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Royal Osha, one of the Michelin Restaurants that captivates connoisseurs from every nationality

If a restaurant is recognized as a Michelin Restaurant, it signifies that it has been awarded by the Michelin Guide, which is a symbol of high standards and quality in food and service. Each restaurant that receives a Michelin Guide or Michelin Star must undergo a rigorous selection process, ensuring that it meets all the criteria set by Michelin. This includes the quality of ingredients used, the excellence of flavors, culinary techniques, the unique identity conveyed through the food by the chef, value for money, and excellent service. These factors are crucial in shaping the dining experience for all connoisseurs. Royal Osha is one such Michelin Restaurant in Thailand that has met the Michelin criteria and has been awarded the Michelin Guide for up to six consecutive years.

This attests that Royal Osha maintains quality and standards according to Michelin’s criteria, ensuring an excellent dining experience for both local and international connoisseurs. It helps to enhance the reputation of Thai cuisine globally and solidifies Royal Osha as the top choice for experiencing Thai cuisine, guaranteeing satisfaction with both the food and service. Whenever one thinks of Thai cuisine, Royal Osha undoubtedly emerges as one of the first choices for experiencing authentic Thai food.

1. Royal Osha, a Thai restaurant guaranteed to have high- quality and standardized dishes, worthy of being a Michelin restaurant

Michelin Restaurant

“Royal Osha” is a Thai restaurant that has earned the unanimous praise of both Thai and international connoisseurs, all agreeing that “every dish is delicious, the quality of ingredients is excellent, and the service is outstanding,” truly befitting a Michelin Restaurant.

Having been awarded the Michelin Guide accolade for up to 6 consecutive years, Royal Osha pays meticulous attention to every detail to create an unforgettable dining experience. From carefully selecting seasonal ingredients that are fresh, clean, and safe to the intricate culinary craftsmanship of Chef Vichit Mukura, who passionately conveys Thai identity through each dish, Royal Osha ensures that its Thai cuisine reflects authenticity. The menu is carefully curated to provide a clear representation of Thai flavors, with dishes that are flavorful and beautifully presented, narrating the Thai story in every bite. The menu sequencing helps diners fully immerse themselves in the Thai culinary experience, allowing them to appreciate Thai culture and feel that every dish is worth the price. Moreover, the attentive service provided by the chefs and staff adds to the overall impression, aligning perfectly with Michelin Guide standards. Therefore, Thai food enthusiasts can rest assured that every dish and service at Royal Osha truly lives up to its status as one of the Michelin Restaurants.


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2. “Royal Osha” embodies the essence of premium Thai style, allowing food connoisseurs to experience it through every bite, following the Thai Michelin Restaurant standard

For the menu at Royal Osha, every dish that diners will taste is imbued with a premium Thai style in every touch because every dish at Royal Osha, one of the Michelin Restaurants in Bangkok, has been meticulously crafted by the highly skilled chef, Chef Vichit Mukura, Executive Chef of Royal Osha. He is a chef with over 40 years of experience in the Thai culinary industry, starting as a head chef in a Thai restaurant at the age of 24, where he managed a team of up to 32 members at the renowned ‘Rim Naam’ restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for a long period of 27 years. He built a renowned reputation for this Thai restaurant, which became well- known and positioned itself at the forefront of Thailand’s culinary scene. Additionally, he is also a teaching chef at the School of the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), offering the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC), which has produced many new chefs, further solidifying his status as a leading chef in Thailand.

Not only does Chef Vichit Mukura have extensive experience in the Thai culinary industry, but he is also dedicated and committed to elevating Thai cuisine to be widely recognized globally. This commitment laid the foundation for Royal Osha to collaborate with Khun Supaphich Pitayanukul and Khun Kavelin Pitayanukul to establish this Michelin-starred restaurant, aiming to showcase Thai culture through Thai cuisine under the concept that ‘Thai food is not inferior to any other cuisine,’ allowing diners to experience the completeness, richness, and authenticity of Thai cuisine with its beautiful colors and balanced flavors, including sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, and umami, following the original Thai recipes while incorporating locally sourced herbs that enhance both taste and health benefits simultaneously. This is another highlight of the Thai menu at Royal Osha, which makes it easier for diners to access

authentic Thai cuisine. With dedication and determination to promote the identity of Thai cuisine globally, Royal Osha has been awarded the Michelin Guide for 6 consecutive years and is recognized as one of the Michelin Restaurants that both Thai and international diners highly recommend when visiting Thailand.

