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Royal Osha and Its Position as a Top Restaurant in Bangkok

As part of the OSHA Thai Restaurant & Bar chain, which is renowned in the United States, Royal Osha has transformed the structure of Fine Dining by blending Thai ingredients with Molecular Gastronomy. This innovative approach has resulted in exquisite Thai Fine Dining dishes that preserve the authentic flavors of Thai cuisine. Recognized with numerous awards and widespread acclaim, Royal Osha stands as one of the most deserving and exceptional dining establishments in the heart of Bangkok, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an unparalleled culinary experience.

1. Top Restaurant in Bangkok renowned as the best in the capital, a hub for the country’s economic elite

Top Restaurant in Bangkok


Royal Osha takes pride in providing an abundantly high-quality dining experience in every aspect for all its customers. This includes exceptional service, outstanding flavors, and dishes prepared with the finest ingredients sourced from various regions across Thailand. The establishment adheres to top-tier customer care standards, ensuring

impeccable operations and management. Moreover, its central location offers easy accessibility, making it a prime choice for those seeking perfection in the heart of the city.


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2. Royal Osha ranks among the Top Restaurants in Bangkok.


Royal Osha has been honored with the Michelin Guide award for its commendable cuisine, encompassing exquisite taste, presentation, aroma, and a captivating atmosphere since its opening. The restaurant has maintained its renowned reputation by consistently delivering high- quality standards. In addition to being recognized as an excellent dining establishment, Royal Osha has also been acknowledged for supporting local communities by using top-notch Thai produce in their dishes. This commitment to utilizing premium local ingredients showcases pride in Thai culinary resources and has increased global recognition for regional Thai dishes.


Awards Received Since Opening:


  • Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Award 2014 Editor’s Choice by Best Dining & Entertainment Magazine.
  • Bangkok’s Top 20 Best Restaurants by Thailand Restaurant News Magazine.
  • Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Award 2015-2018 by Best Dining & Entertainment Magazine.
  • Top Tables Bangkok 2015-2016 by BK Magazine for Best Restaurants.
  • User’s Choice Wongnai in Thai Restaurant Category 2016 – 2019 for Thai Restaurants with Best Reviews by Wongnai.
  • Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant Award 2019 by Tatler magazine.
  • LINE MAN Wongnai Users’ Choice 2022 in Thai Restaurant Category for Thai Restaurants with Best Reviews by Wongnai.
  • Honors Award 2022 from Top 25 Restaurants Bangkok.
  • Thai Select Premium 2019 and 2022 from the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Michelin Guide 2019-2024 for six consecutive years.
  • HELLO! Taste Awards 2020 from HELLO! magazine.


Significance of Each Award:


  • Michelin Guide Award: Recognizes Royal Osha for six consecutive years based on the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, and overall consistency. This award is a testament to the quality and taste of Bangkok’s best restaurant.


  • User’s Choice Wongnai Award and Wongnai Award: Given to restaurants that excel in meeting the dining preferences of Thai people and are chosen based on reviews and real experiences of diners.


  • Thai Select Premium Award: Exclusive to restaurants specializing in authentic Thai cuisine, achieving excellent quality, beautiful  decor, and outstanding service, with a requirement of scoring above 90 points. This award guarantees that Royal Osha is a definitive Thai restaurant in Bangkok.


  • HELLO! Taste Awards: Recognizes restaurants favored by food enthusiasts and celebrities, reflecting the quality, taste, and presentation that captures the hearts of diners. This award signifies the restaurant’s reputable name in the industry.


  • Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award: Conferred by Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, this award gathers top-tier dining establishments with outstanding taste, achieving a 5-star rating, leaving a lasting impression on important guests and tourists alike.


  • Bangkok Best Restaurant Award: Presented by Best Dining & Entertainment Magazine, this award is given to restaurants with high-quality food and excellent service, based on real experiences of patrons.


  • Top Tables Bangkok Award: Awarded by BK Magazine for Best Restaurants, it signifies the restaurant’s excellence in terms of

quality, taste, and exceptional service, acknowledged by votes from food critics and renowned bloggers.


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3. Top Restaurant in Thailand, According to Michelin Star Chef’s Menu Design

Top Restaurant in Thailand


With experience working as a chef in hotels and restaurants, Chef Vichit Mukura has earned a Michelin Star for his role as the Executive Chef. He oversees the central kitchen and menu design, creating exceptional Thai cuisine in the style of Fine Dining. The delicacy of flavors in the dishes comes from carefully selected ingredients, blending traditional Thai  tastes with a touch of modernity. Royal Osha, a unique creation in Thai culinary art, distinguishes itself with a menu that combines the finesse of French cuisine while maintaining the authentic flavors of Thai ingredients. Royal Osha is a must-try for those who appreciate Thai and international cuisines alike, offering a fresh perspective on Thai food with a touch of innovation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Fine Dining Thai cuisine at its best.


