"Discover the Story of Authentic Thai Cuisine at Royal Osha"


"Royal OSHA, the story"

Royal OSHA, a fine dining Thai cuisine, offers authentic Thai tastes through the best ingredients and contemporary presentation that has been recognised as the Most Recommended Thai Food from world-class stages.

“O-sha" is a Thai word derived from Pali. “Osha" means delicious or fine taste. At Royal OSHA, the delicious taste is not our only goal. We also embrace and elevate that fine taste to become the "Royal" taste by providing Thai dining experience through the aesthetics of image, taste, scent, and sound so that both your mind and body can sense our delicacy.

Located in Soi Ruamrudee on Wireless Road, the restaurant is close to many embassies and the main business area of Thailand.

Sophisticated seasonal Thai delicacy from the four regions is served in à la carte and meal sets for your enhanced experience here at Royal OSHA.


“Dive in the magical atmosphere of Royal OSHA”

For an unforgettable moment at Royal OSHA, we decorate our restaurant in a contemporary Thai architectural style. Every night, the entrance gate on Wireless Road is projected with mural art from an episode called Hanuman Swallowing Rama’s Pavilion from a classic Thai literature “Ramayana”. Once you enter through the door, you will feel like you are visiting Rama’s pavilion rich with outstanding superior Thai food.

The interior of our restaurant is inspired by the captivating beauty of ancient Thai palaces that invoke a sense of simplicity yet elegance. The use of dark colours to contrast with the gold colour from pure gold enchants every corner of our restaurant with true Thainess. The elegant decorations include the mural paintings on the mezzanine floor depicting the story of Ramayana, the gigantic chandelier in the shape of a Thai headwear “Chada” decorated with shiny colourful jewels represented Royal OSHA’s uniqueness, the modern curved lines of the furniture, and the special 3D mapping motion pictures on the ceiling to liven up your evening with your special guests at Royal OSHA Thai Fine Dining.

Royal OSHA welcomes group and private customers. We also provide VIP rooms with 10-12 seats for special events. If you are looking for a larger space, the mezzanine floor can accommodate over 30 guests, and the exclusive mirror zone has the capacity of 50 seats.

Foods Concept

" The magic of classic Thai food recreated by Royal OSHA ”

Only premium-quality local ingredients are used to create Thai tastes at Royal OSHA. We have prepared food from the four regions of Thailand in both à la carte and meal sets. At Royal OSHA, the dishes are rotated as the seasons change, from summer to monsoon season, and winter. Our perception of forming seasonal dishes is to bring out what is best and fascinating about each season. And by doing so, we help conserve the balance of the ecosystem.

At Royal OSHA, each dish is carefully seasoned and presented by our skilled chef who knows best how to cook authentic local dishes, to pass on the Thai culture, stories and ways of life. That is how the "Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented" concept came about. We want to reveal the beauty of authentic Thai tastes in a modern way, combining the image, taste and scent of Thai delicacy. You will experience the authenticity of Thai tastes in a more refreshed image.

Food is medicine, remedy beyond tastes
Special handpicked ingredients make our Thai delicacy at Royal OSHA more than just fine taste. We believe that “food is medicine;” therefore, only vegetables and herbs with medical benefits are selected as our ingredients. Our seasonal meal sets are not only delicious but also beneficial for your health.

The taste of traditional Thai food should consist of seven flavours in one bite: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, astringent, oily, and puckery. Tastes such as bitter, astringent and puckery from vegetables and herbs add extra nourishments to the food. The traditional Thai medical wisdom is intertwined with Thai food culture. For instance, herbs such as galangal and lemongrass in Tom Yum soup help improve your digestion and boost your appetite. Malindjo or Liang leaves in Liang Coconut Milk Soup help improve your vision and increase your immune system against cancer. Lotus petals in Miang Kham Bua Luang are a medicine for your heart.

In addition to using ingredients with medical benefits, eating seasonal food is also considered a traditional medical wisdom. At Royal OSHA, we serve food according to seasons. Bitter and sour and bland food is good for summer since it relieves the heat in your body. Hence, Khao Chae is one of our summer foods.
During the monsoon season, hot food or food that repels cold virus such as Crab Curry with Wild Basils and Buea Thod Phuket is in the menu.
Cool breeze in winter may cause bloating and loss of appetite. Bitter and sour food or winter foods such as Kradang Soup (Jelly Pork Curry) and Fruit Som Tum help boost your appetite.

The concept of “food is medicine” makes our dishes delicate and beneficial for your health.
We always serve good taste and great remedy at Royal OSHA.

Drinks Selection

"Thainess created and served to you in a glass"

Besides flavourful dishes, we proudly present our own special cocktails. At Royal OSHA, we use the best Thai liquors, fruits, and floral to create unique drinks for you.

Inspired by the tradition of giving garlands to welcome visitors, Malai is our signature cocktail. It’s made of Thai liquor mixed with coconut juice and karanda juice – a fruit that appears in Thai literature. White chapaka and sonchampa syrup is then added to enhance the scent of the drink, which is served in Thai porcelain Benjarong casket with a lovely garland.

OSHA Chada is another of our signature drinks. You can choose between a Thai liquor cocktail or a fruit mocktail that consists of sweet and sour fruit such as pineapple and passion fruit. The drink comes with a golden Chada replica that still perfectly conserves every detail of a real Chada headwear.


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