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The beauty of Thai cuisine in Thai Fine Dining

Thai Fine Dining

The taste of Thai cuisine is widely recognized and accepted globally for its rich and well-rounded flavors, captivating the hearts of people from various cultures. Many Thai dishes and the ingredients used in Thai cooking are highly popular, earning a place in the bucket lists of those who want to experience the diverse and flavorful world of Thai food. Some menus and ingredients have become iconic and are often sought after by food enthusiasts, whether it’s to taste them locally or in their country of origin, Thailand.


One of the restaurants that provides a special culinary experience through Thai Fine Dining is the Thai Fine Dining at Royal OSHA. Royal OSHA’s Thai Fine Dining involves the use of premium ingredients from various Thai cuisines, enhancing the flavors in a fusion style. The original taste of each dish is preserved, with the perfect balance of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and spiciness characteristic of Thai cuisine. The dining experience at Royal OSHA goes beyond just taste; it encompasses the visual appeal of beautifully and elegantly decorated Thai-style presentations.

Therefore, dining at Royal OSHA is a Thai Fine Dining experience

that engages all five senses – sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch – leaving a lasting impression.

For the Royal OSHA restaurant, apart from the exceptional flavors in food and the beauty of Thai Fine Dining, there are many other interesting aspects that make this establishment worth visiting.

1. The Thai Fine Dining menu and its flavors that are unparalleled and cannot be found anywhere else

Thai Fine Dining

Royal OSHA has brought together a team of highly skilled chefs who creatively craft Thai Fine Dining menus that are not only delicious but also exciting. Only premium Thai ingredients are meticulously selected as crucial components of the dishes. Whether it’s herbs, spices, or various seasonings, each step of the cooking process involves careful thought, experimentation, and refinement to achieve the best possible taste. This dedication results in perfectly crafted menus that are ready to be served.

The preparation of Thai Fine Dining dishes requires meticulous attention and expertise from the chefs to innovate and create a fusion of Thai flavors. This process is evident in the Thai Fine Dining menu at Royal OSHA, starting from the small components of each dish, such as the dipping sauces for the Starter courses. Each dipping sauce is carefully crafted to enhance the taste, paying attention to every detail. This dedication aims to deliver perfect and visually appealing flavors to the customers.

With intricacies in flavors that stand out and a new dimension in the fusion-style culinary preparation of Thai Fine Dining at Royal OSHA, the dining experience at this Thai Fine Dining establishment is truly a rare and valuable one. For those seeking to indulge in the well- rounded and distinctive taste of this style, it is advisable to book a seat in advance to savor the Thai Fine Dining menu.

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2. Thai Culture and Thai Fine Dining Customer Service

The second highlight of dining at Royal OSHA’s Thai Fine Dining is, the beauty of the interior atmosphere meticulously decorated with a distinct Thai essence. The luxurious and elegant ambiance, along with the gentle and welcoming atmosphere, is prepared to provide the best service to customers. The exquisite ambiance extends beyond the decor to encompass the entire service, starting from the warm greetings of the staff to the excellent customer care throughout the course.

The beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant, combined with the well- crafted and graceful cultural manners of the Thai people, seamlessly integrates with the Thai Fine Dining style. Additionally, the Thai- inspired attire enhances the overall appeal, perfectly aligning with the essence of Thai Fine Dining.

Customers can expect to experience the beauty of Thai design specifically conceptualized for Thai Fine Dining during their time at Royal OSHA. The restaurant aims to create lasting memories for customers, ensuring that their visit is a delightful experience.

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3. The ingredients from all regions of Thailand gathered in a single Thai Fine Dining experience

Thai Fine Dining

Royal OSHA presents Thai Fine Dining that combines ingredients from all regions across Thailand, featuring renowned ingredients and dishes from the Northern to Southern regions. The menu is a fusion of exquisite Thai flavors, incorporating dishes from each region into a unique Thai Fine Dining experience. Customers can enjoy a culinary journey that captures the diverse tastes from all over Thailand in one Thai Fine Dining establishment.

Moreover, as the seasons change, customers dining at different times of the year can savor seasonal menus crafted with ingredients representing the distinct seasons of Thailand. Royal OSHA pays special attention to this aspect, constantly adapting and changing each menu to create a Thai Fine Dining experience that is truly one- of-a-kind.

The inspiration behind sourcing ingredients from various regions for Thai Fine Dining adds an impressive touch. Thai cuisine has been creatively adapted to align with modern dining lifestyles, gaining recognition and popularity among both Thai and international customers.

Recognizing the value of Thai ingredients and the beauty embedded in Thai culture that has globally impressed, Royal OSHA has curated every flavor to craft a delightful experience in this Thai Fine Dining establishment.

