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Introducing the Michelin Guide and Reasons Behind the Popularity of Restaurant Michelin Guide

The Michelin Guide is an award that many food enthusiasts are likely familiar with and hold in high regard. This is because the Michelin Guide award guarantees the quality and standards of restaurants, whether it’s regarding the ingredients used in cooking, the cooking process, menu presentation, value for money, or customer service. These establishments must pass rigorous evaluation criteria from Michelin Guide restaurant inspectors to be awarded the prestigious Michelin Guide accolade. Moreover, if a restaurant consistently receives this honor for several years, it signifies its ability to maintain exceptional quality and standards.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore what the Michelin Guide is, its evaluation criteria, who the inspectors are, and the reasons

behind the widespread popularity of Michelin Guide restaurants. Additionally, we’ll introduce “Royal Osha,” a fine dining Thai restaurant that has been honored with the Michelin Guide award for up to 6 consecutive years, a must-visit for true Thai food enthusiasts.

1. What is the Michelin Guide? Why do Thai and international food enthusiasts prefer dining with Restaurant Michelin Guide?

Michelin Guide

The Michelin Guide is a travel guidebook created by the French tire company Michelin. Within the guidebook, you can find travel information, tourist destinations, and various restaurants worth visiting. When traveling through certain routes, especially in France, there are short reviews and rankings for different types of restaurants, including luxurious dining, fine dining, street food, or general restaurants. Every restaurant has the chance to receive a Michelin Guide rating because the evaluation criteria of Michelin Guide focus on real quality, ingredients, and genuine service. The inspectors, who possess integrity, understanding, and profound knowledge of the food industry, conduct evaluations. Therefore, the Michelin Guide award serves as a guarantee of the deliciousness, quality, and excellent service of each restaurant. This assurance leads both Thai and international food enthusiasts to prefer dining with Restaurant Michelin Guide.

2. Criteria for Evaluating Restaurant Michelin Guide and Requirements for Michelin Guide Awards

In evaluating Michelin Guide restaurants, inspectors use the same set of criteria to ensure assessments align with Michelin standards. Only when a restaurant meets all the criteria does it receive a Michelin Guide award. The evaluation criteria for Michelin Guide include:

  • Quality of Ingredients: This criterion assesses the overall quality of ingredients used in the restaurant, consideringfactors such as cleanliness, freshness, and safety.
  • Culinary Techniques: Inspectors evaluate the culinary techniques employed in food preparation and presentation. They assess whether chefs can skillfully extract flavors from ingredients, demonstrating expertise, mastery, and refinement.
  • Chef’s Unique Identity Expressed Through Cuisine: This criterion evaluates the unique identity of the chef conveyed through the food, ensuring that the restaurant’s menu reflects the chef’s distinctive style, making the dishes of Restaurant Michelin Guide stands out.
  • Value for Money: Evaluators consider whether the price of the food is commensurate with the quality of ingredients, taste, and service provided by the Restaurant Michelin Guide.
  • Consistency: This criterion assesses the consistency of the restaurant’s quality and standards across all aspects, ensuring that the restaurant maintains its original quality and standards. Consistency in maintaining standards is a key expectation of Michelin Guide.

These criteria collectively ensure that Michelin Guide restaurants consistently deliver exceptional quality, making them worthy of receiving Michelin Guide awards.

3. Who are the evaluators of Restaurant Michelin Guide and what does each Michelin Guide star mean?

Michelin Guide

The inspectors of the Restaurant Michelin Guide are Michelin Group- appointed inspectors who are experts with experience in the food industry, restaurants, hotels, or related fields. This ensures that all evaluations adhere to Michelin standards and are based on the inspectors’ integrity, understanding, and genuine knowledge.

