Experience Exquisite Fine Dining in Bangkok at Royal Osha

Experience the best Thai, fine dining restaurant in Bangkok when you visit Royal Osha and discover all the flavours, textures and aromas of Thailand.

Everything at Royal Osha restaurant is designed to enhance and convey the traditional menus updated with new preparation and presentation techniques. From the art on the walls illustrating several scenes from The Ramayana to the table settings and decor, a meal at Royal Osha is an all-encompassing exploration of not just Thai cuisine, but of Thai culture as well. 

The cuisine takes centre stage as you choose between our ala carte dishes or a colourful and varied tasting menu that offers the best and freshest ingredients that Thailand has to offer.

Seasonal Menus

Our Thai, fine dining restaurant in central Bangkok is proud of our seasonal menus. The menus all feature dishes of textures and flavours that offer reminders of the season of the year for which they’re designed.

The summer menu celebrates the Khao Chae style of Thai cuisine, with its jasmine-scented chilled bowl of rice and lighter dishes to accompany it.  The winter menu features heartier dishes of exotically spiced fish and meats that will warm both body and soul.

Each of our seasonal menus is designed in a tasting format of multiple courses to offer our diners a complete Thai cuisine experience.

Bountiful Regions of Thailand

Each course on the menu of our authentic Thai, fine dining restaurant in Bangkok lists the region it is from to educate our diners on the rich and plentiful bounty of fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, grains and flowers that grace the dishes of Royal Osha.

The dishes may be our chef’s versions of much-loved regional favourites, or they may be accurate recreations of the traditional dishes of the respective region. But in all the dishes we offer, our goal is to show the bounty of Thailand to its best advantage.

By ordering one of our colourful and varied multiple-course tasting menus, you’re able to sample ingredients from all over the country. Everywhere from the mountains in northern Thailand to the abundant plains, crisscrossed with irrigation klongs, to the humid southern regions of the country provides a different facet of Thai cuisine.

Sampling them together is like taking a tour of all the provinces to discover the best offerings of all of them. A meal at our Thai, fine dining restaurant in Bangkok is a transformational experience, a journey through the orchards and fields of Thailand.

Immersive Cultural Experience

Enjoying a meal at our Thai luxury cuisine restaurant in Bangkok is enjoying an immersive experience into the Thai culture as well. From the moment you step through the doors of the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by all the beauty and grace for which the Thai culture has become world-renowned.

From the art on the walls illustrating some scenes from the ancient saga of Ramayana to the entertainment on Friday evenings which portrays a chapter from the Ramayana story, the inspiration for the perfection of Royal Osha is on full display.

Every facet of the dining experience at Royal Osha has been carefully curated to provide an immersive Thai cultural experience to delight our guests. Come and experience Thai cuisine and culture as you’ve never experienced it before.