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The charm of dining at a Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine Dining Restaurant

“Fine Dining” is one of the dining lifestyles where food is meticulously prepared and decorated with high-quality ingredients by expert chefs specialized in cuisine. It comes with service and an excellent atmosphere in line with the standards of a Fine Dining Restaurant. The experience of dining in a Fine Dining Restaurant is therefore valuable and reasonably priced.


In particular, dining at Royal OSHA, which has won numerous awards over the years, is highly esteemed. The restaurant received a Michelin Guide award in 2019 and has been ranked as one of the best Fine Dining Restaurants in Thailand. Each year, Royal OSHA maintains its renowned status, consistently ranking among the top Fine Dining Restaurants and being voted by customers as one of the best in Thailand.


Besides the awards and rankings as one of the best Fine Dining Restaurants, there are many other reasons and stories that make Royal OSHA charming, valuable, and culturally meaningful.

1. Understanding the Premium Pricing and Inherent Value of dining at Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurant meals are considered luxurious and expensive. However, the luxury and price of this style of food are deemed worthy for the entire dining experience that encompasses visual appeal, taste, aroma, sound, and the tactile sensation of art. Every step is meticulously planned and executed with finesse, starting from the moment the customer walks into the establishment. The service, ambiance, and table arrangements are all creatively designed to impress the customers. When compared to art, dining at a Fine Dining Restaurant is akin to admiring a masterpiece. Here are four reasons why Fine Dining Restaurants hold such high value:


1.1 The culture of dining in a Fine Dining Restaurant from 18th-century France

During the era of the French Revolution, many household chefs of nobles and the upper class were dismissed from their positions. The culture of preparing and serving full-course meals, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts for the upper class at a single table, was transformed to be accessible to the general public. This shift led to the emergence of Fine Dining Restaurants, which eventually became popular throughout Europe and evolved into the pairing of Fine Dining Restaurants with hotels, offering luxurious and convenient services where customers could both dine and stay, enjoying a special experience. The first hotel to offer this service was the Hôtel de Paris, Monte-Carlo (1864). The allure of Fine Dining Restaurants stems from the exceptional service and care that customers receive at every step of their experience.

1.2 A Fine Dining Restaurant emphasizes meticulousness in the sequence of serving each dish

One of the most interesting aspects of dining at a Fine Dining Restaurant is that customers get to savor the flavors of the menu courses arranged for them in sequence. Typically, the first course is the Starters, served in appropriate portions, tantalizing the palate and eagerly anticipating the next course. The second and third courses vary depending on the arrangement of the Fine Dining Restaurant but generally include salads and light soups before moving on to the main course, which is the highlight of the Fine Dining experience, followed by dessert.


At Royal OSHA, customers are given the opportunity to select their menu for each course beforehand, with a diverse range of options available for each. For instance, in the Starters category, customers might enjoy the exquisite taste of “Meung Kham Bua Lhuang: เมี่ยง คำบัวหลวง,” perfectly balancing flavors while admiring the intricate presentation of this dish, typical of Fine Dining Restaurants. Royal OSHA strives to deliver beauty and elegance in every dish, reminiscent of the Fine Dining Restaurant style.


Beverages also play a significant role in the Fine Dining experience. Customers can inquire and seek recommendations from the staff on which drinks pair best with their chosen menu, enhancing the overall taste of the meal. Furthermore, throughout the entire course, there are small details that the staff meticulously tend to, ensuring customers receive exceptional service and convenience.


1.3 The key rule of Fine Dining Restaurants is the strict adherence to service etiquette

The fundamental rules of a Fine Dining Restaurant encompass strict adherence to service etiquette, dress code, profound knowledge of the menu, and impeccable service in every aspect. Everything must be perfect, as it directly influences the mood and atmosphere of the

customers’ dining experience. Staff serving these customers must undergo thorough training, understanding the needs and desires of the customers quickly and effectively. They must possess both communication skills and a pleasant tone in providing detailed menu recommendations. Additionally, they must be adept at swiftly resolving any issues that may arise. Service in a Fine Dining Restaurant always leaves a lasting impression on customers because every staff member is trained to pay attention to every detail concerning the customers and to provide the best possible experience for them during each meal.


Therefore, in preparing to welcome customers, Fine Dining Restaurants often require customers to make reservations in advance so that the restaurant can adequately prepare to welcome them.

