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Discover Michelin Restaurant Near me on Wireless Road: Conveniently Located and Beloved by Chill Food Enthusiasts


“Michelin restaurant near me” is often sought after by many food enthusiasts as a valuable resource for discovering delightful dining establishments in close proximity to their location or current coordinates. However, when searching for “Michelin Restaurant Near Me,” individuals may encounter a plethora of dining options, which can pose a challenge in selecting the ideal venue. Hence, this article presents a recommendation for a Michelin Restaurant Near Me, namely “Royal Osha,” a Thai Fine Dining establishment situated in the heart of the city. Renowned for its accessibility and ability to cater to diverse dining preferences on any occasion, Royal Osha is cherished by both local and international food enthusiasts, having earned six consecutive Michelin Guide awards. Additionally, this

article will provide suggestions for other Michelin-style restaurants nearby and highlight nearby tourist attractions not to be missed while visiting Royal Osha, a Michelin Restaurant Near Me.

1. Royal Osha: Fine Dining Thai Cuisine, A Michelin Restaurant Near Me on Wireless Road – Delightful Satisfaction with Every Meal

Michelin Restaurant Near Me

“Royal Osha” is a Michelin Restaurant Near Me located on Wireless Road, at the corner of Ruamrudee Soi, on the left-hand side before exiting Wireless Road. It is considered a centrally located spot that is easily accessible, whether by public transportation such as the BTS (Phloen Chit Station) or MRT (Lumphini Station), or by private car. Royal Osha, a Thai Fine Dining restaurant, has been awarded the Michelin Guide for 6 consecutive years, as well as many other awards. It guarantees the quality of fresh, clean, and safe ingredients, carefully selected and skillfully crafted by chefs who employ unique techniques. Thai cuisine is presented in a way that both Thai and international diners can easily access, allowing them to experience the essence of Thai culture through every bite.

Importantly, regardless of the duration, Royal Osha maintains consistency and offers good value for every penny spent, meeting the standards of the Michelin Guide evaluation criteria.

Furthermore, the menu at Royal Osha Michelin Restaurant Near Me offers a diverse selection, whether it’s the Set Menu, carefully curated by chefs from appetizers, main courses, to desserts, or the A La Carte option, providing diners with a choice based on preference. Therefore, the menu at Royal Osha Michelin Restaurant Near Me on Wireless Road caters to every dining occasion, whether it’s a special celebration, a fine dinner, or any meal, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable culinary experience. Hence, for anyone seeking a Michelin Restaurant Near Me offering Thai Fine Dining, a visit to Royal Osha is a must.


Click here to access Royal Osha’s reservation page.

2. The Michelin Restaurant Near Me, Royal Osha, meticulously crafts every dish from skilled chefs, earning the Michelin Guide award for 6 consecutive years.

Royal Osha, a Michelin Restaurant Near Me, meticulously crafts every dish under the expertise of Chef Wichit Mukura, the Executive Chef of Royal Osha, who has over 40 years of experience in the Thai culinary scene. Beginning as an apprentice in his mother’s kitchen at the age of 24, Chef Wichit rose to become the head chef, overseeing a team of up to 32 members at the renowned “Riverside” Thai restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for 27 years. During this time, he garnered significant acclaim for the restaurant, positioning it at the forefront of Thai cuisine in Thailand. Additionally, he shared his knowledge and expertise as an instructor at the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), where he helped train numerous aspiring chefs through the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC). However, because Chef Visitt desires to try new things with determination and wants to utilize his knowledge and abilities to elevate the Thai culinary scene to be recognized and renowned worldwide, ‘Royal Osha’ Michelin Restaurant Near Me was born. It has been awarded the Michelin Guide for up to 6 consecutive years. By joining hands together to create a Thai-style fine dining restaurant with Khun Supapitch Pithyanukul and Khun Kewalin Pithyanukul to convey the Thai identity through Thai cuisine under the concept that ‘Thai food is no less than any other nation’s,’ to allow Thai and international food connoisseurs to experience Thai cuisine with full flavor, complete components, and beautiful colors, following the original Thai recipes, combined with the use of local herbs that not only enhance the taste but also nourish the body simultaneously. With dedication to conveying the Thai identity through every dish, offering delicious, clean, fresh food at a reasonable price, and providing a variety of dishes to choose from, Royal Osha has become another Michelin Restaurant Near Me where both Thai and international patrons frequently visit. Click here to visit Royal Osha’s main page.

