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Bangkok best restaurant in Thai fine dining style

There are countless restaurants in Bangkok, but which one is a Thai Fine Dining restaurant acknowledged as one of the best in the city? It’s not only Thais who appreciate it; many foreigners who travel and visit Bangkok also participate in determining the best quality of food in the city. Certainly, Royal Osha is considered one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. In terms of quality, Royal Osha excels in every aspect— presentation, taste, aroma, sound, and the exceptional experience that customers receive when dining at the restaurant.

However, entering the category of the best restaurants in Bangkok involves various factors, and there are competitors of various nationalities who come to compete with Thai cuisine.

1. Bangkok’s best restaurant and its extremely high competition

Bangkok best restaurant

In Bangkok, there is a vast variety of food, not just in terms of quantity but also in the diversity of food types. Whether it’s international cuisine, Fine Dining, fast food, homemade dishes, or ready-made meals, these options allow consumers to choose according to their preferences and tastes. However, in the end, the most preferred cuisine by the majority of

Thais, who make up the largest population, is Thai food. This is because of the familiar taste and completeness, including the familiar flavors of sour, sweet, spicy, and salty. Thai food is something that Thais can enjoy continuously compared to other cuisines.

The competition in this regard involves many markets that still need to compete in their respective market sections. For example, the made-to- order food market has seen a decrease in prices due to the use of slightly lower-quality ingredients. However, for premium food where ingredients are more expensive, the cost is higher accordingly.

Royal Osha is one of the premium Thai restaurants, a Thai Fine Dining establishment that faces high competition. This is different from the competition in other food markets because Thai Fine Dining is suitable for special occasions and important appointments. This means that consumers do not dine at these establishments every day. With exceptional taste and excellent service, a reservation system in place, and higher food costs, Royal Osha stands out. These factors result from meticulous food preparation, careful operations, and the quality of food that has been acknowledged and awarded by the Michelin Guide.

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2. What it takes to be one of Bangkok’s best restaurants

In the high-stakes competition to be among the best restaurants in Bangkok, there are several factors that establishments must have and implement. Consideration of these factors is essential due to the vast array of dining options available to consumers, made even more accessible through various delivery services. Nevertheless, the key to delivering the best taste experience lies in serving freshly prepared, hot

dishes. This implies that a restaurant must have seating available for customers to enjoy their meals freshly cooked and hot on the spot.

Several other crucial factors that a top-tier restaurant must possess include:

  • High-quality food.
  • Excellent taste.
  • Prime location with convenient accessibility.
  • Pricing that justifies the taste.
  • A superior dining experience.


Every mentioned aspect aligns with the qualities of Royal Osha. The restaurant not only meets but consistently maintains high standards in each criterion. The restaurant ensures a complete experience by continually enhancing recipes and introducing new menus to meet customer preferences and needs.


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3. The Fine Dining restaurant that has been recognized as one of “Bangkok’s best restaurants

Bangkok best restaurants


The concept of Fine Dining originated from premium French establishments, ready to serve luxurious menu courses in the classic French style, including steaks, salads, and traditional-style dishes. The Fine Dining market is considered a vast and reasonably priced market, despite its high costs. In today’s interconnected world with fusion happening in every industry, Fine Dining recipes do not need to remain rigidly within traditional frameworks. Thus, there has been a fusion of Thai cuisine into Fine Dining, gaining global recognition. Thai Fine Dining brings out the intricate flavors of Thai ingredients, using Thai vegetables, herbs, fruits, and the fresh and vibrant Thai spices. These play a crucial role in elevating various flavors. While we are familiar with

the taste of Thai food, Thai Fine Dining unveils deeper and more refined aspects of Thai flavors. The herbal aromas and spice flavors in Fine Dining become more distinct. With Thai Fine Dining becoming part of the competition in Bangkok’s best restaurant market, high-quality Thai food with unique flavors and meticulous customer service that delivers the best dining experience is essential.

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4. Royal Osha, a Thai Fine Dining restaurant, stands as one of “Bangkok’s best restaurants.