Moreover, Fine Dining Restaurants enhance the experience further by inviting Chef Tables to highlight the meal. For example, at Royal OSHA, Michelin-starred chefs or renowned chefs like Vichit Mukura craft special menus for customers.


1.4 When special occasions and moments arise, one must consider Fine Dining Restaurants

Customers typically choose Fine Dining Restaurants for special occasions, regardless of the occasion, because of the romantic ambiance and beautiful atmosphere the restaurant intends to provide. With architecture and decor designed to be aesthetically pleasing, special menus crafted to offer exceptional experiences, and a consistent focus on impressing customers, Fine Dining Restaurants often leave a lasting impression, ensuring customers return for more. Royal OSHA is another establishment ready to provide the best experience for every customer, whether it’s a special day, special person, or a special meal in the style of Thai Fine Dining Restaurant.


Experience the exquisite taste of the Thai fusion food with Thai Fine Dining Restaurant style by reserving your seat in advance with us.

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2. Indulge in Authentic Thai Fine Dining at Fine Dining Restaurants, Where Each Bite Echoes the Essence of Thailand’s Rich Culinary Heritage

Fine Dining Restaurant is a luxurious style of dining characterized by its sophistication and relatively high prices. This is because fine dining involves meticulously crafted menus and the use of high- quality ingredients prepared by skilled chefs. At Royal Osha, Executive Chef Wichit Mukura leads the culinary team, bringing over 40 years of experience in Thai cuisine to the table.

Chef Wichit Mukura’s concept revolves around presenting dishes under the theme of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” which emphasizes the timeless beauty of traditional Thai flavors. This approach blends modern Thai cuisine with traditional culinary techniques, aiming to create meticulously crafted Thai dishes that excel in presentation, taste, aroma, and texture. With careful attention to detail at every stage of preparation, Chef Wichit intends to showcase various aspects of Thai identity, including culture, stories, lifestyles, and dining customs, within each dish. This culinary endeavor offers both Thai and international diners a unique and novel experience in Thai cuisine from a fresh perspective.

In addition, Royal Osha’s menu incorporates Thai herbs, vegetables, and spices known for their medicinal properties as cooking ingredients. Moreover, the restaurant rotates its set menus according to seasons such as the rainy, winter, and hot seasons, offering diners a diverse range of exquisite Thai dishes to indulge in while nourishing their bodies. This seasonal approach to dining, rooted in traditional Thai medicine, aims to strengthen the body’s immunity and overall health, as it is believed that consuming food according to the seasons enhances well-being from within. Furthermore, the premium experience at Royal Osha’s Fine Dining Restaurant goes beyond the chef’s expertise and ingredient selection. It also involves

meticulous planning and presentation of each dish, allowing diners to fully appreciate the intricacies of the cuisine and perceive fine dining as an art form. This enhances the overall dining experience, leaving a lasting impression of the charm, flavors, and uniqueness of Thai cuisine.

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3. Exquisite Attention to Detail: From Starters to Finale, Every Dish Crafted with Care at Royal Osha’s Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine Dining Restaurant

For the Fine Dining Restaurant menu at Royal Osha, diners have various options to choose from, such as the A La Carte option where diners can order dishes according to their preferences, and the Set Menu option where the chef arranges a Full Option menu with seamlessly integrated dishes from the first to the last course. Diners can choose which type of dining experience they prefer. In case of any food allergies, there is no need to worry, as the chef will personally inquire about specific details to prepare the dishes impeccably. As for the renowned recommended dishes at Royal Osha that diners should not miss, they include the following:

  • “Khao Chae” (ข้าวแช่), is a recommended menu and a renowned dish that many diners have tried and would return for. This is because Royal Osha’s Khao Chae is exceptionally delicious, made with fragrant Jasmine rice soaked in Thai flower-scented water with a pH value of 8.88 overnight, allowing the rice to absorb the floral aroma. It is served with seven traditional accompaniments: shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with minced dried fish, stuffed chilies with minced pork and shrimp, salted egg yolks coated in fried flour, stir-fried fermented pork with sweet chili paste, sweet stir-fried Yeesoon fish, and stir-fried preserved radish with eggs. These accompaniments should be eaten in sequence from savory to sweet, accompanied by alternating bites of cucumber and scallion to cleanse the palate, enhancing the overall dining

experience and allowing the diners to fully appreciate the exquisite flavors of Khao Chae and its accompaniments.