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4. The Thai Fine Dining menu crafted with premium ingredients by highly experienced chefs

For the Thai Fine Dining menu at Royal OSHA, we meticulously select premium ingredients that are fresh, clean, and carefully curated. These ingredients undergo expert preparation and refinement by Executive Chef Vichit Mukura, a leading chef in Thailand with exceptional expertise, creativity, and extensive experience in Thai culinary arts. Chef Vichit, the Executive Chef of Royal OSHA, has been a prominent figure in the Thai culinary scene for over 27 years, holding the position of Executive Thai Chef at the renowned Sala Rim Naam restaurant of the Oriental Hotel. He has also served as an instructor in the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), teaching the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC) and contributing to the training of new chefs.

In addition, Chef Vichit Mukura believes that “Thai food is not inferior to any other cuisine” and aims to craft Thai menus under the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented.” This is to ensure that both Thai nationals and foreigners can experience the complete intricacies, essential components, and the fullest flavors of Thai cuisine. This approach has led to the creation of various Thai Fine Dining menus that are meticulously crafted in every detail. The goal is to convey diverse Thai identities and allow connoisseurs to fully appreciate the authentic Thai culinary experience. For example,

  • Thong muan with Prawn Spicy Soup and Caviar: A dish that reinvents the traditional Thai snack, “Thong Muan” (Crispy  Coconut Rolls), by incorporating shrimp filling and serving it with a perfectly sized portion of Tom Yum mousse. The dish comes with Caviar mango sauce, crispy kaffir lime leaves, and is beautifully garnished with edible flowers. This creates a Thai dining experience that combines the essence of traditional flavors, the aroma of the broth, and the fragrance of herbs.
  • Lemongrass Herbal Salad with Ma-Kwaen Pomelo and Taraba

Crab Legs: This menu features spices from the Northern region, such as Indian Ivy-rue or ma-kwaen, which adds a fragrant and slightly spicy flavor. These spices are blended with a variety of Thai herbs like lemongrass, shallots, coriander stems, and various wild herbs. The salad is completed with slices of pomelo and served alongside grilled Taraba crab claws from Japan.

  • Hirame Fish Yellow Curry Young Coconut Shoots and Green

Taro with Khanom Jeen: Prepared with stems of a green taro which is a plant in the same family as the lotus root. These stems are sliced and cooked until tender in the yellow curry, imparting a sweet and tender flavor. Served with rice vermicelli and pickled vegetables as accompaniments, the dish is complemented by Hiramasa fish from Japan, cooked to perfection using traditional Japanese techniques. This enhances the aroma and tenderness of the fish, creating a unique and delightful dining experience.

Please note that the mentioned dishes are just a part of the Thai Fine Dining course at Royal OSHA. There is a diverse range of menus available for diners to choose from, including both Fine Dining and A La Carte options. If you are someone who wishes to experience unique and authentically Thai cuisine, you are welcome to explore the full menu at Royal OSHA.

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5. Reviews of Royal Osha from Local Guide food critics who have come to savor Thai Fine Dining cuisine

Thai Fine Dining

If any food enthusiast is interested in trying Thai Fine Dining but has not experienced it before, or is still unsure if it suits their dining style, reading or listening to reviews from Local Guide critics who have stopped by to taste the Thai Fine Dining cuisine and received service from Royal Osha can help make the decision easier. Real experiences and genuine opinions from Local Guides who have experienced the real taste of Thai cuisine at Royal Osha are as follows:

Mr. Kris, January 2024

“The taste of the food is very delicious. The chef has successfully maintained the authentic Thai flavors completely. Even though the presentation of the food may be slightly adjusted, the Thai taste remains 100% intact. A very good experience and an enjoyable meal!”

Mr. Chess Pisit, January 2024

“Chef Visith has truly excelled. Every dish is outstanding, and each menu requires thought, experimentation, and repetition. The effort put into each dish, including the technique of extracting the flavors of the ingredients and the combination of tastes that stand out in every dimension, is commendable. There is nothing to compare; the distinctive taste of each ingredient gradually unfolds, allowing us to truly experience the excellence of dining.”

1.GL, December 2023

“Excellent service & ambiance. Vegetarian food was good as well but the mango sticky rice dessert was exceptional! They prepared a special dessert platter for our very special celebration. Do order a cocktail – it arrives on a unique, insta worthy platter. Would highly recommend adding this place to your restaurant list when in Bangkok.”

2.Kanutsanan Thadee, August 2023

“This is a very good restaurant. The most impressive thing about this place is the service. Every staff member is well-trained and provides excellent service. They explain and give recommendations to customers about the various menus, suggesting what to eat first and what to eat later. This helps enhance the flavor of the food. As for the food menu, I highly recommend the ‘Kao Chae’ (rice soaked in iced jasmine-scented water) as the number one dish. Even though we may only have it once a year, I encourage everyone to try and experience the delightful taste of Kao Chae, which is truly impressive.”

3. Nok Thanakit, May 2023

“I am impressed with the service atmosphere. The food is meticulously crafted and beautifully presented. The taste is delicious, and foreigners can also enjoy it.”