Michelin Guide inspectors have no affiliations or relationships with

other organizations. They pay the full cost for each meal and conduct evaluations anonymously to prevent special treatment or bias. Evaluations and decisions are made collectively among multiple inspectors who visit and dine at a Restuarant Michelin Guide. This ensures that Michelin Guide’s quality and standards are highly reliable, providing assurance to food enthusiasts that awarded restaurants meet Michelin Guide standards unquestionably. As for Michelin Guide awards, many food enthusiasts recognize them through the term “stars.” Stars are divided into three categories, each with its meaning:

  • Michelin Guide 1 Star: Represents a Michelin Guide restaurant of high quality worth stopping by to experience.
  • Michelin Guide 2 Stars: Represents an excellent Michelin Guide restaurant worth a detour from the planned route to visit.
  • Michelin Guide 3 Stars: Represents an exceptional restaurant worthy of a special trip, often located farther away, for an extraordinary dining experience.

4. “Royal Osha”, a Restaurant Michelin Guide that has received Michelin Guide awards for up to 6 consecutive years

Royal Osha is one of the Restaurant Michelin Guide that has received Michelin Guide awards for up to 6 consecutive years. This recognition stems from Royal Osha being reviewed by both Thai and international food enthusiasts as a Michelin Guide restaurant with delicious cuisine, premium quality ingredients, meticulous presentation, and excellent service. It is considered to meet the evaluation criteria of Michelin Guide, and Royal Osha has maintained its quality and standards according to the criteria, resulting in receiving the aforementioned award consistently for several years. When it comes to fine dining Thai cuisine, Royal Osha has earned the trust of food enthusiasts who wish to return to savor its offerings once again.

Every Thai dish at Royal Osha undergoes a meticulous selection of

seasonal ingredients, ensuring freshness, cleanliness, and safety. These ingredients are carefully crafted by Executive Chef Visit Mukura, a highly skilled chef with over 40 years of experience in the culinary industry. Chef Visit Mukura, also known as Chef Vit, is esteemed as a master chef, having served as head chef at the renowned “Rim Naam” Thai restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel since the age of 24. In this role, he managed a team of up to 32 members and gained a stellar reputation for the restaurant, positioning it at the forefront of Thai cuisine for an impressive 27 years. Additionally, Chef Vit serves as an instructor at the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), teaching in the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC) and nurturing a new generation of talented chefs in the culinary world.

Chef Visit Mukura’s experiences with diverse cuisines have led him to continuously innovate and elevate the standards of Thai cuisine, aiming for global recognition. This aspiration gave birth to “Royal Osha,” a Thai Restaurant Michelin Guide, co-founded with Khun Supapitch and Khun Kewalin Phithayanoon. Their vision was to showcase that Thai cuisine is on par with any other cuisine worldwide. The menu at Royal Osha reflects this vision, with each dish meticulously crafted to embody Thai identity through authentic flavors, vibrant presentation, and rich storytelling. The menu sequence is thoughtfully designed to offer diners a complete Thai culinary experience, complemented by attentive service from the chef and staff. Dining at Royal Osha ensures that every penny spent is worthwhile, providing an immersive and unforgettable Fine Dining Michelin Guide experience. Therefore, for enthusiasts of Thai cuisine or those seeking an exceptional dining experience, Royal Osha, as one of the Restaurant Michelin Guide, is the perfect choice for any occasion.

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5. Introducing the Michelin Guide menu of Royal Osha, a Restaurant Michelin Guide favored by both Thai and international diners

For the Thai menu featured in the Michelin Guide of Royal Osha, there has been careful curation to distinctly represent Thai cuisine, following the concept that ‘Thai food is no less than any other cuisine’ because it is comprehensive, diverse, visually appealing, and possesses flavors that adhere to the seven fundamental tastes of ancient Thai cuisine, which are sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent. Additionally, traditional local herbs are used in cooking, providing both deliciousness and health benefits, making it a signature of ancient Thai cuisine. Furthermore, Royal Osha selects ingredients according to seasons or the concept of ‘Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,’ aiming to convey culture, stories, lifestyles, and eating habits of Thai people by blending modern interpretations with traditional Thai culinary aesthetics. It is believed that consuming seasonal food according to traditional Thai medicine contributes to strengthening the body and enhancing immunity.

