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Fine Dining Bangkok with its perfectly balanced flavors offers a delightful and fulfilling experience at Royal Osha.


As Royal Osha, the Thai Fine Dining restaurant, opens up a new culinary experience for those who love and appreciate Thai cuisine, they can now savor the exquisite taste of Thai cuisine right in the heart of Bangkok, a city that serves as a hub for economy and convenient travel. Tourists can easily make reservations to indulge in the restaurant’s offerings, confident that every visitor will receive the finest service and a complete, delightful culinary experience – encompassing presentation, taste, aroma, and texture of the food.

1. Fine Dining Bangkok and Royal Osha:

Fine Dining Bangkok

Royal Osha stands as one of the most exquisite and luxurious dining establishments in the heart of Bangkok. Ready to serve Fine Dining set menus, full-course meals, and a la carte options twice a day – for both lunch and dinner – Royal Osha caters to various occasions, whether it’s a relaxing meal, a date, a business meeting, or any important appointment. The restaurant is always ready to welcome guests without disappointment. All it takes is an advance reservation to allow the restaurant to prepare fully and provide customers with the best possible experience during their visit. Located at the beginning of Ruamrude

Alley in the vibrant area of Ploenchit-Witthayu, Royal Osha is situated in the central part of a bustling business district, hosting embassies, large corporations, hotels, hospitals, universities, and schools. This area is renowned for its colorful and lifestyle-rich atmosphere. Importantly, it is a central and convenient district with high security from nearby government offices. Undoubtedly, this area boasts a high quality of life, and Royal Osha, nestled in the heart of the city, holds a prestigious position in one of Thailand’s most valuable and elite locations.


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2. The Fusion of Cuisines from Every Region in One Fine Dining Bangkok Meal

Carefully selected menus, ingredients, and seasonings from every region are sent to the central kitchen of Royal Osha. Here, they are used to craft each Fine Dining dish with completeness and distinctiveness. The kitchen incorporates flavors and elements from diverse regions, ensuring that each dish in the Fine Dining menu is rich in taste and possesses a unique identity. This is notably evident in the restaurant’s full-course set menu, such as the ‘Ramayana Set.

  • It will be a course menu derived from new menus that undergo changes to offer variety according to seasons and ingredients. The menus are designed, seasoned, and use ingredients based on dishes from different regions in Thailand.”


  • “There is a concept of courses that allows customers to choose specific dishes prepared in various formats, such as grilling, steaming, frying, baking, stewing, and the classic Thai-style salad.”


  • “The highlight of selecting the Ramanaya course lies in the diversity of flavors from every region, starting from the course’s starter menu all the way to the dessert.”


  • “The charm of indulging in this course menu set lies in the vibrant decoration and meticulous presentation of each dish, along with paired beverage recipes that complement the course.

The careful arrangement of courses and the flavors that customers will experience in this course make it especially precious. However, if customers prefer to enjoy a small meal a la carte, they can choose and delight in the dishes from each region, one plate at a time.


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3. The Fine Dining Eating Style Designed for the Ultimate Experience

Fine Dining Bangkok


Royal Osha’s Fine Dining experience in Bangkok is considered a luxurious dining experience that impresses every visitor. It combines the traditional Thai dining culture with a modern touch, adapting it to the present era.

Following the structure of Fine Dining, the Thai cuisine at Royal Osha is crafted with interesting and admirable details, showcasing the chef’s skill in preparing Thai flavors. The dishes are designed to offer the perfect balance of taste, presenting Thai flavors in a quantity that satisfies without compromising the fullness of taste. The course menu starts with starters served in the right portion, stimulating the appetite gradually for the subsequent courses. The excellence in taste and attention to creative details has earned Royal Osha recognition as one of Thailand’s top Fine Dining restaurants, standing out as a pioneer in the country. It is also one of the restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide, making it a confident recommendation for friends, family, and anyone seeking a special meal in a truly Thai atmosphere.