One of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok, like Royal Osha, is located in the heart of the city in the Ploenchit area, Wireless Road, Soi Ruamrudee. The central location is easily accessible by public transport or by car with parking available at the restaurant. To receive the best service, the restaurant operates on a reservation-only basis. This is because the establishment aims to provide the utmost welcoming experience, from the moment customers step through the door until they leave. While the reservation process may seem ceremonial, it is a system widely adopted in the global Fine Dining scene, ensuring excellent and impressive customer service.

The ingredients for crafting each menu item at the restaurant are sourced directly from various regions of Thailand, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other spices. These ingredients find their way to the central kitchen in Bangkok to prepare Thai Fine Dining dishes with rich and intense Thai flavors. Royal Osha serves as a medium to deliver exceptional Thai flavors to consumers, sharing the taste of one region of Thailand with people from another region. The restaurant introduces Thai flavors and unique, not-so-common dishes to international customers, such as Meuang Kham Bua Lhuang, Lemongrass And Blue River Prawn Salad, Khao Chae: Rice in chilled jasmine water with assorted condiments, Southern Style Rice and Fresh Herbs Salad with Fried Fish, and desserts like Khanom Kho (Sweet Coconut Dumplings).

For those interested in experiencing Bangkok’s best restaurant and savoring a perfect meal from a Thai Fine Dining establishment, Royal

Osha accepts reservations. The restaurant primarily offers lunch and dinner services.


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5. Royal Osha – Bangkok’s Best Restaurant with Expertly Crafted Menus by an Experienced Chef

Bangkok Best Restaurant

Every dish at Royal Osha undergoes meticulous preparation by the skilled and highly experienced Executive Chef, Vichit Mukura. Chef Vichit has over 40 years of culinary expertise, earning him the title of a master chef. His culinary journey began as an apprentice in his mother’s kitchen, discovering his passion for cooking. Determined to become a leading chef in Thailand, he started working as the head chef at the renowned Thai restaurant, ‘Sala Rim Naam,’ gaining significant recognition. For 27 years, he held the position of Executive Chef, leading a team of up to 32 members at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at the age of 24 only. He also opened the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP), offering the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme (OPTC). He served as an instructor, nurturing and creating a new generation of chefs, significantly contributing to the Thai culinary scene.

After his long tenure, Chef Vichit temporarily left the culinary world to manage his family’s restaurant business. However, he soon returned to the hotel industry, teaching in Japan and eventually deciding to explore new challenges. This led to the creation of Royal Osha, a Thai Fine Dining restaurant, in collaboration with Khun Supapitch Pithayanukul and Khun Kewalin Pithayanukul.

Chef Vishiti Mukura emphasizes, ‘Thai food is a cuisine that stands out and does not yield to any other. This is because it embraces a myriad of ingredients, combining various colors and flavors. It has a perfect balance of sourness, saltiness, sweetness, and spiciness, creating a unique harmony. The use of local ingredients, such as wild lime, adds a distinct touch to Thai cuisine. This results in Thai food having a sophisticated and diverse taste, setting it apart from the cuisines of other countries.”


Chef Vichit’s intention was to elevate Thai cuisine, making it more widely recognized and passing on traditional Thai cooking techniques to the younger generation. With determination and dedication, Chef Vichit’s more than 40 years of experience played a crucial role in transforming

Royal Osha into a Fine Dining restaurant, earning the title of Bangkok’s Best Restaurant and receiving the Michelin Guide award for six consecutive years.

Dining enthusiasts who appreciate the experience of Thai cuisine can visit Royal Osha to enjoy a menu that represents the four regions of Thailand. The restaurant is dedicated to preserving the authenticity and charm of Thai cuisine, incorporating traditional and contemporary elements. Royal Osha aims to elevate the Thai dining experience and introduce it to a new perspective, captivating both Thai and international diners.

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6. Awards and Accolades Cementing Royal Osha as One of Bangkok’s Best Restaurants

“Royal Osha” stands out as a Thai Fine Dining restaurant, where each dish is meticulously crafted by skilled and highly experienced chefs. This attention to detail ensures that the flavors, textures, and aromas of the food convey the uniqueness, culture, and lifestyle of the Thai people. The restaurant has successfully elevated Thai cuisine, making it distinctive and charming, contributing to its widespread recognition as one of Bangkok’s Best Restaurants. Royal Osha has received numerous prestigious awards and accolades, such as the Michelin Guide for six consecutive years, highlighting its commitment to quality and the distinctive taste of Bangkok’s best restaurant.