4. Napharat Tangkitthaworn, 2020

“Authentic Thai food. This is the real taste of Thai cuisine presented in a modern way. Every dish is thoughtfully designed with the right combination, and each dish comes with its own story. The staff here is awesome, providing the best service. The prices are relatively high for local standards, but it’s worth it. The authentic taste of Thai food is truly delicious, with a well-thought-out combination of ingredients. The flavor profiles are well-rounded and sophisticated. The staff provides excellent service, and every detail is taken care of, including amenities like mouthwash and dental floss even in the restroom, prepared in case we need them for our next destination. They pay attention to every detail.”

5. Numage, 2019

“Great tasting food with great presentation, I have to say it exceeded my expectations. There for an 8 course set menu “The Delight Thai Twist ” when

there was a 4 for 3 promotion. The restaurant was decorated in a mix of modern and traditional Thai style and is very elegant. The Staff were friendly and took their time to explain the delicacy of each dish as well as giving us a second floor tour. A recommended place for people who love fine dining.”

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6. The award for Royal Osha, guaranteed to be one of the top Thai Fine Dining establishments in the country

Apart from the reviews received by Royal Osha from real Local Guide food critics who have visited and experienced Thai Fine Dining, Royal Osha has also been honored with various awards, confirming its status as one of the top Thai Fine Dining establishments in Thailand. For those who appreciate Thai cuisine, both locals and foreigners are encouraged to visit and experience it at least once to explore the intricate details of Thai cuisine, complete with flavors and all the components that define Thai gastronomy.

Royal Osha has received the following awards:

  • Michelin Guide Guarantee Award: Received in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. This award is based on the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, and consistency. It attests to the quality and taste of Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha for six consecutive years.
  • User’s Choice Wongnai Award and Wongnai Award: Received in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. These awards are based on reviews from those who have dined and experienced the restaurant. They are given to establishments that effectively cater to the Thai lifestyle in terms of food.
  • Thai Select Premium Guarantee Award: Received in 2019 and 2022. This award is granted to restaurants with outstanding quality, beautiful decoration, and excellent service, scoring above 90 points. It also requires that the restaurant exclusively serves authentic Thai cuisine.
  • Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award: is a recognition that Royal Osha has received in the years 2017, 2018, and 2020. This prestigious award is presented by the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants guidebook, which curates top-tier dining establishments with exceptional 5-star rated flavors. These restaurants have the ability to impress important guests and tourists with their outstanding Thai cuisine. Royal Osha, being a Thai Fine Dining establishment, has successfully conveyed the identity of Thai cuisine, contributing to its widespread recognition and earning this award for three consecutive years.
  • HELLO! Taste Award Guarantee: Received in 2022. This award is chosen by food critics and celebrities, reflecting the quality, taste, and premium appearance of the food. This recognition reaffirms that Royal Osha, as a Thai Fine Dining establishment, is highly esteemed in Thailand, gaining significant popularity for its excellence in various aspects.

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7. Experience the Thai fine dining at Royal Osha in the heart of Bangkok

Thai fine dining

Royal Osha is a Thai Fine Dining restaurant located on Wireless Road, Ruamrudee Alley, Lumphini Subdistrict, Pathum Wan District, which is considered a prime location in the heart of Bangkok.

Situated close to important landmarks such as embassies, shopping centers, educational institutions, hospitals, private companies, and significant business establishments in Thailand, it offers easy accessibility. However, the popularity of Royal Osha is not only due

to its location but also because of its diverse Thai cuisine menu. It offers a variety of options for diners, including Set Menu where the chef meticulously prepares each course to ensure harmony in flavors. The Full Course is meticulously crafted to offer a complete Thai Fine Dining experience, including starters, main courses, and desserts, each meticulously prepared to showcase the uniqueness of Thai cuisine. Additionally, there’s an A La Carte option for those who prefer to choose individual dishes, catering to diners who may want to sample specific items or prefer single-dish meals.


Each of these styles offers a different number of dishes and menus designed to cater to the diverse dining lifestyles of diners, ensuring that Royal Osha’s Thai Fine Dining experience meets the highest standards. Additionally, Royal Osha’s Thai Fine Dining incorporates ingredients from both local and international sources, blending them together to create dishes that cater to the varied palates and preferences of diners from different nationalities and cultures. As a result, visitors to Royal Osha seeking a unique and premium Thai Fine Dining experience in the heart of Bangkok include both Thai locals and foreigners eager to explore the distinctive flavors and premium dining experience it offers.


Therefore, for anyone seeking a Thai Fine Dining restaurant for business discussions or special celebrations conveniently located in the heart of the city, with a diverse menu that caters to both Thai and international dining styles, accompanied by attentive service that leaves a lasting impression, Royal Osha is the ideal choice. You can make a reservation at Royal Osha by visiting their website or contacting them at 02-256-6551.


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