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Royal Osha is a Fine Dining restaurant led by a master Thai chef, guaranteeing Michelin-level Fine Dining


Royal Osha is a Fine Dining restaurant that offers a diverse range of Thai cuisine menus for discerning palates. They carefully select seasonal ingredients and incorporate herbs into their dishes to create a harmonious and delicious dining experience that also promotes health. Additionally, they change their menus according to the seasons, offering a total of 3 seasonal menus, each featuring set menus and a comprehensive selection of savory and sweet dishes.

Every dish is meticulously crafted by experienced Thai chefs, such as Chef Witchit Mukura, who skillfully infuse Thai culture and identity into each dish. Fine Dining at Royal Osha guarantees authenticity, full flavor, and adherence to traditional Thai recipes, allowing diners to truly experience the essence of Thai cuisine with every bite. Their excellence has been recognized with awards from the Michelin Guide and many others, along with positive reviews from reputable

critics who attest to the impressive quality of food and service at Royal Osha. Many diners have expressed their admiration for every dish, the delicious food, and the excellent service, affirming its status as a Michelin-level Fine Dining establishment.

1. Fine Dining restaurants with luxurious dining styles that set them apart and are popular among food enthusiasts

Fine Dining

“Fine Dining” is a dining experience that focuses on providing the highest quality and most enjoyable meal experience for diners. It involves meticulous selection of ingredients that are fresh, clean, and safe, creative preparation techniques, elegant presentation of dishes, and polite service. These elements are crucial in Fine Dining establishments, along with the ambiance of the restaurant complementing the style of food to enhance the overall dining experience. Fine Dining sets itself apart from casual dining and has gained significant popularity among food enthusiasts.

Royal Osha is one such Fine Dining restaurant located conveniently in the heart of the city, offering all the essential elements of an exceptional Fine Dining experience. From meticulously selecting seasonal ingredients to expertly crafting each dish by master chefs like Chef Witchit Mukura, Royal Osha ensures an authentic Thai culinary experience. The restaurant’s interior decor reflects Thai culture, heritage, and lifestyle, allowing diners to fully immerse themselves in the richness of Thai cuisine and ambiance simultaneously. Royal Osha is undoubtedly a Thai-style Fine Dining destination that Thai food enthusiasts should take the time to experience.

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2. Royal Osha, a Fine Dining restaurant with 100% Thai- style fine dining accessible to both Thais and foreigners

Royal Osha, a Fine Dining restaurant that embodies the essence of Thai cuisine, meticulously crafts each dish with the unmistakable aroma of Thai flavors. It remains easily accessible to both Thai and international diners, offering a level of intricacy and attention to detail in food preparation ensured by Executive Chef Witchit Mukura, a culinary master with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Chef Witchit is dedicated to promoting and elevating Thai cuisine to global recognition, thus giving birth to Royal Osha – a true Thai Fine Dining establishment.

Royal Osha aims to establish Thai cuisine as a memorable culinary experience worldwide, under the belief that Thai cuisine is on par with, if not superior to, other cuisines. Thai cuisine stands out with its diverse flavors, beautiful presentation, and multi-dimensional components that captivate diners’ senses. Utilizing locally sourced herbs and spices, Royal Osha creates dishes that are not only delicious but also beneficial to health, making them a signature of Thai cuisine. The Fine Dining menu at Royal Osha ensures a delightful and unforgettable experience for diners, with dishes that are both delicious and nutritious, offered at affordable prices.

Royal Osha has garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the Michelin Guide award for six consecutive years, solidifying its status as one of the most popular Thai Fine Dining establishments. It has received praise and rave reviews from both Thai and international diners, affirming its position as a top choice for those who seek to indulge in innovative Thai cuisine.

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3. Fine Dining restaurants that select seasonal ingredients under the concept of “Food as Medicine,” providing delicious and healthy dining experiences

Fine Dining

Royal Osha, as a Fine Dining restaurant, meticulously selects seasonal ingredients that are fresh, clean, and safe to create its Fine Dining menu. Executive Chef Witchit Mukura, in line with the concept of “Food as Medicine,” incorporates traditional Thai medicinal principles into the seasonal menu, aiming to enhance the body’s immunity and strength. By utilizing locally sourced herbs, vegetables, and Thai medicinal herbs, Royal Osha’s dishes not only taste delicious but also offer health benefits.

The restaurant follows the philosophy of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” which aims to blend modern interpretations with traditional Thai culture, lifestyle, and cuisine. Chef Witchit Mukura’s expertise ensures that each dish embodies the seven essential flavors of authentic Thai cuisine: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent. This meticulous attention to detail, combined with seasonal ingredients and the incorporation of Thai medicinal herbs, results in a Fine Dining menu that is rich in Thai identity and charm.

Diners at Royal Osha experience the full spectrum of Thai cuisine, from its intricate flavors to its cultural significance, leaving them with a deep appreciation for the authenticity and complexity of Thai culinary traditions.