With the selection of seasonal ingredients, Royal Osha’s menu undergoes changes or rotations, ensuring that regular diners or enthusiasts can enjoy Thai cuisine at Royal Osha without boredom. Moreover, in every season, there are dishes representing all four regions of Thailand—North, South, Central, and Northeast— allowing everyone to experience the taste of new Thai dishes in each season and region, each with its completeness and unique characteristics. Royal Osha’s Michelin Guide menu is divided into three seasons: Hot Season, Rainy Season, and Cool Season, each offering different digestive appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. Set menus and à la carte options are available for diners to choose according to their preferences. Here are some recommended dishes from Royal Osha, a Restaurant Michelin Guide, that diners should not miss:


  • Khao Chae Original by Royal Osha is the number one dish of Royal Osha that anyone who has tasted it will surely want to return for another try. This dish is made from jasmine rice soaked in Thai flower-scented mineral water with a pH value of 8.88, soaked overnight to extract the fragrant scent similar to jasmine and pandan leaves. It is served with a combination of 7 traditional palace-style condiments: including shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots with dried fish, stuffed chili with minced pork and shrimp, fried salted egg yolk, stir-fried pork with tamarind chili sauce, sweet stir-fried fish, and stir-fried sweet preserved radish. It’s accompanied by carved vegetables like finger root, spring onions, green mango, and cucumber.


  • Kanom Jeen Royal Osha is a gourmet dish that elevates rice vermicelli to the level of fine dining. There are three variations available: Kanom Jeen with coconut curry sauce, Kanom Jeen with Fish Curry Sauce with Vegetables, and Kanom Jeen with Coconut Milk and Fish Ball. The rice vermicelli is freshly made, chewy, and soft, while the curry fillings are rich and fragrant with coconut milk, herbs, and spices. Diners who have tasted them will experience the premium quality ingredients in every bite.


  • Southern Style Rice Berry and Thai Herbs Salad is a dish that combines a variety of ingredients. It incorporates the traditional Southern Thai dish of spicy rice salad, using premium quality ingredients such as brown rice from Chiang Rai province, along with herbs and other fine ingredients like perilla seed, tiny anchovy, job’s tears, pomelo, mango, carrot, green beans, red onions, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves. These ingredients are mixed with a special dressing crafted by Royal Osha, which includes a hint of freshly squeezed lime juice. This results in the Royal Osha Recipe Spicy Rice Salad being exceptionally fragrant and delicious.


In addition to the aforementioned dishes like Khao Chae, Kanom Jeen, and Southern style rice berry and Thai herbs salad, Royal Osha also offers a variety of other menu options for diners to choose from. These options may include seasonal set menus, which may undergo changes or be available only for certain periods. Therefore, for diners interested in trying out these various dishes mentioned above,they can contact or follow updates on Royal Osha’s Facebook page: Royal Osha Bangkok.


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6. Review of Royal Osha from a Restaurant Michelin Guide review page that guarantees the deliciousness worthy of its Michelin Guide awards.

Royal Osha, a Restaurant Michelin Guide, not only holds the prestigious Michelin Guide award but also receives rave reviews from real diners on restaurant review pages and websites dedicated to reviewing Michelin Guide restaurants. These reviews further attest to the quality and standards of Royal Osha, proving that it lives up to its Michelin Guide award, which it has held for six consecutive years.

Gourmet Cuisine (

“Royal Osha is the first Thai restaurant to receive the Thai Fine Dining distinction. In addition to having Chef Vichit Mukura, who shares the same dedication to enhancing the delicacy and meticulousness in crafting authentic Thai Fine Dining cuisine, they also have Khun Putt- Kavelin Pitayanukul, the younger sister of Khun Jun, who has a passion for cooking. She completed her hotel studies in Switzerland and culinary studies in England. She reveals that the concept of all the dishes is ‘Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,’ which reflects the beauty of traditional Thai cuisine in taste, appearance, and aroma, served in a modern style. They also select ingredients from various provinces across Thailand, resulting in a menu that rotates with the seasons and is full of local identity.”

“Each dish is packed with the authentic flavors of traditional Thai cuisine and is definitely worth the price.”

“The interior design of the restaurant perfectly complements the concept of the cuisine, with a modern Thai-Victorian style that contrasts dark tones with pure gold from genuine gold leaf. The atmosphere exudes the aroma of ancient palace prestige. On the floating shelf, you can see mural paintings telling stories of glory, and the most outstanding feature is undoubtedly the large, magnificent chandelier in the shape of a royal crown.”

