The charm of dining at Fine Dining Restaurant

The charm of dining at Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine Dining is one of the dining lifestyles, meticulously prepared and decorated with high quality ingredients by chefs specializing in specialty dishes. It offers excellent service and environment according to Fine Dining Restaurant standards. Our special dining experiences at Fine Dining Restaurant are reasonably priced. Especially fine dining at Royal OSHA who has won many awards for many years in a row. We were awarded the Michelin Guide in 2019 and ranked as one of the best Fine Dining Restaurants in Thailand. Each year, Royal OSHA has built a reputation for being among the top fine dining restaurants in Thailand as voted by customers as the best. But besides the awards and rankings of the best Fine Dining Restaurant, there are many reasons and stories that make Royal OSHA charming, valuable and with impressive cultural significance.

Why is dining at Fine Dining Restaurant expensive?
The food at the Fine Dining Restaurant is a luxury, expensive but worthwhile meal that offers the look, taste, smell, sound and touch of art every step of the way through careful planning and craftsmanship. From the moment the customer walks into the restaurant, the service, the atmosphere of the restaurant and the dining table are all creatively arranged to impress customers before offering stories and tastes through the menu. Compared to art, dining at the Fine Dining Restaurant is like watching an opera. Here are 4 examples of Fine Dining Restaurant that are why fine dining restaurants are highly valued.

  1. Dining Culture at Fine Dining Restaurant in 18th Century France

In the era of the French Revolution, many of the noble and aristocratic chefs were laid off. Consequently, the culture of cooking and serving full-course meals from appetizers, main courses and desserts to the aristocracy at one table had been adapted to the general public. It was the selling point of Fine Dining Restaurant, which became a popular restaurant style throughout Europe. It also led to the pairing of Fine Dining restaurants with hotels for a luxurious and comfortable service where customers could stay and taste their specialties together. The first hotel was the Hôtel de Paris, Monte-Carlo (1864). The main charm of Fine Dining Restaurant came from the impression and perspective that customers had about special service and taking care from the restaurant in every step.


  1. Fine Dining Restaurant emphasizes meticulousness in the order of serving each dish.

What’s really interesting in Fine Dining Restaurant is that customers will be able to savor the course menu that has been arranged. The first course of the course is the Starters, which come in just the right amount and eagerly await your appetite for the next dish. The second and third are based on the Fine Dining Restaurant arrangement, most of which include salads and soups before moving onto the Fine Dining Restaurant’s main highlight menu, culminating in dessert. Royal OSHA will allow customers to choose the menu in each course of the course first. Each Royal OSHA course menu offers a variety of menu options. For example, Miang Kham Bua Luang in the Starters category where customers can taste and enjoy the exquisite beauty of this appetizer. Royal OSHA is ready to deliver the beauty of fine dining restaurant style in every menu. Besides that, beverages are another key factor that Fine Dining Restaurant places emphasis on. Customers can ask and ask us for advice on what kind of drink to go with this menu to make the food taste better. All full courses are not included in the small details that our waiters will be there to serve and facilitate customers throughout the course.


  1. A key rule of Fine Dining Restaurant is strict service etiquette.

Restaurant rules, etiquette, dress code, in-depth knowledge of fine dining restaurant menus and services have to be perfect as it directly affects the mood and atmosphere of the dining experience of the customers. Our staff must be highly trained to understand the customer needs. They must have both communication skills and a beautiful tone of voice to advise customers on the details of the menu. They also need skills to solve immediate problems quickly. The service from Fine Dining Restaurant will always impress customers as all staff is trained to pay attention to every detail related to customers and are ready to provide the best customer experience at every meal. Preparing to welcome customers Fine Dining Restaurant will require customers to reserve seats in advance in order to provide the best possible reception. Fine Dining Restaurant will add even more specialness by inviting Chef Table as the highlight of the meal as Royal OSHA has invited Michelin Star Chef or Chef Wichit Mukura to create a special menu for everyone.


  1. Special occasions must think of Fine Dining Restaurant

An easy answer to the question of why you choose an important time no matter what special occasion with Fine Dining Restaurant. Most customers will say that the romance and atmosphere are good. It is often what the Fine Dining Restaurant intends to offer its customers with its beautiful architecture and décor, as well as the special menus in every course created to provide the best customer experience. Fine Dining Restaurant always impresses customers who come back for service at the restaurant without boredom. Fine dining will always bring back memories and good tastes with customers. Fine Dining Restaurant’s loyal customer base is strong and has a lot of positive reviews. Royal OSHA is another restaurant that offers the best experience to all customers for your special day, special person and special Thai Fine Dining Restaurant meal.


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