Therefore, any food enthusiast who wishes to experience Thai cuisine according to the seasons or the four regions of Thailand in a Fine Dining style is well catered for, from the careful selection of ingredients to the presentation that conveys culture, stories, lifestyles, and the charm of Thai food. Each step of preparation is meticulous, ensuring both deliciousness and healthiness, meeting the needs of those who enjoy Thai cuisine and care about their health simultaneously. Whether Thai or foreigners, they can truly experience Thailand through Thai food.


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4. Fine Dining restaurants that embrace Thai flavors with 3 seasonal menus, offering a complete taste of Thai Fine Dining with full spectrum of flavors

The Fine Dining menu at Royal Osha restaurant changes according to the seasons because Royal Osha selects ingredients based on the seasons and offers customers the opportunity to taste all three seasons: summer, rainy season, and winter. Each season features different appetizers, main courses, and desserts, available in both Set Menu and A La Carte options. However, what remains consistent is that every dish is crafted with a balanced and authentic Thai flavor, allowing diners to experience Fine Dining Thai cuisine to the fullest. Some popular recommendations from the Fine Dining menu include:

  • Khao Chae Original By Royal Osha” is a Fine Dining menu

item popular among food enthusiasts who return to savor it every year. This dish features jasmine rice soaked in Thai jasmine flower-scented water overnight and infused with mineral water with a pH of 8.88 to extract the fragrances of jasmine flowers and pandan leaves. It’s served with a variety of traditional condiments, including shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with dried fish, stuffed chili with minced pork and shrimp, fried salted egg yolk dipped in flour, stir-fried pork with tamarind chili sauce, sweet stir-fried fish, and stir-fried sweet preserved radish. It’s accompanied by carved vegetables like finger root, spring onions, green mango, and cucumber.

  • Thong Muan with Prawn Spicy Soup and Caviar” is a Fine Dining dish that blends savory and sweet flavors. It involves stuffing Thong Muan with tender, bouncy shrimp meat mixed with Tom Yum mousse, garnished with mango sauce, crispy kaffir lime leaves, and flowers. This dish offers a delightful contrast between the crispy Thong Muan, tender shrimp meat, and flavorful Tom Yum mousse, enhanced by aromatic herbs.
  • Blue Crab Meat with Lemongrass Coconut Relish Served with Mixed Vegetables” is a Fine Dining dish made with blue crab meat cooked in coconut milk and various herbs for a long time until fragrant. It’s served with various condiments like lotus stem, white turmeric, and eggplant. This dish offers a balanced flavor profile of sweetness, saltiness, and sourness, complemented by the aromatic herbs, making it reminiscent of ancient Thai cuisine.
  • Young Coconut Creme Brulee” is a Fine Dining dessert that combines creamy brulee with the sweetness of custard and the caramelized crispiness of caramel. It’s mixed with young coconut, creating a delightful aroma and sweetness that perfectly complements the creamy texture.
  • Fresh Milk Pudding with Thai Tea Ice Cream and Mixberry” is a Fine Dining dessert that combines fresh milk pudding with the aromatic Thai tea ice cream. It’s garnished with various mixed berries, adding a delightful sweetness and sourness that beautifully concludes the meal.

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5. Royal Osha, a Fine Dining restaurant with a Thai ambiance that guarantees 100% Thai Authentic Fine Dining

Fine Dining

“Royal Osha” is a Thai Fine Dining restaurant with an atmosphere that reflects Thai culture, from its cuisine to its interior design, aiming to immerse diners fully in the Thai experience. Inside the Fine Dining restaurant, Royal Osha, every corner is decorated to exude the essence of Thai culture, from the entrance door, ceiling, to the walls, all designed to reflect Thai arts and culture in a contemporary style. Architectural tones of dark hues contrast with pure gold from genuine gold, infusing the Thai essence into every detail. Murals adorn the floating wall panels, narrating tales from Thai literature like the Ramayana, while artwork from Ramayana,

specifically the episode of Hanuman lifting the mountain, is projected at the entrance doors outside and within the restaurant. Large chandelier lamps shaped like Thai crowns, adorned with jewels, glitter extravagantly. The choice of tables, chairs, plates, bowls, cutlery, furniture, and decorative items all harmonize with the Thai-inspired interior design, meticulously designed to perfection. As diners indulge in premium Thai cuisine, they also immerse themselves in an ambiance reminiscent of visiting the splendor of the past, the aroma of ancient palaces. With its distinctive Fine Dining menu and uniquely Thai ambiance, Royal Osha is undoubtedly another Thai Fine Dining restaurant that guarantees 100% Thai Authentic Fine Dining experience, a must- visit for both Thai food enthusiasts and international diners alike.