Krua Baan Pim (Facebook)

“For those who enjoy authentic Thai flavors with a modern twist, in a contemporary Thai atmosphere… I would like to recommend this restaurant, Royal Osha Thai Restaurant & Bar. Not only does it present dishes that make me exclaim in awe, but the flavors of the food also leave me feeling equally impressed. It’s that classic Thai taste that is both comforting and deep. No matter how many times you dine here, you’ll be impressed every time.”

Eat and Travel Diary (

“First and foremost, let’s indulge in the ambiance of a restaurant that boasts a beautiful Thai setting with an international modern flair.

Here, the decoration emphasizes deep, rich tones juxtaposed with gold, reflecting the essence of Thai identity. Despite the dark color scheme, the restaurant doesn’t feel cramped. The high ceilings create an airy and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, Thai elements are incorporated throughout the restaurant, with the most prominent feature being the large, stunning chandelier in the shape of a royal crown, which is captivating and eye-catching. It sits prominently on the grand staircase leading to the second floor, making it a must-capture moment with your camera or smartphone. Upon reaching the second floor, one can truly appreciate the beauty of Thai culture, with famous literary works recognized globally, such as Ramayana, prominently displayed on the walls, adding delight to the eyes. This upper level can also serve as a space for private events, cocktail parties, or gatherings with friends comfortably.”

“Not only can you enjoy beautifully presented Thai cuisine, but you can also indulge in the rich, authentic flavors of Thailand. The stunning and eye-catching ambiance of the restaurant truly enhances the dining experience. Royal Osha is undoubtedly another excellent choice for Fine Thai Dining. For those who love Thai food in such beautiful settings, a visit to Osha on Ruamrudee Intersection, near Wireless Road, will surely capture your heart.”

A Day Bulletin (

“The menu and ingredients at Royal Osha are presented at their finest during the optimal times, ensuring that each dish reflects the seasonality and utilizes the best ingredients available at that time. This meticulous curation ensures that the flavors are at their peak, maintaining the original essence of Thai taste while enriching them with layers of depth. The incorporation of Thai herbs and spices in every dish adds a subtle yet distinctive touch, enhancing the overall dining experience. Additionally, by sourcing high-quality local ingredients from various provinces across Thailand, Royal Osha not only crafts exquisite dishes but also supports Thai farmers, creating culinary masterpieces that showcase the best flavors of Thailand.”

“Royal Osha distinctly showcases Thai cultural heritage, starting from its interior design, which emphasizes a modern Thai aesthetic with hints of ancient palace grandeur. The dark tones complemented by genuine gold reflect the essence of Thai identity. Every detail exudes Thai influence, from the murals depicting scenes from the Ramayna, to the Thai-patterned motifs adorning every corner of the restaurant. The highlight of the venue is undoubtedly the large, breathtaking chandelier in the shape of a royal crown, adorned with sparkling gems, which captivates visitors from the moment they step inside. All of these elements come together to create an unforgettable dining experience, rich with the cultural sophistication of Royal Osha.”

“It’s worth noting that Royal Osha offers more than just ‘table service’ style dining. They provide a diverse range of à la carte and set menu

options to cater to every preference. Whether you’re seeking to savor the flavors on a leisurely day or indulge in a special culinary experience, Royal Osha welcomes you to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.”

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7. Reserve your seat at a Restaurant Michelin Guide that embodies Thai culture in the style of Fine Dining Michelin Guide today!

Michelin Guide

For Thai food enthusiasts and foreigners who wish to experience dining in Thai Fine Dining style at Royal Osha, a Restaurant Michelin Guide that showcases Thai identity through every Thai dish, every touch, with complete taste, ingredients, and components in accordance with authentic Thai cuisine. It’s presented in a way that allows diners to easily access the Thai essence in detail, making Thai Michelin Guide menus from the skilled chefs of Royal Osha accessible to both Thai and foreign diners, suitable for dining on any occasion. Located in the heart of the city for convenient travel, so anyone interested in opening the experience of dining in Thai cuisine with premium taste, quality, and service can inquire for more details or reserve seats through various channels as follows:


Line Official: @royalosha

Contact number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571

Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok



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