Crispy Fish Clear Soup with Sweet Chilli Lotus Salad and Spanish Red Shrimp: Another addition to summer set menu is the Clear Crispy Fish Ball Soup. It includes transparent crispy fish balls accompanied by Spanish shrimp grilled and seasoned with Himalayan salt. The dish also incorporates a Tempura-style deep-fried sea bass head, served alongside a sweet pepper and water mimosa salad with a rich and flavorful dipping sauce.

3.2 Rainy Set

The rainy season is a period characterized by regular rainfall, creating a humid and slightly warm climate. To cater to these atmospheric conditions, Royal Osha’s Chef Table meticulously crafts a Thai menu that is suitable for consumption during this season. The dishes incorporate ingredients that complement the moist weather and include herbs known for enhancing immune strength, promoting good health. The chef, Vishit, pays careful attention to detail in conveying the richness of Thai cuisine. The recommended dishes for the rainy season include:

  • Crab and Tree Basil Curry is a Thai dish featured in the seasonal

Set Menu. This menu comprises full-bodied crab meat, cooked in a rich and spicy curry infused with the heat of various curry spices and blended with fresh coconut milk for richness. It is served with betel leaves immersed in the curry and crispy fried betel leaves on top. When enjoyed with hot steamed rice, it delivers a harmonious flavor profile.

  • Grilled New Zealand lamb chop with Thai Spicy “Pad Cha” Sauce is a Thai dish featured in the seasonal Set Menu. It primarily consists of New Zealand lamb that has been grilled to

perfection, offering a fragrant and tender texture. It is served with a flavorful, spicy, and rich red curry sauce, paired perfectly with a mixed rice blend that includes sesame seeds and coriander, creating a harmonious blend of flavors

  • Canadian Lobster ‘Tom Kha’ is a Thai dish featured in the seasonal Set Menu. It consists of lobster cooked in a Tom Kha soup base and accompanied by banana blossom, another herb known for its medicinal properties. This allows tasters to experience the deliciousness of Thai cuisine, promoting good health and cleansing the palate before indulging in the next dish..

3.3 Winter Set

The winter season is a period when the weather in the country becomes cold, accompanied by passing winds. During this time, Royal Osha’s Chef Table crafts Thai dishes that are curated to suit the cold weather conditions. These dishes incorporate elements that are appropriate for consumption in the cold, with herbal components known for their ability to alleviate cold symptoms. The goal is to offer flavorful Thai cuisine that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also promotes good health. Here are some recommended dishes from the Season’s Harmony menu:

  • Watermelon Conch with Beetroot and Dried Fish: This Thai dish

from the Winter Set Menu features sliced watermelon arranged in a rectangular shape, topped with conch shells and a sprinkle of a small amount of Himalayan salt. The dish is then grilled to enhance the aroma and served with a side of seafood dip, beetroot, and dried fish. The combination creates a rich and well- rounded flavor profile.

  • Boiled French chicken Foie Gras and Crispy Chicken Skin: A Thai dish in the Set Menu that involves simmering chicken in clear broth for more than 12 hours to extract the natural sweetness from the chicken bones. It is served with foie gras-infused chicken balls, which are oven-baked to a crispy texture. The dish is accompanied by a small amount of hot consommé to enhance its well- roundedness.
  • Stir-Fried Lobster and Grilled Lamb Jaew Dipping Sauce with Red Jasmine Rice: This Thai dish is another must-try on the set menu because it’s a Surf & Turf dish that combines seafood and meat in one plate. The lobster comes with a spicy chili paste sauce, giving it a rich flavor. It’s paired with grilled lamb cooked to a medium rare level, which enhances the taste with a robust jaew dipping sauce. When enjoyed with red jasmine rice, it creates a delicious and perfectly balanced flavor profile.


Please note that the mentioned dishes above are just one part of the Set Menu for each season. There may be changes or additions to the menu. For further inquiries or updates, you can contact us on Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok.

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4. Dessert menu from the Chef’s Table at Royal Osha that elevates your dining experience to a whole new level of perfection

In addition to the savory Thai dishes, Royal Osha offers a diverse selection of Chef Table desserts for diners to savor and enjoy. These desserts are curated to elevate and perfect your special dining moments. Some popular and recommended items from the Chef Table dessert menu at Royal Osha include:

  • Kanom Ko (ขนมโค) Sticky Rice Ball Stuffed with Caramelized Coconut Topped with Aromatic Coconut Milk Served with Jasmine Meringue and Mangosteen: This dessert has captured the hearts of many Royal Osha visitors. Its soft and chewy texture, combined with rich and creamy coconut milk, creates a delightful experience. The sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds enhances the aroma, resulting in a well- rounded and enticing flavor.
  • Young Coconut Creme Brûlée (แครมบรูว์เลมะพร้าวอ่อน): This is a dessert that harmoniously blends caramelized bread with

its rich and sweet custard aroma, and burnt caramel for a crispy texture, complementing the tender coconut’s gentle sweetness and fragrance. When combined, it creates a flavor profile that is aromatic, sweet, and satisfyingly indulgent.