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4. Royal Osha designs Thai cuisine in a vegan style for everyone

Thai food is delicious and nutritionally rich, rivaling any cuisine in the world. Currently, there is a wide variety of popular Thai dishes that have gained international market attention. Many of these dishes are widely accepted and praised as the best-tasting food globally. Numerous foreigners are drawn to Thai cuisine for its full range of flavors and ingredients. However, simultaneously, there is a group of foreign consumers with food allergies, particularly to essential Thai seasonings such as oyster sauce, peanuts, or those following a vegan lifestyle who avoid animal products. This group may range from strict vegans to those with less stringent preferences, including vegetarians and omnivores.

Recognizing this diversity in dietary preferences, Royal Osha has designed a menu to cater to the needs of consumers of all types. The menu includes vegan options without any ingredients or sauces derived from animal products. The dishes still maintain an exquisite and luxurious taste, true to the style of Fine Dining. Additionally, if customers have specific requests, such as reducing the spiciness of a particular dish, they can communicate with the staff, and the restaurant is ready to adjust and prepare the best possible menu for all guests.


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5. Fine Dining Bangkok Opens an Exquisite Dining Experience, the Value You Deserve

Fine Dining Bangkok

Dining in luxury in the heart of the city, which is a central hub of tourism in Bangkok, is another strategy of Royal Osha. As people are bustling around, rushing to travel and exploring the city, they often have to compete for seats or wait in queues to dine or visit various places.

However, with the restaurant’s advanced reservation system, the queueing process at the front of the restaurant is eliminated. Once customers step inside the restaurant, the atmosphere at Royal Osha transforms from the outside bustle to a serene and luxurious dining experience. The ambiance exudes tranquility, creating a perfect setting for customers to relax and enjoy their meals in opulence. Customers receive top-notch service, and during the serving of each dish, the staff provides concise explanations of the origin and preparation of the menu.

There’s also occasional greeting from the chef in the kitchen, adding a warm touch to the dining experience. This warm and valuable dining atmosphere stems from the meticulous attention to detail by the restaurant, starting from the moment customers enter until the end of their course. The restaurant’s location is convenient and easily accessible, with ample parking available.

A special dining experience with Fine Dining Bangkok at Royal Osha is a worthwhile and deserving occasion. Regardless of the occasion, the restaurant is ready to be a part of enhancing the uniqueness of your meal. Reserve your seat in advance to come and experience the service at Royal Osha.

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6. Fine Dining Bangkok meticulously crafted at every step of the cooking process by Thailand’s leading chef at Royal Osha

The menu at Royal Osha is prepared with utmost care and sophistication, curated by Chef Vichit Mukura, a master chef and prominent figure in Thai culinary arts. With expertise, creativity, and a commitment to infusing a distinct Thai essence into each dish, Chef Vichit Mukura has spent 27 years as the head chef at the renowned Thai restaurant “Sala Rim Naam” at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. At the age of 24, he led a team of 32 members and also established the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), offering the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC), where Chef Vichit Mukura serves as a dedicated instructor, shaping new generations of chefs.

Despite Chef Vichit’s significant professional success, he continues to evolve and seek new challenges. His vision includes making Thai cuisine globally recognized, believing that Thai food is on par with or even surpasses other cuisines. He appreciates the complexity of Thai cuisine, with its diverse components, flavors, and the use of herbs, making it unique and distinct from other international cuisines. Chef Vichit aims to showcase Thai cuisine under the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” blending modern style with traditional Thai artistry in form, taste, and aroma.

Collaborating with Khun Supapitchaya Phithayanothai and Khun Kavelin Phithayanothai, Chef Vichit Mukura has brought to life Royal Osha, a Fine Dining Bangkok experience. This collaboration aims to pass on the uniqueness of Thai cuisine, culinary techniques, and traditional Thai flavors to a new generation, while maintaining the timeless charm of Thai food. The goal is to introduce Thai cuisine to the world stage and redefine its elegance, allowing everyone to experience the modern yet authentic charm of Thai culture through food.

The menu at Royal Osha reflects a meticulous and attentive approach at every stage of preparation, from selecting fresh, clean, and high-quality ingredients to the actual cooking process. Chef Vichit Mukura has infused the cultural stories, lifestyles, eating habits, and residences of Thai people into each dish, presenting a blend of modern style with traditional Thai artistry in form, taste, and aroma. This approach aims to allow everyone to fully experience the uniqueness of Thai identity in every mouthful, following the concept of “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented.”