The awards received by Royal Osha include:

    • 2024 Michelin Guide Award
    • 2023 Michelin Guide Award
    • 2022 Michelin Guide Award and Thai Select Premium
    • 2021 Michelin Guide Award and User’s Choice Wongnai
    • 2020 Michelin Guide, User’s Choice Wongnai, HELLO! Taste Awards, and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
    • 2019 Michelin Guide and Thai Select Premium
    • 2018 User’s Choice Wongnai and Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants
    • 2017 Wongnai, Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants, and Winner Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards
    • 2016 Wongnai


Each award signifies specific aspects that contribute to the restaurant’s excellence:

  • The Michelin Guide Award recognizes quality ingredients, cooking techniques, taste, creativity, and consistency, testifying to the quality and taste of Bangkok’s best restaurant.
  • The User’s Choice Wongnai Award acknowledges restaurants that cater well to the Thai lifestyle, based on real dining experiences and reviews.
  • The Thai Select Premium Award is granted exclusively to restaurants selling authentic Thai cuisine, ensuring exceptional quality, beautiful decor, and excellent service.
  • The HELLO! Taste Awards reflect the preferences of food enthusiasts and celebrities in HELLO! magazine, emphasizing the quality, taste, and presentation of the food.
  • The Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Award is given by the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants book, showcasing top-notch restaurants with a 5-star rating that impresses important guests or tourists, making a positive impression on Thai restaurants.


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7. Royal Osha’s Renowned Menu recognized as one of Bangkok’s best restaurants

Bangkok's best restaurants


Royal Osha’s menu is divided into four regions representing different parts of Thailand: Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern. Diners can choose from both À La Carte and Set Menu options, which are regularly updated to offer new and seasonal Thai culinary experiences.

The winter set menu, in particular, showcases popular dishes:

Starter: The Starter is a digestive or small dish that helps enhance the specialness of everyone’s dining experience. The Stater menu offers a choice of two dishes: “Deep-Fried Carabineros and Wild Betel Leaves Fritters with Royal Osha Mayonnaise and Mustard Sauce, and Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Spicy Thai Herb Salad.” Both of these dishes are well-rounded and flavorful, designed to stimulate the appetite and prepare the stomach for the next course.

Salad: Salad is a dish that blends Thai and international ingredients. One such example is the “Crispy Thai Herbs Salad with Duck Confit, Foie Gras, Caviar and Pomegranate.” This dish showcases Chef Wijit Mukura’s ability to modify Thai herbs for accessibility while using premium ingredients.

Soup: Soup is a dish that serves to cleanse and refresh the palate before moving on to the main course. The “Thai style Spicy and Sour Soup with Octopus Tentacle,” a fusion of savory and fruity flavors. The fresh aroma of the soup cleanses the palate, preparing everyone for the main course.

Main Course: The Main Course is the highly anticipated centerpiece of the meal. The dish called “Seared Red Grouper with Thick & Creaming Red Curry ‘Chu Che’ Sauce and Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef Striplion with Spicy ‘Nam Tok’ Sauce served with pickled and grilled vegetables. The menu is crafted with premium ingredients and Thai flavors, presenting a dish that embodies Thai authenticity and excellence.

Whether for Thai locals or international diners, this course promises to leave a lasting impression.

Dessert: Dessert is the sweet conclusion to the meal that ensures a complete dining experience. The dessert named “Milk Pudding with Thai Tea Ice Cream and Berries” combines the popular Thai tea with coconut

blancmange and berries, creating an easily enjoyed and aromatic treat. This dessert adds a perfect finishing touch to every diner’s experience, leaving an unforgettable impression.


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For food enthusiasts or those who appreciate Thai cuisine, both Thai locals and foreigners, you can visit Royal Osha, which is recognized as one of Bangkok’s best restaurants. It offers an opportunity to experience Thai cuisine with a distinctive and clear Thai identity. With Chef Visshith Mukura’s masterful touch, the restaurant provides a unique and premium dining experience. Royal Osha aims to create an unforgettable impression for everyone who indulges in their Thai dishes.