  • Milk pudding with Thai Tea Ice Cream and Berries (พุดดิ้งนม สดกับไอศกรีมชาไทยและเบอร์รี): This is a dessert that combines the aromatic, sweet, and creamy milk pudding with the distinct flavor of Thai tea ice cream. It is complemented by a variety of tart berries, adding a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. This dessert serves as a delightful conclusion to a satisfying meal.

Please note that these desserts are just a part of the set menu, and there may be variations or changes in the dessert offerings with each season. For more information or updates, you can check Royal Osha’s Facebook page: Royal Osha Bangkok.

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5. Experience the charm of Thai cuisine at Chef Table, meticulously crafted by skilled chefs, amidst the luxurious ambiance of the Royal Osha dining room

Chef Table

For the indulgence of Thai cuisine at Chef Table in Royal Osha, beyond the completeness of flavors and the meticulous crafting by Chef Vichit Mukura, the restaurant’s interior is adorned with the essence and uniqueness of Thai identity. The architectural design, influenced by the grandeur of ancient Thai palaces, resonates with the elegance of dark tones complemented by golden hues. The entire atmosphere is permeated with the spirit of Thai culture, blending seamlessly with excerpts from the Thai epic “Ramakien.” From the entrance gates to floating walls and interior wall panels, large chandelier-like sculptures, adorned with sparkling gemstones, stand out as the distinctive symbol of Royal Osha.

The furnishings and various decorative elements further enhance the experience, creating an ambiance reminiscent of exploring the splendor of royal palaces. Coupled with savoring meticulously crafted Thai cuisine from the finest ingredients, this setting aims to leave a lasting impression, surpassing expectations.


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6. Review of Chef Table at Royal Osha from Wongnai, genuine opinions from real users

The experience of dining at the Chef Table or Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha goes beyond just receiving various prestigious awards such as Michelin Guide, Thai Select Premium, Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, or Wongnai’s User’s Choice. It has also received reviews from food critics on the Wongnai website who have actually dined and experienced the services at Royal Osha. Their voices are real, expressing unanimously that they must come back to savor Thai cuisine here once again. The reviews of the Chef Table at Royal Osha from Wongnai food critics are as follows:

K. Chaneehiw, January 2023:

“Fine dining Thai restaurant at the Michelin-rated Royal Osha has now introduced the Chef’s table experience, with Chef Wichit Mukura personally preparing a delightful 5-course menu that changes with the seasons. Each dish is meticulously crafted, both visually stunning and delicious. The ambiance is luxurious and perfect for a romantic date.”

K. Milkkpp, October 2019:

“Excellent presentation, amazing taste, and impeccable service. Opted for the course menu, and each dish tells a story about the ingredients’ origins and So Thai’s preparation. The presentation of each dish is outstanding, surpassing expectations in both taste and appearance. Received top-notch service, truly deserving of the

numerous awards the restaurant has earned.”

K. Yee FullandFun, July 2019:

“Royal Osha, a well-known fine dining Thai restaurant among foreigners. The contemporary style in both menu and restaurant decor is luxurious yet casually inviting. The service and presentation of each dish are award-winning, artistic, and authentically Thai. The flavors are rich and truly Thai, thanks to carefully selected premium ingredients. A memorable and worthwhile experience, especially during the Wongnai Bangkok restaurant week.”

K. Miscellaneous Me, September 2016:

“This restaurant offers a unique Thai dining experience. Each dish is made with carefully selected ingredients and beautifully presented. The creativity and thought put into each menu item, showcasing the traditional Thai culinary wisdom alongside modern molecular gastronomy, are impressive. The great atmosphere and attentive service make it a truly memorable dining experience.”

K. Jeab Ja, February 2016:

“A modern Thai restaurant with a touch of luxury. Royal Osha, known for its reputation and numerous awards, including the Wongnai Best of 2016. Despite the relatively high prices, the experience of trying modern Thai cuisine is well worth it. The menu is not only aesthetically pleasing and delicious but also effectively incorporates Thai elements in both food and setting. The service is top-notch, creating an impressive overall experience.”

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7. Flavorful to the palate, reasonably priced, loved by both Thai and international customers, with the Chef’s Table at Royal Osha

Chef Table

The Thai Chef Table menu at Royal Osha is meticulously crafted from premium ingredients selected from both Thailand and abroad.

These ingredients undergo precise preparation techniques to achieve a rich and well-rounded taste that represents the essence of Thai cuisine. The overall presentation of Royal Osha’s Chef Table Thai cuisine is easily accessible, making it a favorite among both Thai and international diners. The affordable pricing allows it to cater to a diverse clientele, suitable for important occasions and casual dining alike. If any food critics wish to experience premium Thai cuisine at Royal Osha, they can inquire or reserve a table through various channels as follows:


  • Line Official: @royalosha
  • Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571
  • Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok
  • Website:


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