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3. Experience the “3 Seasons Menu” where Michelin Restaurants select ingredients based on traditional Thai medicine principles, providing both deliciousness and nourishment for the body

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The menu at Royal Osha Michelin Restaurant follows the seasonal selection of ingredients, which is considered a part of Thai traditional medicine that helps strengthen the body and boost immunity. This ensures that the ingredients used in crafting the menu are fresh, new, and clean, providing a complete and flavorful experience with tastes ranging from sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, umami, and astringent, following the original Thai recipes. The menu also covers all four regions of Thailand, including the North, South, Central, and Northeast, allowing everyone to experience the taste of new Thai cuisine according to each season and region, providing diners with both delicious and healthy options simultaneously.

Here are the recommended dishes from the Seasonal Set Menu:

  • Summer Season: Khao Chae Original By Royal Osha is a popular dish among diners who visit Royal Osha during the summer season. It’s included in the summer season menu because it effectively cools down the body heat. This dish consists of jasmine rice soaked in water infused with Thai flower essence, prepared using mineral water with a pH of 8.88 overnight, which helps extract the fragrant aroma of jasmine flowers that have a similar scent to jasmine and pandan leaves.

It’s served with seven side dishes following the palace recipe, including shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with minced dried fish, stuffed bell peppers with minced pork and shrimp, fried egg yolk, stir-fried minced pork with chili paste and tamarind, sweet stir-fried fish, and stir-fried sweet preserved radish. It’s garnished with various carved vegetables such as carved ginger, rolled spring onions, sour mango, and carved cucumber.

  • Rainy Season: Crab and Tree Basil Curry is a Thai dish included in the rainy season menu due to its ingredients that help boost immunity. Made from fresh crab meat, which is sweet and tender, cooked in a rich and spicy curry mixed with fresh coconut milk for creaminess. The curry includes tree basil leaves and crispy fried tree basil leaves. It’s best served with hot steamed rice to enhance its rich flavor.
  • Winter Season: Boiled French Chicken with Foie gras and Crispy Chicken Skin is a Thai dish included in the winter season menu as it contains herbs that can help alleviate cold symptoms. It’s made by simmering chicken in clear broth and slow-cooking it for over 12 hours to extract natural sweetness from the chicken bones. It’s served with foie gras that has been cooked through baking, accompanied by crispy chicken skin, and served with hot soup to enhance its comforting flavor.

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4. Experience Thai cuisine at Michelin Restaurant, creating something special for every festival day

At Royal Osha Michelin Restaurant, you can always indulge in premium Thai-style cuisine on every occasion to elevate the special day of every food enthusiast. Royal Osha offers various options such as Set Menus, Gift Boxes, or promotions during each festive season. Whether it’s during the New Year, with a specially crafted Set Special Festive Menu featuring exquisite dishes suitable for the occasion, or

during Valentine’s Day, celebrated as a day of love, where they offer the Cherish Love This Valentine’s Day With Moments That Matter Set Menu consisting of 6 Special Courses Dinner meticulously designed to celebrate the love of couples who choose to create memorable moments at Royal Osha.

During festive seasons where Set Menus are not available, they offer Gift Boxes instead. For instance, during the Christmas season, they present the Royal Osha Holiday Gift containing Khao krob, Premium Puff, Christmas bush flower honey, Chilli jam (plant based), Salted shredded mushroom, Red bean layers cookies, and a scented candle, all meticulously prepared and selected to offer an exquisite tasting experience unique to Royal Osha. Similarly, during the Chinese New Year, they offer the Chinese New Year Gift Box containing chocolate and oranges flavoured macarons, Hin Phon Thorng, orange ball pastries, fortune cookies, moon cake durian, fish shaped dessert filled with custard, red bean filled pastries, and Thai steamed cupcakes, all 8 auspicious types of treats crafted from premium ingredients by Chef Witchit Mukura, elegantly packaged in a gold dragon patterned premium box to enhance luck and convey good meanings, ensuring happiness and prosperity for both the giver and receiver during the Chinese New Year festivities.

So, for food enthusiasts looking for a Thai Michelin Restaurant suitable for celebrating during festive seasons or seeking gifts for each occasion, Royal Osha is always available on every occasion and every festival.

Please note that Set Menus, Gift Boxes, and promotions during each festival may vary from year to year. For further details, placing orders, or making reservations, you can contact them via their Line Official: @royalosha or call 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571.

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5. Authentic Thai Taste and Thai Vibes at Royal Osha, one of the Michelin Restaurants with a distinctive Thai identity

Michelin Restaurants

“Royal Osha is a Thai Michelin Restaurant that embodies the authentic Thai taste and Thai vibes 100%. It’s not just about showcasing Thai cuisine; it’s about infusing the essence of Thai culture into every aspect of the dining experience. The interior design of Royal Osha reflects a distinctly Thai atmosphere, ensuring that diners not only savor Thai flavors but also immerse themselves in the Thai ambiance. The restaurant features large chandelier lamps adorned with gemstones, reflecting the sophistication of Thai culture in a modern style. Dark-toned architecture contrasts with the golden hues of pure gold, infusing a strong Thai essence into every detail.