3. Savor Authentic Thai Cuisine Infused with Seasonal Ingredients: Experience Michelin Restaurant Near Me at Royal Osha

Michelin Restaurant Near Me

The selection of ingredients at the Michelin restaurant near me, Royal Osha, involves meticulous steps to ensure the highest quality, freshness, cleanliness, and safety of the ingredients used in cooking. The highlight of Royal Osha’s ingredient selection process lies in choosing and utilizing seasonal ingredients. This approach stems from Chef Vishit Mukura’s concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” which aims to convey Thai culture, stories, lifestyle, and culinary heritage.

The seasonal ingredient selection process is inspired by the traditional Thai practice of using ingredients that are popular in each season to redefine Thai cuisine into a modern style that seamlessly blends with the aesthetics of Thai flavors, textures, and aromas. This ensures that Thai dishes are rich in variety, visually appealing, and possess the balanced flavors characteristic of authentic Thai cuisine, which traditionally includes all seven tastes in one meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent.

Moreover, the concept of “food as medicine” is incorporated by incorporating locally sourced herbs, vegetables, and Thai medicinal herbs with beneficial properties into the dishes. This aligns with the principles of Thai traditional medicine, which aims to promote good health and strengthen immunity.

By combining seasonal ingredients with medicinal herbs, vegetables, and spices, dishes are prepared in all four regions of Thailand, including the North, South, Central, and Northeast regions. This ensures that everyone can experience the diverse flavors of Thai cuisine according to each season and region, with a complete range of tastes. As a result, the menu at the Michelin Restaurant Near Me,

Royal Osha, continuously evolves, allowing diners to explore new culinary experiences throughout the year.

Therefore, for Thai food enthusiasts who also prioritize their health, visiting Michelin Restaurant Near Me, Royal Osha for a fine dining experience is a must. Every dish is meticulously crafted, from ingredient selection to presentation, showcasing the richness of Thai culture, lifestyle, and charm through the art of cooking. This elevates the standard of Thai cuisine and offers both Thai and international diners a fresh perspective on Thai gastronomy, enhancing their dining experience significantly.

Click here to visit Royal Osha’s main page.

4. Royal Osha: Michelin Restaurant Near Me Featuring 3 Seasonal Menus, Delighting Palates with Thai Cuisine and Nourishing the Body with a 2-in-1 Approach

The menu at Royal Osha restaurant near me selects ingredients according to the seasons, resulting in menu changes corresponding to each season. These seasons can be divided into three: hot season (summer), rainy season, and cool season (winter). Each season features different appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Here are some recommended dishes from Royal Osha restaurant that food enthusiasts should not miss:

  • HOKKAIDO SCALLOP AND ACACIA LEAVES, PICKLED GARLIC AND BITTER NUT IN RED CURRY: This dish is meticulously crafted from scallops from Hokkaido, cooked until fragrant, and served with a special curry sauce from the southern region. The sauce blends the heat of various herbs such as sa-tor, cha-om, and cha-phlu leaves, complemented by ikura (salmon roe) to balance the spicy, salty, and sweet flavors perfectly.
  • BLUE CRAB MEAT WITH LEMONGRASS COCONUT RELISH SERVED WITH MIXED VEGETABLES: This dish features large, tender crab meat cooked in aromatic and rich coconut milk, combined with various herbs for a sweet and salty taste from the coconut milk and a salty-sour flavor from the herbs. It is served with lotus stem, white turmeric, and eggplant, which are popular accompaniments since ancient times and is another must-try Thai dish.
  • DEEP-FRIED CARABINEROS AND WILD BETEL LEAVES FRITTERS WITH ROYAL OSHA MAYONNAISE AND MUSTARD SAUCE & SEARED HOKKAIDO SCALLOP WITH SPICY THAI HERB SALAD: This dish is made from Spanish red shrimp fried to perfection and served with a signature sauce “Royal Osha Mayonnaise and Mustard Sauce.” It is served with grilled scallops crafted from quality and fresh scallops, cooked until golden brown, topped with ikura, and accompanied by a variety of Thai herbs.
  • SEARED RED GROUPER WITH THICK & CREAMY RED CURRY “CHU CHE” SAUCE AND GRILLED AUSTRALIAN WAGYU BEEF STRIPLOIN WITH SPICY “NAM TOK” SAUCE SERVED WITH PICKLED AND GRILLED VEGETABLES: This Surf & Turf dish combines seafood and red meat in one plate. It features red grouper cooked until crispy and tender, served with a rich Chu Che sauce, and grilled Australian Wagyu beef served with Nam Tok sauce, served with a complete set of stir- fried vegetables.
  • THAI STYLE SPICY AND SOUR SOUP WITH OCTOPUS TENTACLE: This dish is made from giant squid tentacles, premium quality and fresh, cooked to perfection and served with a golden yellow soup. The soup has a rich and intense flavor from the carefully prepared kumquat cooked with various herbs to enhance the aroma. It is served with syphon that help absorb the fragrant oils from the herbs into the soup excellently.