  • “Southern Style Rice Berry and Thai Herbs Salad” (ข้าวยำ สมุนไพรน้ำบูดู) is a recommended dish at Royal Osha, representing the authentic cuisine of the southern region of Thailand. This dish is a flavorful combination of various ingredients, each offering unique benefits. Chef Witchit Mukura selects black sticky rice from Chiang Mai, sourced from a local farmer assistance project, along with a full range of herbs such as kaffir lime leaves, cha phlu leaves, lemongrass, sour mango, red beans, job’s tear, pomelo, long beans, Japanese rice fish, and dried shrimp pounded together with Budu sauce from the southern region. This blend results in a fragrant, delicious, well-rounded flavor profile, with all the components coming together harmoniously.
  • “Pan-fried scallop with steamed egg and spicy chilli-lime

  • sauce” (หอยเชลล์ทอดกับไข่ตุ๋น และน้ำจิ้มซีฟู้ด) is a recommended dish at Royal Osha, inspired by Chef Witchit Mukura’s journey to work in London, England. He was inspired to create this dish by incorporating high-quality fried scallops with the soft and smooth texture of truffled eggs. The dish is further enhanced with the rich flavors of the special seafood dip created by Chef Witchit. This combination results in a dish that is incredibly aromatic, delicious, and refreshing.
  • ” Clear, smoked dried soup with yellow tuna and green pea” (ต้มโคล้งทูน่ากับปลากรอบญี่ปุ่น) is a unique and innovative

dish recommended at Royal Osha. It stands out as a variation of the traditional Tom Klong soup, drawing inspiration from the Japanese-style Ramen broth. This dish involves grinding the Tom Klong ingredients with fish meat and simmering them in fish stock for over 6 hours. The result is a clear and aromatic Tom Klong broth. It is served with seasoned white radish and crispy fish to enhance the overall flavor profile, offering a delightful and well- rounded taste experience.

  • “Nut Paep, Khanom Krok Mango Sticky Rice, and Stuffed Snacks” (ถั่วแปบ ขนมครกข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง ขนมสอดไส้)

recommended dessert trio at Royal Osha, served together for a delightful sweet experience. Thua Paep is made from black glutinous rice coated with palm sugar. The stuffed snacks are a traditional delicacy wrapped in banana leaves. Lastly, the Mango Sticky Rice, a recipe by Chef Witchit, features crispy outer shells made from Khanom Krok batter, filled with sticky rice, ripe mango slices, and coconut cream. These desserts are meant to be enjoyed in one bite, combining the aroma, crispy exterior, soft interior, and smoothness for the ultimate indulgence.


Click here to access the menu of Royal Osha’s food.

4. Experience the authentic atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant at Royal Osha

Apart from the Thai menu, at Royal Osha’s Fine Dining Restaurant, we meticulously select top-quality ingredients and prepare them with great care, ensuring the flavors and components are authentically Thai. Each dish is presented with precision, allowing diners to savor the intricate flavors. At Royal Osha, attention is also paid to the ambiance within the dining room. Every aspect, from the entrance, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, to the dining utensils, is designed to exude the utmost Thai essence.

Inside Royal Osha’s dining room, the design reflects Thai culture in a contemporary manner, incorporating dark tones contrasted with genuine gold accents. The Thai essence is embedded in every detail, from the large chandelier-shaped lotus lamps adorned with gemstones to the mural paintings on the floating wall, narrating stories from Thai literature such as the Ramakien. Furthermore, there are depictions of mural paintings from the Ramakien, specifically the story of Hanuman holding the pavilion during the Battle of Mayara, projected at the entrance, giving diners a sense of visiting the palace of Rama. This ambiance, charm, and fragrance reminiscent of the ancient royal palace create a distinctive and luxurious atmosphere, enhanced by the furnishings, decorations,

and equipment that harmonize with the interior design, making the fine dining experience at Royal Osha a true taste of authentic Thai cuisine.

With its clear Thai identity in every aspect, Royal Osha has become a popular choice among both Thai food enthusiasts and international tourists.