Additionally, Royal Osha incorporates the concept that “food is medicine.” Recognizing the Thai people’s ability to use plants, vegetables, and herbs extensively, the menu includes ingredients known for their medicinal properties. This not only ensures deliciousness but also nourishes the body from within. The culinary team emphasizes the traditional Thai philosophy of achieving a balance of the seven flavors in each dish: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, savory, and astringent, adding to the charm and distinctiveness of Thai cuisine.


Moreover, Royal Osha adapts its menu and ingredient selection according to seasons, incorporating the four regional cuisines of Thailand— Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern. This allows everyone to savor the tastes of new and diverse Thai dishes throughout the seasons and regions. The menu includes both À La Carte and Set Menu options,  comprising Starters, Salad, Soup, Main Courses, and Desserts, all meticulously crafted to offer a comprehensive Thai dining experience.


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7. The award for Royal Osha, guaranteed to be a must-not-miss Fine Dining experience in Bangkok

Fine Dining Bangkok


“Royal Osha” is a fine dining establishment in Bangkok where every dish is carefully crafted and prepared with meticulous attention by the master chef, Chef Vichit Mukura. This results in each menu item at Royal Osha having a distinct appearance, taste, texture, and aroma that effectively conveys the uniqueness of Thai cuisine. The restaurant has gained widespread recognition and left a lasting impression on both local and international diners.

Chef Vichit Mukura’s expertise and dedication have contributed to the restaurant’s popularity, making Royal Osha one of the highly acclaimed fine dining venues in Bangkok. The restaurant has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Michelin Guide for six consecutive years. Other accolades come from experienced food critics and discerning diners, further solidifying Royal Osha’s reputation as an outstanding dining destination.


The awards received by Royal Osha include:


  • 2024: Michelin Guide
  • 2023: Michelin Guide
  • 2022: Michelin Guide and Thai Select Premium
  • 2021: Michelin Guide and User’s Choice Wongnai
  • 2020: Michelin Guide, User’s Choice Wongnai, HELLO! Taste Awards, and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
  • 2019: Michelin Guide and Thai Select Premium
  • 2018: User’s Choice Wongnai and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
  • 2017: Wongnai, Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, and Winner Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards
  • 2016: Wongnai

Each award received by Royal Osha holds significant meaning, providing insights into the restaurant’s qualities:


  • Michelin Guide Award: This accolade is a testament to the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, and consistency at Royal Osha. Winning this award for six consecutive years

signifies the restaurant’s commitment to delivering high-quality and flavorful fine dining experiences in Bangkok.


  • User’s Choice Wongnai Award and Wongnai Award: These awards are based on reviews from individuals who have actually dined at the restaurant, reflecting their real-life experiences. These accolades are given to restaurants that excel in meeting the culinary preferences and lifestyles of Thai people.


  • Thai Select Premium Award: This award recognizes outstanding quality, beautiful decoration, excellent service, and a score of over 90 points. The restaurant must exclusively serve authentic Thai cuisine to receive this award. It serves as a guarantee that Royal Osha is an authentic Fine Dining Bangkok establishment with a truly Thai essence.


  • HELLO! Taste Awards: This award is a recognition from HELLO! magazine, showcasing the restaurant’s appeal to food enthusiasts and celebrities. It underlines the quality, taste, and visual appeal of the food that captivates diners and reinforces the restaurant’s reputation as a fine dining destination.


  • The Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award is an accolade presented by the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants publication. This award is given to outstanding restaurants that excel in both quality and taste, achieving a 5-star rating. These recognized establishments have the ability to leave a lasting impression on important guests or tourists who have a high regard for Thai cuisine. Royal Osha, being acknowledged as a Fine Dining Bangkok restaurant, has successfully conveyed the essence of Thai cuisine, contributing to its increased recognition and the honor of receiving the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award.


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For those who appreciate Thai cuisine, whether they are food enthusiasts, critics, or international visitors seeking an authentic and memorable experience of Thai flavors, Royal Osha is recommended. The restaurant meticulously crafts each dish, infusing Thai culture, lifestyle, and identity into its offerings to provide a genuine and unforgettable taste of Thailand.