Murals adorn the walls, narrating stories from Thai literature such as

“Ramayana”, and paintings from Ramayana, particularly the Hanuman episode, are projected at the entrance. Various utensils and decorations, including tables, chairs, dining utensils, and furniture, embody Thai characteristics, colors, and scents, creating an atmosphere akin to visiting ancient royal palaces and indulging in premium Thai cuisine.


From the meal to the restaurant ambiance, Royal Osha is a Thai Michelin Restaurant that impresses both Thai locals and international visitors alike, with more than a 50% return rate among diners who are captivated by its authenticity.”


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6. Royal Osha Michelin Restaurant, endorsed by Thai and international connoisseurs as a premium Thai restaurant worth revisiting

Michelin Restaurant

Royal Osha is a Thai Michelin Restaurant that has been awarded the Michelin Guide for an impressive 6 consecutive years, along with numerous other prestigious accolades such as User’s Choice from

Wongnai, Thailand Select Premium, Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant, and Winner of Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards, among others.

Not only has it received these accolades, but it has also garnered rave reviews from both Thai locals and international visitors who have come to savor the delicious Thai cuisine at Royal Osha.

Here are some testimonials from satisfied diners:

K. Aim:

“The food is exquisite, I love the meticulous presentation of the dishes, which reflects attention to every detail. The service is excellent, showing great care for customers. The restaurant has a beautiful and luxurious ambiance, perfectly representing Thai culture. Guests, whether locals or foreigners, are warmly welcomed. Royal Osha is truly exceptional.”

K. Wilaiwan Jan:

“The restaurant is beautiful, and the food is incredibly delicious. Every staff member provides excellent service. I will definitely come back again. #TheBestThaiFood”

K. Somkid Chatrattanawanich:

“Elegant ambiance, excellent service, and delicious food with high- quality ingredients.

Nicha Suebwonglee

“The food was amazing, especially the fragrance of the food. The presentation, especially Tom Yum Kung, was especially good. For dessert, order cream brûlée”

Corazon Teresa Borje Galera

“Good ambience, good food, staff provide excellent service.”

Stella Yu

“Both the environment and the food were amazingly good! We ordered the ton yum which makes my hubby non stop praising the taste! The

slow cooked chicken leg in yellow curry is also fantastic. The service is terrifically great, they give a good introduction on each dish!”

Jon Wong

“Stylish restaurant serving creative modern Thai cuisine. Dishes were stunning and service was great. Will come back again.”


“This restaurant really made the supervisor in Thailand break the fee. Eat a big meal. Every dish is art, especially the flower. I can’t bear to eat it. The taste is still Thai. There are many seasonings and the taste is very rich.”


“Based on traditional Thai cuisine, innovative elements are integrated

into molecular cuisine, making Thai cuisine refreshing in form and taste. Rated as “the best restaurant in Thailand”, CNN listed it as one of “the 10 best newly opened restaurants in Bangkok”, come to Bangkok, Thailand must eat the new Michelin Samsung! ! Need to book in advance, do not wear slippers.”


“Full of mystery, all are mainly purple, even the decorative dishes, is

also purple blue flowers, so far I have not seen the restaurant with such a fancy stool, I feel not good, but sitting comfortably, the food is very beautiful, thank you very much for the chefs’ careful production, the dishes and service are very standard, the price is not expensive, Great value experience.”

Therefore, for food enthusiasts who appreciate Thai cuisine and wish to experience premium dining like the reviewers mentioned above, you can come and savor the delicious premium Thai-style cuisine at Royal Osha Michelin Restaurant. You can inquire or reserve your seats directly through or by calling 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571.


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7. Open up to the experience of premium authentic Thai cuisine at Royal Osha Michelin Restaurant. Reserve your seat here!

For food enthusiasts who wish to embark on a premium dining experience with authentic Thai cuisine at Royal Osha, one of the Michelin Restaurants where every dish is meticulously crafted by skilled chefs to ensure completeness in flavor, aroma, and Thai identity, allowing diners to fully appreciate every aspect of their meal, you can easily access detailed information and indulge in the delightful taste of Thai cuisine.

The restaurant ambiance perfectly complements the culinary experience, providing a Thai atmosphere that enhances the dining pleasure. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, it’s suitable for dining on any occasion, catering to both Thai locals and international visitors alike.

Therefore, if you’re keen to explore the premium dining experience of Thai cuisine, you can reserve your seats or inquire for further details through the following channels:

Line Official: @royalosha

Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571 Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok


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