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4. What makes dining at the Top Restaurants in Bangkok different?


When dining at a top-level restaurant in Bangkok, the experience goes beyond just the delicious taste of the food. It includes a pleasant ambiance, excellent customer service, and well-designed decor.

Moreover, it encompasses maintaining all these standards at a high level without any compromise or reduction in quality. Therefore, the meticulous management ensures that the establishment maintains a high standard, making it a valuable investment.

Royal Osha, in particular, continues to choose and trust in this process to ensure that these standards are consistently upheld. This creates an impressive, enjoyable dining experience for every visitor. Top-level

establishments often adopt a customer-centric approach in their operations, aiming to establish long-term relationships with all customers. The positive experiences each customer receives encourage them to return for further services and share their experiences with their friends.


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5. Feedback from the Fine Dining Thai Restaurant at the Top Restaurant in Bangkok

Top Restaurant in Bangkok

Royal Osha holds its position as a top restaurant in Bangkok, and rightfully so. Beyond the restaurant’s confidence in both the quality of its cuisine and service, the positive response to these qualities speaks volumes. The return of patrons is an unanimous agreement that the food’s taste is exceptional and well worth experiencing. Various comments further attest to this, highlighting the diverse and commendable aspects of the dining experience. Below are some of the comments listed:

‘Great Thai cuisine. Some of the best food I have ever eaten in Thailand.’ ‘Lovely stylish restaurant with great fusion food & good service.’

‘Honestly, not much more to say: you come here with high expectations, and they are met in every single bite, sip, and detail. You can be certain you will enjoy your dining experience with all your senses.’

‘A la carte is good enough in comparison to the 8- or 10- course menu. Good food and service. Reasonable price.’

‘On our first night in Bangkok, we went to Osha and had the best meal during all our vacations in Asia. From the setting to the courses presentation, including the service, all was fantastic and exciting. It was a great surprise that exceeded our expectations.’

Based on the reviews that Royal Osha has received, there is both impressiveness and admiration that lead those who have never experienced Fine Dining Thai cuisine to explore and savor the exquisite flavors offered by this establishment. For customers who have already tasted this style of Thai cuisine, the desire to return for another delightful

experience is evident. They may also look forward to trying new dishes that the restaurant has recently introduced in that particular year.


In summary, the three aspects that customers consistently highlight and discuss the most are as follows:


  • The taste of every dish is delicious and matches the beautiful presentation.
  • The customer service is outstanding, described as ‘Out of the World.’
  • The interior decoration of the restaurant is beautifully done, encompassing both architecture and the ambient lighting.


As a Top Restaurant in Bangkok, Royal Osha aims to showcase high- quality Thai cuisine to the world. Although the journey of Thai cuisine in the Fine Dining realm is considered a long one, the restaurant assures that its standards will remain the same, if not improve, providing the best dining experience for all customers.


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6. Royal Osha, one of the Top Restaurants in Bangkok, acclaimed by both locals and foreigners alike


The flavors of the dishes at Royal Osha are meticulously crafted to reflect the charm and distinctiveness of Thai cuisine. Guided by the expertise of the renowned chef in the forefront of Thailand’s culinary scene, Chef Vichit Mukura, who has extensive experience in Thai culinary artistry, having served as an executive chef at the iconic ‘Sala Rim Naam’ restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at the age of 24 for an impressive 27 years. During this time, Chef Vichit also established the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), offering the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC), where he took on the role of an instructor and nurtured many new chefs, contributing significantly to the culinary industry.

As Chef Vichit embraced more challenges and sought to create something new and different, he collaborated with Khun Supapitch Pitayanukul and Khun Kewalin Pitayanukul, who shared the belief that “Thai cuisine is no less than any other in the world.” They highlighted the completeness, variety of components, and the diverse flavors of Thai food, including  sour, spicy, salty, and sweet, as well as the use of herbs in cooking. This complexity and distinctiveness make Thai cuisine stand out globally. Chef Vichit was determined to make Thai cuisine more widely recognized and passed on the traditional Thai culinary techniques to the younger generation.


With dedication and determination, this led to the birth of Royal Osha, another Top Restaurant in Bangkok. Chef Vichit’s commitment and hard work resulted in Royal Osha receiving the prestigious Michelin Guide award for six consecutive years. The restaurant is well-known among both Thai and international food enthusiasts, contributing to the global recognition and preservation of Thai culinary culture.