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6. Reviews of Fine Dining restaurants from real users on Facebook who have sampled Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha

Fine Dining

“Royal Osha” is a Fine Dining restaurant that has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Michelin Guide Award for 6 consecutive years, the Wongnai User’s Choice Award, the Thai Select Premium Award, and the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant Award, among others. These awards all testify to the truly premium, authentic Thai Fine Dining experience offered by Royal Osha. Apart from these accolades that certify Royal Osha as an unparalleled Thai Authentic Fine Dining establishment, it has also garnered glowing reviews from discerning diners who have had the privilege to savor Thai cuisine crafted by skilled chefs like Chef Wichit Mukura. They all agree that Royal Osha is a Fine Dining restaurant with a distinctive identity and unparalleled excellence, leaving an indelible impression each time they visit. Here are some reviews from real users on Facebook who have experienced Fine Dining at Royal Osha:


K. Yuphavadee Suthasathitchai

“Delicious Thai cuisine, truly traditional Thai flavors that introduce the

younger generation to Thai cuisine. Chef’s expertise is evident. Beautiful place setting, dishes served with elegance. It’s truly Royal Osha.”

K. Nest Kwanniphon

“Good food quality, innovative creations, harmonious flavors. Delicious! Both the chef and the food, ambiance, service, and staff are excellent.”

K. Auncharee Paecharoenchai

“Delicious food, every dish is superb! Will definitely come back again. Excellent service, everyone is lovely.”

Sahara Lova

“Absolutely delicious food, every dish is excellent. Beautifully presented dishes, very appetizing. Excellent service, the chef is very kind and willing to take pictures. Really admire the culinary skills.”

GoofGift Wondergift

“The atmosphere is truly excellent. The food is delicious, beautifully presented dishes, and the staff provide excellent service. Definitely will come back again.”

K. Non Chongprasobtham

“Delicious food, high quality. They explain the origins of the ingredients used and recommend the eating process. Romantic atmosphere, excellent attentive service.”

K. Thaweerat Suriyaphunt

“A Thai restaurant with meticulous attention to detail. Fresh, high- quality ingredients, rich flavors with a spicy kick. Decorated with traditional Thai utensils blended with modernity. Fits perfectly with a Thai fine dining restaurant. Highly recommended, especially for foreigners.”

Dien Cho Trang

“If you’re going to try any fine dining in Bangkok, just go here and forget everywhere else. Amazing food. Ambience and service to match.”

Ian Cummings

“Extraordinary Thai food. Some of the best Thai dishes I’ve ever tasted. Lovely decor, more of an evening place and stunning for a private dining experience. If you’re into Thai food then this is a must visit restaurant.”

Andy Wai

“Amazing place for dining with yummy and excellent food and professional service provided here from waitress that’s unforgettable and perfect”

Linda Muncaster

“From the minute the taxi arrives outside the very high front door at the top of an impressive staircase, the impression is one of grandeur and opulence which is not reflected in the prices. One is immediately greeted by attentive, polite staff who make you feel you’re the most important guest.


The restaurant is on two floors with a stunning winding staircase leading to the upstairs bar and private dining room. The decor throughout the restaurant is Thai with a difference and it’s obvious everything has been carefully chosen. The mural on the ceiling in the main restaurant moves in unison to the music which changes every two hours to more upbeat louder music as the evening progresses, but at no time does it interfere with conversation.


The menu is varied and beautifully presented along with an explanation of the dish,

OSHA Thai offers exclusive cocktails developed by the owner, along with beer, wine and spirits.

We tried many different dishes, all of which were delicious. The staff speak impeccable English and whilst being attentive and observant are discreet allowing one to enjoy amazing food and conversation. OSHA

Thai is open for lunch and dinner and my husband and I will definitely return next time we’re in Bangkok.


OSHA Thai is perfect for a business lunch or dinner, intimate dinner for two, celebrations or a ‘catch up’ with friends, I highly recommend it.”

Aaron Himbo Huang

“Creative plates that never fail to surprise! Unlike the molecular cuisines that are usually formed over substance, the food that Osha serves delivers in the taste department as well. Distinctive thai flavors show in every single dish! From appetizer down to dessert. Highly recommended for those who are always looking for new things.”

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7. Experience Thai Fine Dining that you shouldn’t miss at Royal Osha, a must-visit Fine Dining restaurant

For food enthusiasts looking to indulge in a Thai Fine Dining experience, Royal Osha is the ultimate destination. Our restaurant offers authentic Thai Fine Dining, with dishes that capture the essence of Thai cuisine in every bite. Each dish is meticulously prepared to embody the rich flavors, ingredients, and traditions of Thai cuisine, providing a complete and fulfilling culinary experience.

At Royal Osha, the ambiance is carefully curated to immerse guests in every aspect of Thai culture, ensuring that diners can truly savor the essence of Thailand with every visit. Whether you’re a Thai native or an international guest, our restaurant offers a 100% authentic Thai experience, perfect for any occasion. Conveniently located and easily accessible, Royal Osha is the ideal choice for diners of all genders and ages seeking a premium Fine Dining experience. Come and experience the exquisite flavors of Thai cuisine in a truly authentic Fine Dining setting at Royal Osha.

To inquire about reservations or for further information, you can contact Royal Osha through the following channels:

Line Official: @royalosha

Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571 Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok



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