Chef Table and Royal OSHA

Chef Table and Royal OSHA


Chef Table is now a very good experience for having a special meal that is becoming popular with everyone. Furthermore, it is also a new trend that is going viral with the concept of food cooked directly by the chef. These chefs are culinary experts who, in addition to having great taste, also have a distinctive and exciting cooking style. Every chef is creative and unpredictable.

Each Chef Table’s chef is unique in inventing incredible combinations and creating spectacular dishes for customers to enjoy while enjoying a unique experience. In addition, Royal OSHA has recognized the importance of this issue by inviting Michelin Star Award-winning Chef Table to delight, enjoy and excite through a wide variety of dishes served directly to the dining table to all customers.

Different experiences between Chef Table and Fine Dining

The most obvious difference between Chef Table and Fine Dining is the “serving of food”. It includes the order of serving food to customers and waiters. As for Fine Dining, as everyone understands, meals are served in order of starters, salads, soups, main courses, and desserts to allow diners to enjoy and increase their appetite accordingly. It goes from the start with an appetizer and all the way to the dessert ending. The food served at Fine Dining is completely different from that of Chef Table.

On the other hand, Chef Table’s strengths are based on the freshness, meticulousness and ingredients of the food, with an amazing cooking process that every customer can see at any time. While the chefs are showing off their cooking in front of all customers in the open kitchen, we believe that the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of food will whet your appetite to the max. Everyone who eats these meals will feel special, focused and joyful. On the other hand, everyone will experience the sincere feeling of having a Chef’s Table who takes care of cooking and serving it by himself to the table. In comparison, it is as if we are waiting for our father or mother to cook meticulously familiar dishes for us to happily eat regularly at home. Chef Table is even more different from Fine Dining because Chef’s Table will choose the menu for the customers or call it the menu that the chef wants to cook.

However, the exclusivity of Chef Table and Fine Dining is the irresistible charm that Royal OSHA wants to offer everyone. Our aim is to provide an unrivaled, exciting and memorable experience for customers to experience and book a table at our restaurants. Whether you’ve eaten before or never, you will be able to meet and experience Chef Table or Chef Wichit Mukura who will cook in Chef Table style through the concept of ‘Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented` to you with care.

Let’s get to know the Chef Table Chef Wichit Mukura

Chef Wichit Mukura is Chef Table and Michelin Star Award winner. With his uniqueness, he has the concept of creating a Thai fusion menu that guarantees completeness of taste, sophistication and modernity. From his strong belief that delicious Thai food must be mellow. It has to be sour, salty, spicy, and sweet together perfectly. He wholeheartedly believed that good food had to be cooked with a clear yet balanced flavor. Besides that, it’s also important to note that vegetables, side dishes or herbs are the key ingredients that he deliberately selected to include in the Chef Table menu. He would like to convey the flavors in each menu is uniquely delicious. He is ready to deliver delicious food to every customer who decides to try and experience Chef Table with Chef Wichit at Royal OSHA Restaurant.

Chef Wichit’s skills in cooking premium Thai recipes, both Fine Dining and Chef Table, come from 30 years of working experience as a chef. His beginnings in his career were inspired by watching his mother cook in the kitchen and starting as an assistant chef before making his career path into the culinary industry at well-known hotels and restaurants. About 40 years ago, Thailand did not have a specialized cooking school like today.

He went through an apprenticeship in the kitchen until he became a Head Chef. For this reason, Royal OSHA has invited Chef Wichit who is full of talent and inspiration to cook Thai food for customers to enjoy and share memories and experiences with Chef Wichit’s Thai recipes under the concept of ‘Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented’ with us.


Royal OSHA Chef Table service reservations can only be reserved on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will open for Chef Table reservation from 10 seats or more. You must make a reservation at least 1 week in advance because we would like to provide the best hospitality and customer care to you as much as possible.