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5. Tourist Reviews Confirm Royal Osha’s Status as Premier Fine Dining Restaurant for International Visitors

Fine Dining Restaurant

Royal Osha has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards year after year, including accolades from the Michelin Guide, Thai Select Premium, Use’s Choice Wongnai, and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant. These awards are highly selective and serve as a guarantee that Royal Osha is one of the leading Fine Dining Restaurants in Thailand. In addition to these accolades, Royal Osha has received reviews from countless diners who have experienced authentic Thai cuisine firsthand. These include reviews from local food critics, Wongnai users, as well as international diners who have been impressed by the exquisite and flavorful dishes served at Royal Osha.

Paul Nesteby (Oslo, Norway)

“A wonderful Thai food gem in Bangkok. We had a wonderful 8 course tasting menu which was truly an amazing journey into several typical thai flavors/dishes that had been perfectioned and made delicately as part of this delicious set menu. The staff was very service minded. The venue is elegant. We brought our kid and he just loved the attentiveness of the staff as we did. Can highly recommend this gem in Bangkok.”

Itinerant Bari (Des Moines, Iowa)

“Great Thai cuisine and a refined atmosphere to unwind with friends. Expectations when choosing a Michelin Star restaurant are always high, and Royal Osha lives up to the denomination. You will find here many of

the traditional Thai dishes, and they are elevated to the culinary, service and fine dining experience standards coming with One Michelin Star.

Honestly, not much more to say, you come here with high expectations, and they are met in every single bite, sip and detail. You can be certain you will enjoy your dining experience with all your senses.”

DickZe (Bangkok, Thailand)

“Very nice Thai food, nice atmosphere. The restaurant has a nice interior with a very high ceiling. The general atmosphere is distinguished and classy. During an earlier visit I was annoyed by disco music, but now nothing of such kind – fortunately. Service is very efficient and friendly, the kind you hardly notice. The menu has Thai dishes. We had an appetizer of tuna salad and beef rolls, a main course of lobster and beef curry. All very well made and tasty. And a pleasure not only to the tongue but also to the eye. All this comes not cheap of course, but we found the prices in keeping with the presented quality.”

luxuryhotelsonly (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

“We had an amazing dinner at Royal Osha in Bangkok. From the moment we entered the restaurant to the minute we left again, it was a superbe experience and could not have been any better! The service was outstanding, the waiter even organized a car for us and accompanied us till we got savely inside.

The food was just outstanding and the best we had in Thailand, probably even in any Thai food place ever. Each dish was beautifully arranged, tasted perfect and was more than a generous serving. The restaurant itself is beautifully designed and extremely tasteful. We enjoyed every minute, it could not have been any better! Full 5 star score – see you next time in BKK!”

ThorLieu (Hong Kong, China)

“The best Thai restaurant during my visit!

In terms of location, it is not very convenient, but if you are going to the Asiatique night market, I would say this Thai restaurant is outstanding among other outlets there. I believe it is because my visit was on Monday, 2 April, so there were not many people although I did make an advance booking. The Staff and hostess are very nice and very very attentive and proactive. In terms of food, I ordered deep fried shrimp, yellow curry with

chicken leg, Tom Yum and mango sticky rice. All the food is very tasty and presentable. I especially love the mango sticky rice as from the sliced mango presentation, you can see how good the skill of their chef!. I will visit it again on my next visit. I hope they can keep a good job.”


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6. The luxurious Thai cuisine at Royal Osha Fine Dining Restaurant offers a variety of styles, catering to every palate

Fine Dining Restaurant

The Thai Fine Dining Restaurant at Royal Osha offers a menu that combines locally sourced ingredients from Thailand with imports from around the world. These ingredients are transformed into uniquely Thai dishes, with distinct Thai flavors and aromas. Each dish is carefully crafted to be full-flavored, well-balanced, and representative of the rich culinary heritage of Thailand. With a diverse range of styles available, our menu caters to both Thai locals and international visitors, suitable for any occasion – whether it’s welcoming important guests, celebrating with family, gathering with friends, or dining with loved ones. Located in a convenient location, many food enthusiasts choose to indulge in our premium Thai cuisine at Royal Osha. If you’re interested in experiencing the ultimate in premium deliciousness, you can contact us or make a reservation through the following channels:


Line Official: @royalosha

Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571

Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok



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