Click here to visit the Royal Osha menu page.

5. Other Michelin Restaurants Near me along Wireless Road, offer various styles for food enthusiasts to explore and savor

Michelin Restaurants Near me

Here are some other Michelin-style restaurants near me on Wireless Road where food enthusiasts can visit and enjoy:

  • Saneh Chan Restaurant: This is an ancient Thai restaurant that uses traditional recipes or ancient seasoning methods. It offers a variety of dining options such as A La Carte, Lunch Set, Dinner Set, or vegetarian option food. The menu includes appetizers, soups, main dishes, and desserts. It is located on Wireless Road, approximately 200 meters away from Royal Osha restaurant.


  • Misho: This is a Japanese restaurant that offers a variety of Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, ramen, tempura, and tonkatsu. All dishes are made with fresh ingredients, both raw and cooked. It is located on Wireless Road, approximately 260 meters away from Royal Osha restaurant.

Khao Restaurant: This is an ancient Thai restaurant that offers a variety of dining options including single dishes, rice dishes, and set menus. It offers a wide range of menu items such as soups, curries, stir-fries, fried dishes, steamed dishes, and baked dishes. It also has snacks and desserts to choose from. It is located on Wireless Road, approximately 450 meters away from Royal Osha restaurant.

6. Tourist Attractions Near Royal Osha, the Michelin Restaurant Near Me – Must-Visit Destinations

Here are some nearby tourist attractions that food enthusiasts should not miss when visiting the Michelin-starred restaurant near me, Royal Osha:

  • The Green Bridge, Lumpini Park-Benchakitti Park (Lumpini Park side): This is a must-visit tourist attraction for anyone who loves photography. It is a popular check-in spot with a long green bridge and large shady trees, perfect for leisurely walks, cycling, or taking lots of photos. It is only 100 meters away from Royal Osha restaurant.
  • Lumpini Park: This is a green space where food enthusiasts can relax, unwind, and walk off their meals in a pleasant environment after dining at Royal Osha restaurant. Visitors can enjoy strolling and leisurely enjoying their food after sightseeing and taking photos on the green bridge. It is approximately 300 meters away from Royal Osha restaurant.

Mr. Kukrit’s Heritage House: This museum, over 100 years old, is surrounded by lush greenery and decorated with luxurious furnishings. It houses antique items and artifacts that are a legacy of the Kukrit family for visitors to admire. It is located approximately 1.7 kilometers away from Royal Osha restaurant.

7. Secure Your Table in Advance for the Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha, the Michelin Restaurant Near Me

Michelin Restaurant Near Me

If anyone is looking for a Michelin Restaurant Near Me, conveniently located in the heart of the city on Wireless Road, “Royal Osha” is definitely a great choice to satisfy food connoisseurs. With a variety of Thai menu options carefully selected from high-quality ingredients and curated by experienced chefs like Chef Wichit Mukura, who expertly embodies the essence of Thai cuisine in every bite, accompanied by an interior atmosphere that exudes the essence of Thailand in every detail, it is suitable for dining on any occasion.

Whether Thai food enthusiasts or foreigners, they will surely be delighted. Therefore, food enthusiasts who want to experience the deliciousness of Thai Fine Dining at Royal Osha, the Michelin-starred restaurant near me, can book a table in advance or inquire for more details through various channels as follows:


Line Official: @royalosha

Contact Number: 02-256-6555 or 085-489-0571

Facebook: Royal Osha Bangkok