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7. Royal Osha’s menu is curated with high-quality ingredients by the masterful chef of the Top Restaurant in Bangkok

Top Restaurant in Bangkok

The menu of this Top Restaurant in Bangkok, such as Royal Osha, pays attention to every step of the cooking process, starting from selecting fresh, clean, and excellent-quality ingredients to presenting each dish that has been carefully curated by master chefs like Chef Vichit Mukura. He is a renowned chef leading the forefront of Thai cuisine, transmitting culture, stories, lifestyles, and dining habits. Residing within the concept of ‘Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,’ the aim is to redefine Thai style by blending modern aesthetics with traditional Thai wisdom in terms of appearance, taste, and aroma. This is to allow everyone to experience the charm of contemporary Thai identity while preserving the richness of  Thai cuisine

Furthermore, at Royal Osha, there is a focus on creating a menu under the concept of ‘Food as Medicine.’ This involves selecting vegetables and herbs known for their medicinal properties to be key ingredients in the dishes. The aim is to offer not only a delicious dining experience but also to provide nourishment for the body from within. The menu is carefully designed to include the seven essential flavors of traditional Thai cuisine in each dish – sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent – capturing the charm and uniqueness of Thai taste.


For instance, dishes like ‘Gaeng Kati Bai Liang’ (Green Leaf Soup with Coconut Milk) incorporate the beneficial properties of the bai liang leaf, known for supporting eye health and cancer prevention. ‘Mieng Kham Bua Luang’ (Sacred Lotus Petal Miang) features lotus petals known for supporting heart health. Various Tom Yum dishes include ingredients like galangal, lemongrass, or kaffir lime leaves, contributing not only to the rich flavor but also aiding digestion and providing additional health benefits.


Royal Osha also pays attention to seasonal ingredients and regularly updates the menu to align with the seasons. This approach is rooted in traditional Thai medical practices, which suggest that consuming foods according to the seasons enhances the body’s strength and immune system. For example, during winter, dishes like ‘Gaeng Kradaang’ or fruit- based salads with a sour taste are favored to combat digestive issues and lack of appetite. In summer, ‘Khao Chae’ (Chilled Rice in Jasmine-Scented Water) helps cool the body and is believed to be beneficial for digestion. During the rainy season, dishes like ‘Pla Tod Phuket’ (Phuket-style Fried Fish) or ‘Gaeng Bpoo Ta Lay Bai Yer Ra’ (Seafood Curry with Pandanus Leaf) with a spicy kick help prevent or alleviate cold symptoms.


By adhering to the philosophy of ‘Food as Medicine’ and aligning with the seasons, Royal Osha not only delivers a delightful and authentic Thai dining experience but also offers health benefits to those who indulge in their carefully crafted dishes. This unique approach is a source of pride for Royal Osha, contributing to its distinct identity.


The menu at Royal Osha includes both À La Carte and Set Menu options, with a rotation of new dishes according to the seasons. The cuisine is rich

in the charm of the four regions: Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern Thailand. This allows everyone to savor the flavors of new Thai dishes based on each season and region. The menu is designed to provide a complete taste experience, enhancing the dining experience for everyone.


The Winter Set Menu at Royal Osha, being one of the top restaurants in Bangkok, comprises popular dishes from each category, including Starters, Salads, Soups, Main Courses, and Desserts.

  • Starter is a menu with 2 options: “Deep-Fried Carabineros and Wild Betel Leaves Fritters with Royal Osha Mayonnaise and Mustard Sauce, and Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Spicy Thai Herb Salad.” These are designed to stimulate the appetite and prepare the palate for the upcoming courses.
  • Salad features “Crispy Thai Herbs Salad with Duck Confit, Foie Gras, Caviar and Pomegranate.” Chef Vishit combines Thai and international ingredients, making Thai herbs easily accessible and enjoyable, perfectly blending premium ingredients with every bite.
  • Soup is the “Thai style Spicy and Sour Soup with Octopus Tentacle,” a fusion of savory and fruity flavors. The fresh aroma of the soup cleanses the palate, preparing everyone for the main course.
  • Main Course offers the “Seared Red Grouper with Thick & Creamy Red Curry ‘Chu Che’ Sauce and Grilled Australian AWagyu Beef Striploin with Spicy ‘Nam Tok’ Sauce served with Pickled and Grilled Vegetables.” This dish showcases premium ingredients, rich Thai flavors, and a clear reflection of Thai cuisine.
  • Dessert, named “Milk Pudding with Thai Tea Ice Cream and Berries,” concludes the meal with a sweet touch. The Thai tea, known for its unique aroma and popularity in Thai culture, is transformed into ice

cream, complementing the rich and creamy pudding and the sweetness of the berries.

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For those who love Thai cuisine, whether Thai locals or international food enthusiasts, and wish to experience the distinct Thai flavors through meticulously crafted dishes, you can make a reservation at Royal Osha. It is recognized as one of the top restaurants in Bangkok, known for creating unique Thai menus through careful preparation by Chef Vichit Mukura, a master chef specializing in Thai cuisine. He is dedicated to  every step of the cooking process, ensuring that everyone can fully savor the authentic and delicious Thai flavors.